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  1. [2009년 5월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제 101. Ms. Simpson has committed herself _______ 107. Product _______ should have a bachelor's degree helping many immigrants adapt to their new in food science, since their work is often environment. combined with lab analysis. (A) that (B) of (A) developments (B) developer (C) to (D) so (C) developed (D) developers 102. A production manager oversees the entire 108. Mr. Simpson didn’t ________ review the site even production in a food processing plant, _______ though it has been over a year since his first visit. the product is prepared safely, efficiently and (A) know (B) knowledge according to specifications. (C) knowingly (D) knowledgeable (A)ensure (B)ensures (C) ensuring (D)to be ensured 109. This web site server is not able to find the file _______ you requested. 103. There are an increasing number of complaints (A) then (B) what that users on this website are no longer_______ (C) when (D) that to access their accounts. (A) possible (B) capable 110. Bailey University is trying to recruit the best and (C) probable (D)able brightest from outside of the U.S. in order to secure the top ________ in global education. 104. The Overseas division earned the largest (A) order (B) schedule __________ last quarter. (C) position (D) record (A) revenue (B) charge (C) money (D) price 111. The environmental pollution was another problem that _______ amid a situation in which useful 105. This three day seminar will be _______ a lecture chemical substances were being manufactured course, but will be broken up by several hands-on and used. demonstrations and exercises. (A) engaged (B) emerged (A) primary (B) primacy (C) revealed (D) reacted (C) primarily (D) primal 112. We at LTM provide a friendly and _______ 106. Local travel agencies have been busy _______ working environment for our staff. floods of applications filed by their UK (A) please (B) pleasant counterparts to organize tourist groups to visit (C) pleasantly (D) pleased Japan. (A) to handle (B) handles 113. Many notable economists predict that the (C) handling (D) handle economic situation will improve ______. (A) shortly (B) openly (C) nearly (D) urgently
  2. [2009년 5월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제 114. ITT Corp. and Atlas have entered into a strategic 120. Special discounts for prepaid subscribers alliance to provide _______ energy-saving _______ at the end of this month. solutions. (A) will be expired (B) expire (A) significantly (B) significance (C) expires (D) expiring (C) significant (D) signifying 121. Spanish mobile operator SPT is a company 115. According to survey data, 300 million of China's _______ to expand globally. rural residents drink water that falls _______ (A) frequent (B) common standards. (C) large (D) eager (A) less (B) below (C) little (D) fewer 122. The government announced that it would _______ foreign companies generous tax breaks. 116. The following is a list of topics _______ plan to (A) retrieve (B) grant discuss in the lecture on Wednesday. (C) donate (D) require (A) I (B) my (C) me (D) mine 123. Ms. Blackwell is authorized to act _______ an agent for company’s clients. 117. If you experience problems _______ visiting (A) on (B) as, you should send e-mail to (C)by (D) to " (A) during (B) while 124. Jessica Simpson and Kate Lecher have been (C) for (D) as _______ acquaintances over many years. (A) full (B) strict 118. For those _______ native language is something (C) close (D) exact other than English, a special translator will be provided. 125. The pay increase rate is 50 percent of monthly (A) who (B) whom basic salary for all managerial level staff with (C) whose (D) that fifteen years of _______. (A) serving (B) server 119. Considering its _______ potential and (C) serves (D) service convenience, the new technology is expected to bring huge changes to stores, factories and 126. The amount of research funds received _______ homes. the government and private industries amounted (A) commerce (B) commercial to over US $100 million. (C) commercially (D) commercializing (A)by (B) at (C)from (D) into
  3. [2009년 5월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제 127. All part time workers should be paid in respect of _______ a chance to re-enter the nation. the whole time ____ which they work on that day. (A) will be offering (B) offers (A) at (B) during (C) have offered (D) will be offered (C) by (D) on 135. Some medicines require a prescription, and 128. _______ often scientists warn about global _______ are available over the counter. warming, the government says the economy can't (A) other (B) others be sacrificed to address the issue. (C) the other (D) another (A) whenever (B) whatever (C) however (D) wherever 136. Such information may include credit card details, billing address and _______ information that is 129. Linda Kim has a camera phone but says digital needed to complete your request. camera phones are better quality than _______. (A) another (B) other such (A) her (B) herself (C) others (D) each other (C) hers (D) she 137. The two home appliances companies agreed to 130. _______ please find a cost estimate that you support _______ to establish a top position in the requested in the e mail of March 21. industry. (A) attach (B) attachment (A) the other (B) another (C) attached (D) attaches (C) each other (D) some 131. Mr. Owens _______ all the resumes of the 138. If the remote controls or _____ other equipment applicants who passed the group interview. is not returned to CableMega by the expiration (A) reviews (B) has reviewed date, customers have to pay the full replacement (C) reviewing (D) have been reviewed value of the equipment to CableMega. (A) any (B) each 132. Customers are more likely to _______ stores (C) one (D) many where they have loyal relationships with staff. (A) objectify (B) simplify 139. The management decided to offer ________ (C) verbalize (D) patronize seminar next week. (A) other (B) each other 133. Company research found that consumers_______ (C) another (D)many first and foremost on the print media to learn about products. 140. Access to the company’s confidential files is (A) relying (B) rely forbidden to anyone _______ than those with (C) were relied (D) relies special permission. (A) other (B) another 134. Illegal migrant workers who leave UK voluntarily (C) others (D)the other
  4. [2009년 5월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제 Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. To whom it may concern Dear Rebecca Simpson I confirm that I have dealt with Newman Company Ltd Please accept this as formal notice of my resignation since 1998, during which time they _______ my from the position of vice president of Marketing business with excellent support in the areas of website department, with effect from June1, 2009. engineering, site optimization, search engine analysis and In _______ with my contract of employment I am happy 141. to continue to work until May 31st 2009. (A) provide 144. (B) have provided (A) according (C) will provide (B) accords (D) will have provided (C) accordance (D) accordingly site submission. Their work has been a major factor in our website's _______, helping it to _______ I believe that I am moving for good reasons, 142. I am sorry to leave, and I thank you for your (A) successfulness 145. (B) succeed (A) because (C) succession (B) for (D) success (C) while (D) despite become one of the most visited _______ of its kind on the Internet. support during my time with the company, which I 143. _______ enjoyable and fulfilling. (A) resource 146. (B) resources (A) will find (C) resourcing (B) find (D) resourceful (C) have found (D) was found I can confidently recommend Newman Company Ltd as Please let me know the arrangements for handing back a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field. equipment, company car, etc, and handing over outstanding work and responsibilities. Yours faithfully Yours sincerely
  5. [2009년 5월] 해커스토익 Lynn한 선생님 예상문제 Questions 147-149 refer to the following Questions 150-152 refer to the following e-mail. memorandum. Dear Shane Kim TO: All Personnel DATE: May 2, 2009 One of the hardest things that a manager is required to FROM: Robert Kammel do at times, is asking an employee _______their Deputy Chief, Administration vacation. SUBJECT: Past Due Annual Physicals – 2nd 150. NOTICE (A) postpone (B) postponed If your name appears below, you are past due for your (C) to postpone Annual Physical. Please contact James Maloney, at 123- (D) will postpone 4965 with Martin Memorial Health Systems Occupational Health Office, now _______your appointment. I know how much you were looking forward to a long 147. overdue vacation with your family and having to ask you (A) schedule to postpone these plans is very difficult for me. (B) have scheduled (C) to schedule As you know, we are under a tight schedule to meet our (D) scheduling LTD project deadline, _______ Please _______ your appointment scheduled and your 151. physical completed prior to Friday, May 30, 2009. (A) that 148. (B) what (A) have (C) which (B) allow (D) why (C) notify unfortunately, cannot be delayed. (D) remind _______ your contribution I’m afraid we will not succeed in meeting our deadline. If you have any questions or you are unable to 152. _______ an appointment for any reason, (A) along 149. (B) upon (A) do (C) until (B) make (D) without (C) find I am sorry to have to ask you to postpone a much (D) produce needed and well deserved vacation, but we really need your help to get us through this critical time. please contact me via e-mail at or I thank you for your patience and understanding in this via Fire Rescue Administration at 772-288-5710. matter and appreciate you coming through for the team. Remember, Annual Physicals are mandatory and Rest assured, your loyalty will not go unforgotten. you are paid for your time. Sincerely,



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