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  1. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 101. All passengers' luggage will ------- by airport 106. Eastern Apparel was ------- with the enthusiastic personnel with an x-ray machine before they can be response of the customers to its new line of summer carried on board. clothing. (A) examine (A) pleasing (B) have examined (B) being pleased (C) be examining (C) pleasant (D) be examined (D) pleased 102. Under the ------- of the lease, the tenant must 107. The main entrance to the building is open ------- obtain the owner's permission to install additional 7:00 p.m., after which time it is locked. telephone lines. (A) on (A) prints (B) during (B) forms (C) until (C) terms (D) throughout (D) marks 108. There are still some minor technical problems 103. In the past 6 months, the market for high-quality with the device, but we expect to resolve ------- soon. home furnishings has become very -------. (A) our (A) competed (B) them (B) competing (C) this (C) competition (D) it (D) competitive 109. We were ------- unable to forward the document 104. All shift managers are ------- to write one of your workers had requested. performance evaluation reports for all workers under (A) regrettably their supervision. (B) efficiently (A) compulsory (C) approximately (B) subject (D) enormously (C) reviewed (D) required 110. Please be reminded that smoking is not ------- on the company premises at any time. 105. The computer malfunction was thought to be (A) given insignificant, ------- the technician stated that it (B) agreed probably would not reoccur. (C) permitted (A) also (D) scheduled (B) so that (C) and 111. ------- the trial marketing period, more than 85% (D) nevertheless of consumers surveyed were delighted with the
  2. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 performance of the product. (A) beneath (A) Meanwhile (B) on (B) As (C) over (C) During (D) to (D) Once 117. The city authorities have decided to ------- the 112. The bank approved the loan for the new business number of cars that can enter the city center on venture after brief ------- between the entrepreneur weekdays. and bank executives. (A) descend (A) was discussed (B) occur (B) discussed (C) replace (C) discussions (D) restrict (D) to discuss 118. We cordially invite you to a retirement party that 113. Your report should include ------- the public ------- at the Rossi Beach Hotel on July 7, at 5. p.m. response to the new advertising campaign for the (A) scheduling Vovlndi has been. (B) have scheduled (A) that (C) is scheduled (B) what (D) schedules (C) who (D) whose 119. The airline asked some customers if they would -- ----- take the next flight, as the flight had been 114. Staff members were told that if they ------- had a overbooked. problem, they should take it up with their supervisors. (A) essentially (A) ever (B) basically (B) besides (C) diversely (C) over (D) voluntarily (D) as well 120. The company has not seen profits since the 115. City authorities have taken steps to improve ----- summer of 1985, when Mr. Young ------- as head of -- on public transportation. marketing. (A) safe (A) works (B) safer (B) will work (C) safety (C) had worked (D) safely (D) worked 116. Mr. Lee and Mr. Brooks have been working ------- 121. Hundreds of students have applied for the the project for the past three months. financial assistance program ------- by the state
  3. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 government. received a ------- pay cut, in the company's effort to (A) was offered cut costs. (B) offering (A) temporary (C) offer (B) discontinued (D) offered (C) handy (D) exhausted 122. After opening, please ------- this medication in a 127. Mr. Fukui claims that his colleagues never ------- cool, dry and dark place, away from the reach of him with reports when he worked as marketing children. strategist. (A) helps (A) enlarge (B) was being helped (B) store (C) will help (C) alter (D) helped (D) recall 128. The main cafeteria is usually very crowded 123. ------- for the company's new slogan are being around noon, because the nearest restaurant is ------- accepted at the administrative office until the end of fifteen minutes away from here on foot. next month. (A) so (A) To suggest (B) since (B) Suggestion (C) about (C) Suggests (D) therefore (D) Suggestions 129. Please return large used appliances such as 124. Revenue ------- by 35percent for the quarter, due televisions and refrigerators to the stores ------- they mostly to the bankruptcy of its main customer. were purchased. (A) accepted (A) which (B) dropped (B) in that (C) estimated (C) where (D) participated (D) whose 125. Management has consistently stated that reports 130. Apartment finding can be very difficult when you must be submitted for ------- travel expenses to be are ------- a limited budget, but would like a spacious reimbursed. room. (A) every (A) on (B) most of (B) to (C) much (C) of (D) all (D) at 126. All employees, including the highest executives, 131. Sami. Co. has expressed an ------- in acquiring
  4. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 five new retail outlets. 136. Since the employees attended the environmental (A) introduction awareness program, the paper consumption has (B) effect decreased to a much ------- level. (C) interest (A) low (D) application (B) lowly (C) lows 132. All personnel are required to attend the sales (D) lower presentation ------- they have their supervisor's permission to be absent. 137. Ms. Shmidov never fails to meet the deadline, (A) so as showing herself to be a dependable -------. (B) if only (A) individual (C) unless (B) individually (D) besides (C) individuality (D) individuals 133. The local electric company, ------- several other energy providers, has decided to lower its service 138. After all of the missing funds had been ------- for, charges. the bank was able to reopen its doors to the public. (A) also (A) recorded (B) toward (B) calculated (C) along with (C) accounted (D) next (D) explained 134. Negotiators from both sides met again over the 139. Competition and market conditions ------- weekend, ------- hope that a settlement will be influence pricing, but other factors also need to be reached soon. considered. (A) revive (A) strong (B) revives (B) strength (C) revived (C) strongly (D) reviving (D) strengthens 135. The city is planning to ------- the land into an 140. Since Steve Lee's book on healthy eating was so upscale amusement park in response to public popular and went out of print very quickly, its second - requests. ------ is expected to hit the book stand soon. (A) contract (A) phase (B) compile (B) edition (C) confirm (C) sign (D) convert (D) date
  5. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 Questions 141-143 refer to the following article The Springdate School Board has ------- the purchase of a set of new mathematics textbooks for grades one 141. (A) discouraged (B) approved (C) carried (D) abandoned through six at Springdale Elementary School at an estimated cost of $25,000. Springdale teachers requested the new textbook series after student's scores on the state mathematics test declined for the fourth year in succession. "One reason for recommending this textbook," said fourth-grade teacher Mary Philips, "is that its Internet tie-up allows students to work on ------- and obtain ------- feedback on their performance, 142. (A) them 143. (A) instant (B) they (B) instants (C) their own (C) instance (D) their (D) instantly We teachers are very excited about the potential of the new material. We are determined to see higher scores on the next math test." Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. Dear Sir/Madam: I recently made use of your service when I placed an order for some clothing from your spring catalog. The package ------- on time, and it included everything I ordered. 144. (A) delivered (B) sent (C) arrived (D) searched As has always been true, I am quite satisfied with the quality of the items. However, I discovered that I also received a bright green ski jacket. I tried it on and found it was -------- my size. 145. (A) hopefully (B) frequently (C) greatly (D) precisely I may want to purchase it. If this jacket was the last one, maybe it needs to go to someone. -------, let me 146. (A) However (B) Also (C) Otherwise (D) Despite know the price, and I will decide whether to buy it or return it. Ken Harding Questions 147-149 refer to the fax transmission
  6. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 Fax Transmission To : Eugene Jones From : The Personnel Section, Apex Disctronics Limited Date : January 19 Dear Mr. Jones, I would first like to thank you for your interest in working for Apex Disctronics Limited. We have reviewed your application for the position of computer technician, and were impressed with your work experience and letter of recommendation based on the referrals that were included in your resume. We ------- for you to come to our office sometime next week at your convenience for an interview. 147. (A) had liked (B) liked (C) will have liked (D) would like Please call Ms. Sanders of the Personnel Section by Friday afternoon to schedule the interview. If you -------- any travel expenses for the interview, such as taxi and train fares, 148. (A) incur (B) contain (C) arise (D) continue we will gladly reimburse you for them up to a total amount of $ 100,00, ------- you retain and submit the receipts 149. (A) without (B) provided that (C) regardless (D) although to our reception desk when you arrive for the interview. We look forward to seeing you next week. Sincerely, Joanne Wilson, Manager of the Personnel Section, Apex Disctronics Limited Questions 150-152 refer to the article A tentative design for a new city swimming pool was ------- at a city council meeting attended by the mayor, 150. (A) unearthed (B) unloaded (C) unveiled (D) unwrapped six council members, and about 40 spectators. If ------- by voters in a special referendum scheduled for Tuesday, June 13, 151. (A) approved (B) approval (C) approves (D) approve the new pool will have a total water surface area of 6,200 square feet. The new pool would feature three diving boards, three water slides, and two geysers. The cost of constructing a new pool ------- at approximately $2.7 million said a spokesman for Aquatic Creations of Cumgberland, 152. (A) estimates (B) is estimated
  7. [해커스토익] 2009년 5월 정재현 선생님 예상문제 (C) would have estimated (D) will be estimated which has been designing swimming pools for 25years. rk.oc.srekcaH//:ptth .



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