Đề thi và đáp án tiếng anh trình độ C - Đề 58

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Đề thi và đáp án tiếng anh trình độ C - Đề 58

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Nội dung Text: Đề thi và đáp án tiếng anh trình độ C - Đề 58

  1. Trình độ C - Bài 58 1. I don't know him but he looks as if he ________ be her brother. (A) can (B) could (C) would (D) shall 2. She never says a word: she's as ________ as a mouse. (A) quiet (B) small (C) slight (D) noiseless 3. After his long absence from school he found it difficult to ________ up with the rest of his class. (A) catch (B) take (C) make (D) work 4. We got to the theatre just ________ to see the first scene of the play. (A) on time (B) in time (C) at times (D) with time 5. The job of student lodgings officer ________ a great many visits to landladies. (A) concerns (B) offers (C) asks (D) involves 6. Do you ________ my turning the television on now? (A) mind (B) disapprove (C) want (D) object 7. He was not very pleased about ________ called an incompetent idiot. (A) being (B) was (C) to be (D) had been 8. A hot lemon drink with honey is very good ________ a cold. (A) to (B) at (C) with (D) for 9. She heard a ________ at the door and went to see who was outside. (A) hit (B) knock (C) lean
  2. (D) strike 10. Out hotel is ________ walking distance of the sea. (A) close (B) inside (C) near (D) within 11. The main ________ of this drink are wine, orange juice and bitters. (A) parts (B) components (C) compositions (D) ingredients 12. My hands smell ________ soap. (A) with (B) from (C) by (D) of 13. I'm sure he ________ on 15th January. (A) hasn't come (B) don't come (C) doesn't come (D) didn't come 14. If I see Tom, I ________ to him. (A) am talking (B) talk (C) will talk (D) would talk 15. If I get tickets for the cinema, I ________ you up. (A) rang (B) ring (C) could ring (D) will ring 16. She did all the work ________ her own. (A) by (B) on (C) for (D) with 17. The police finally arrested the ________ criminal. (A) famous (B) renowned (C) respectable (D) notorious 18. The left wing of the party propers ________ the right wing seems to be losing ground. (A) until (B) whether (C) unless (D) while
  3. 19. During the lecture, the student took down ________ quantities of notes. (A) copious (B) voluminous (C) extended (D) detailed 20. Open plains are ________ of the geography of Kenya. (A) distinctive (B) characteristic (C) separate (D) specific
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