Ecodial V3.38

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Ecodial V3.38

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Ecodial V3.38 - Low-voltage electrical installation design software. Ecodial V3.3 series have been approved by the UTE. It can be used to produce design files complying with: the CENELEC R 064-003 European calculation guide, IEC 364 installation standards. Any changes or amendments to these standards will be covered by software updates made available through your product support and/or update contract.

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  1. Ecodial V3.38 Low-voltage electrical installation design software Fupact and variable speed drive integrated Building a New Electric World
  2. Ecodial V3.38 complies with the latest electrical standards, bringing With Ecodial V3.38, design low LV installation design software to a new level of performance. the easy way Personalise your project New standards Ecodial V3.3 series have been approved by the UTE. It can be used to produce design files complying with: b the CENELEC R 064-003 European calculation guide b IEC 364 installation standards. Any changes or amendments to these standards will be covered by software updates made You create your project with all the necessary general available through your product support and/or information: update contract. b one window to enter project data (project name, customer name, etc.) b another for the general electrical installation characteristics used for the calculations (earthing User friendly interface arrangement, cascading, etc.) b Unequalled flexibility Default values can be modified and saved for future b Extremely clear windows and menus projects. b On-line help All this information is used in the subsequent steps of the design process and for the printout of the project file. It can be modified at any time. Higher performance b Adapts to user practices for maximum Create your diagram effectiveness b Perfect project design files every time b Complete calculations Operating principles Build your installation diagram quickly and easily by using standard electrical symbols from the toolbox (e.g. transformer + conductor + protection). Global electrical characteristics You can even customise the toolbox by adding your own group of symbols to the library. Diagram Schneider Offer Circuit default value Power sum Association guide Calculation Calculation result Display curves Print and Export project Optimise circuit-breaker curves At any time, you can display the time-current curves of the circuit-breakers to check discrimination between any two devices. If necessary, optimise discrimination by modifying the circuit-breaker settings. The new curves are calculated and displayed immediately.
  3. w-voltage electrical installations Step-by-step calculation The preliminary results are displayed for each circuit: Determine the source power b cable cross-sections with corresponding sizing criteria b protective devices, Isc max (1, 2 or 3-phase), Isc min (1 or 2-phase), earth fault Just enter the current or power values for the various current, R, X, trip unit settings loads and the applicable diversity factor in the power b voltage drops, earth-fault protection sum window. Ecodial V3.38 calculates the required Different simulations can be carried out at this stage to optimise the design. source power, and can automatically balance single Ecodial V3.38 continuously checks the calculations and compliance with standards phase loads on three phase boards. (green flag beside circuit when the calculation has been successfull). For total security, the calculation is stopped if an error is detected. Ecodial V3.38 also offers total interactivity between the calculations and the diagram (any modification in one is immediately reflected in the other). Print or export results The Ecodial V3.38 print and export functions offer key features. The final results can be produced in three different forms: b a complete printout, clearly presenting the project and demonstrating compliance with standards. In addition to the calculation results, all the information required by the installer or panel-builder is automatically included (cable lists, equipment lists, device settings, etc.). b export file containing the list of components b export file in DXF or RTF format, for use by other software on the market. Print the project design file Display the results at any time The results of some or all of the installation calculations can be displayed: b item names b discrimination characteristics b power sum (items + consumption + currents) b results for calculated items.
  4. b Fupact offer is perfectly integrated into Ecodial In Ecodial V3.38, the complete range of Fupact is integrated: Fupact INF., Fupact ISFL and Fupact ISFT. According to the Fupact offer, users can choose their standards of fuses (BS, Din or NFC). Ecodial V3.38 also takes Fupact discrimination principles into account. Now, Ecodial V3.38 brings to the users a wide choice of fuses: v Range: Fupact, GK1, GS1, LS1, Multi 9, Diazed, aM, gG, gM v Fuse-Combination Unit type: Switch disconnector, disconnector, without FCU v Fuse type (standard): DIN (or NH), NFC, BS v Fuse model: aM, gG, gM, Diazed v New representations: Switch- Disconnector Switch- Disconnector disconnector disconnector or fuse alone or fuse alone b Variable speed integrated Ecodial V 3.37 already carried out the new products of the Altivar range: Altivar 11, 21, 31, 38, 61, 71. Ecodial V3.38 now also offers the 08, 28 & 68 Altivar series. These new products enrich the motor starter catalogue. Users are able to choose between direct on-line, start delta, soft starters and variable speed drives. b Among other features v Reminder: A.52-10 to 13 IEC60364 table (current-carrying capacities in amperes) doesn’t apply any rated current value for CSA under 25 mm2 for F and G installation methods. Now Ecodial calculates and optimises all CSA if the local installation standard allows it. v The maximum voltage drop authorised by the IEC60364 standard is for information only. In Ecodial V3.38, the users are allowed to enter their own value. However, if the voltage drop in the cable is greater than the value recommended by the standard, a message is displayed. v RCD protection for final circuits supplying sockets may be present on the circuit with the socket or on an upstream circuit. According IEC 60364 standard, Ecodial does not require additional RCD protection for final circuits supplying sockets. v LV/LV transformer: Ecodial accepts all primary voltages and gives more information into the calculation result like Transformer R phase, Transformer X phase, Primary ampere rating and Secondary ampere rating. b Recommended configuration For further details concerning b PC with Pentium III processor 700 MHz or equivalent Ecodial V3.38, ask your Schneider Electric b 128 Mb RAM b System: Windows 2000, XP representative for a free demonstration. b Screen: 1024x768 pixels (17' screen) or wider b Compatible printer Schneider Electric Industries SAS As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time, please ask for confirmation of the information given in this publication. Postal address This document has been Customer Software printed on ecological paper. Meylan FF 38050 Grenoble Cedex 9 Conception : SIS, Insign’Studio Réalisation : Insign’Studio Rcs Nanterre B 954 503 439 Impression : JPF Impression 11 / 2006



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