Giáo Trình Tips INet - Thủ thuật nâng cao 1.0 part 12

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Giáo Trình Tips INet - Thủ thuật nâng cao 1.0 part 12

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  1. Micro$oft Developer Network: TONS of codes for most os M$’s languages Home of linux: Turn Xbox/PS2 into a Linux PC (alls you need is a hard drive for your console) ALL drivers you could possibly want: Login= Driver PSWD= All _____________________________________________________________ Pc Cleaner AVG Anti-Virus Together with Ad-aware, Spybot-S&D, and ZoneAlarm, you have the exact (if not better) power and security features you would find in Norton SystemWorks or McAfee's RedZone Suite (both $60, plus cost of upadates) A definite consideration also must be WinRAR. It is more flexible, easier to use, and compresses better than WinZIP. Oh, and if you're lookin for an excellent FTP. look no further than WS_FTP LE. It's definitely the best (free) FTP client I've gotten my mitts on. Total Cost for System & Security Utilites, as well as a Full Office Suite: $30 _____________________________________________________________
  2. Oh man, if I can in some way contribute to a sticky, my life as I know it will be complete. Edit: Wow, it is a sticky already. haha Another good program I use that performs a multitude of tasks is System Mechanic 4 by Iolo Technologies . It cleans the registry, finds junk files, etc. It is rather expensive however, but I would say the free trial is worth it, just for cleaning the registry and finding junk files. There are ways around the 30-day trial, but I'm pretty sure we can't discuss that here (arrr matey). This month's issue of PC World is "Trouble Free PC:Unbeatable tools to help you protect data, remove junk, stop crashes" Its worth checking out, it offers plenty of information. Their website probably has most of the info too. _____________________________________________________________ If you have many programs opened at a time, use ManageDesk - For today it while the best. And I have seen a lot of a similar software. Even there, where wrote and shouted that our program rulez and that Linux has a rest, actually it appeared such sh... And this program is very cool. _____________________________________________________________
  3. Go here for the ultimate boot CD.Hard drive utilities,memtest,disk cloning and much more on one CD. Gohere so you can reuse those floppy's. Belarc Advisor is a great little program that displays your computer info as a web page,complete with serial #'s in case you have a Friend that bought a computer without a windows disk.It also shows the windows updates installed as well as ones that need reinstall just by clicking on it Eraser 5.7 is a really good eraser/shredder and does several passes so you can be sure info is truly gone.It adds Erase to the right click menu so It's always handy,with options on the number of passes MSCONFIG for all the windows 2000 users. The Firmware Page is a good place to get that new firmware.It also has a utility there that identifies all your current firmware so there is no doubt you are looking for the right ones. IE Spellchecker is great if you don't have office.It installs itself in Internet Explorer for ease of use. Just a few from my favorites. Edited to add a couple more. _____________________________________________________________ Hi. Just to mention Total Copy to all users who transfer files often. I think it really does help. Here's a link from TechTV and to download it too.,00.html
  4. _____________________________________________________________ - Great site for lots of old versions of programs, or hard-to- find programs (Such as Kazaa Lite or CloneCD) - A great program for managing multiple monitors. I swear by it. _____________________________________________________________ Windows GUI Replacement _____________________________________________________________ This isn't really an application but... They have an online virus scan, benchmarking, and spyware utilities, all web- based. _____________________________________________________________ *stating the obvious* Also:
  5. - so maybe it's not useful.... This thread kicks-ass! _____________________________________________________________ Not a program, but a plugin: OC Forums Firefox Search Plugin If you are using firefox, firebird, phoenix or mozilla (untested), then this plugin will allow you to search all of OC Forums for words in a post, or view all threads by username search. _____________________________________________________________ I'm not sure if this program has been mentioned yet or not, but if so then shoot me. Anyway its called CCleaner or Crap Cleaner: and it will clean every useless item imaginable out of your computer in less then a second. Anyway I could tell you everything it cleans out, but that would take too long and you could probably read it all on the site faster then I can type it. I'll give you a few screenshots of the program. Maybe that'll give you all a better idea. Anyway, this has been immeasurably helpful to me in cleaning out all kinds of stuff out of my computer. I think I've spoken enough. The app speaks for itself; couldn't do without it. Screenshots courtesy of CCleaner: _____________________________________________________________ Hey donny, hows this for a link?



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