JasperReports 3.5 for Java Developers- P9

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JasperReports 3.5 for Java Developers- P9

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  1. report Rich Text Format. See RTF multiple columns, adding 140-148 RTF 248 report columns, final notes 144, 148 RTF format creating 29 reports, exporting to 248, 249 displaying, on web browser 43, 44 exporting 244 S exporting overview 244 exporting, to CSV format 258-260 scriplets exporting, to Excel format 252, 253 about 210 exporting, to HTML format 254, 255 example 211 exporting, to ODT format 250, 251 features 211, 213, 214 exporting, to PDF format 245, 246 setFieldNames() method 115 exporting, to plain text format 261 setParameter() method 244 exporting, to RTF format 248, 249 setUseFirstRowAsHeader() method 113 exporting, to XML format 256-258 setVisible() method 104 generating 38 Spring viewing 41, 43 about 327 report background JasperReports, integrating with 327-332 setting 134, 135 Struts report data about 338 grouping 144-148 JasperReports, integrating with 338-342 report elements subdatasets laying out 159 about 222, 227 position, setting 162-167 bar chart, generating 227-229 size, setting 162 example 222-225 report expressions subreports method, calling 136 about 173, 178 PDF report, generating 138, 139 JRXML template 173-175 report, iReport charts, adding 299-304 T creating, from scratch 284-292 TableModels datasources images, adding 292, 293 report, generating 104, 106 modifying 292 text fields multiple columns, adding 294-296 stretching, to accommodate data 156-159 report data, grouping 296-298 text properties report text, styling setting 121 HTML, used 130 styles 121 markup language, used 127, 129 styles, reusing through style RTF, used 131, 133 templates 124, 125 report variables styles, using 121 about 148 text style, setting for individual report duplicate expression, eliminating 148-150 elements 126 report, modifying 152-155 text style, setting for individual report report-wide layout properties element 126 controlling 120, 148 resetGroup attribute 193 resetType attribute 193 [ 352 ]
  2. U URI 111 V vAlign attribute 189 Value object. See VO VO 95 W workflow, JasperReports 14 X XML datasources about 106 element, adding in element 107, 109 net.sf.jasperreports.engine.data.JRXmlData- Source, using 109, 111 XML document 107 XML format reports, exporting to 256-258 XML report templates 14 XY line charts about 201, 203 creating 201, 203 Y y Align, element 189 y, element 161 [ 353 ]
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