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Practice Exam

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  1. Appendix Practice Exam A Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  2. 550 Appendix A Practice Exam 1. People are complaining that they don’t know what type of documents your site has. What would improve things? A. A site map B. A more consistent user interface C. Full-text search D. A content type policy 2. People are complaining that there are too many documents listed on your site and they can’t find the documents they are looking for. What technology would best help them find the information they need? A. A site map B. A more consistent user interface C. Full-text search D. A content type policy 3. You don’t want your information to be indexed by the large search engines. What can you do? A. Update the site infrequently. B. Add an entry in your ROBOTS.TXT file to ward spidering robots away. C. Avoid links from other sites. D. Move to a database-driven dynamic Web site. 4. Which is not a factor in a client’s performance level? A. Network speed B. Browser version C. Color scheme D. Operating system Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  3. Practice Exam 551 5. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) usually is used for what? A. To encrypt e-mail messages B. To secure the flow of credit card transaction data among banks C. To make transactions between Web browsers and Web servers secure D. To encrypt usernames and passwords 6. Log files can contain information that indicates what? A. A stolen password B. A brute force attack on a password C. A disgruntled employee D. Whether bad guys are spoofing IP addresses to bypass your firewall 7. What is public-key encryption’s big advantage on the Internet? A. There’s no need to exchange keys privately. B. It’s more secure than other forms of encryption. C. It’s especially suitable to e-mail encryption. D. It makes routers’ work easier. 8. One way to design a Web page for compatibility with diverse browsers is to _____ . A. Include a JavaScript test of the browser version B. Design with the latest HTML specification C. Not use tables D. Avoid streaming media Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  4. 552 Appendix A Practice Exam 9. Multimedia content that requires clients to have plug-ins works best _______ . A. On public Web sites B. On sites with an academic focus C. For streaming media D. In environments where the work at hand absolutely requires the plug-in-enabled content 10. What is the emerging replacement for the GIF image? A. Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) B. Portable Network Graphics (PNG) C. Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) D. Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) 11. The audio-video file format developed for Microsoft Windows is called _____ . A. QuickTime B. Gzip C. Audio Visual Interleaved (AVI) D. MPEG 12. What are the two most popular streaming media standards? A. RealPlayer and Windows Media Player B. RealPlayer and Audio Visual Interleaved (AVI) C. RealPlayer and RealPlayer G2 D. Windows Media Player and Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  5. Practice Exam 553 13. The tape archive format usually is used in conjunction with _____ . A. The Zip compression format B. The Gzip compression format C. The BinHex compression format D. The Solaris archive format 14. Open source software that is protected by copyleft _____ . A. Cannot be sold for profit B. May not be modified C. Must be attributed to the Free Software Foundation D. Includes the Linux operating system 15. The success of a banner-ad placement is usually measured by its _____ . A. Cost per view B. Clickthrough rate C. User commentary D. Graphic design values 16. What is one business advantage of a virtual private network? A. The extra security it provides B. The reduction in telecommunications expenses C. The inherent ability to bring vendors onto your network D. The elimination of the need for an Internet site Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  6. 554 Appendix A Practice Exam 17. What is the proper HTML syntax to use to make the copyright symbol (©) appear in an HTML page correctly? A. B. © C. D. &copy 18. What are the best types of documents to distribute using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)? A. Orders and invoices B. Memos C. Reports D. E-mail 19. What is the best way to increase traffic to a Web site? A. Bulk e-mail B. Search engine placement C. Banner ads D. Banner ads on a search engine site 20. A Web site designed for use by a company’s inside sales staff is an example of an _____ . A. Internet B. Intranet C. Extranet D. Outernet Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  7. Practice Exam 555 21. When is it appropriate to use the copyright symbol (©) on a Web page? A. After copyright has been obtained B. During the copyright application process C. As soon as the Web page is displayed D. Whenever you feel like it 22. When designing a global Web site, which aspect is the most critical? A. Display language B. Scripting language C. Layout D. Server type 23. A network or Web site designed specifically for business-to-business transactions is called an ______ . A. Internet B. Extranet C. E-commerce D. Intranet 24. Online sales transactions are best protected by which technology? A. HTML B. SSL C. HTTP D. PGP Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  8. 556 Appendix A Practice Exam 25. Why is it important to obtain permission before linking to a graphic on a third-party site (e.g., using HTML that displays a graphic or a portion of another Web page in your Web page)? A. It is illegal in some states. B. You are making a derivative work. C. It is a requirement of HTML. D. The owner of the originating Web site must do something to the server on his end to make it possible. 26. What is arguably the most common mistake people make when designing an international Web site? A. Using HTML coding B. Using graphics C. Using English as the primary language D. Using colloquialisms 27. Which type of site has the capability to reach the largest audience? A. Internet B. Extranet C. Intranet D. Outernet 28. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is most often used for providing ______ functions between a corporate office and a branch office. A. Remote access B. VPN C. Internet D. Telephone Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  9. Practice Exam 557 29. When setting up a U.S. Web site for international use, what is the high- est level of encryption you can support? A. 40 bit B. 60 bit C. 80 bit D. 128 bit 30. Your Web site about classic Studebaker automobiles is not showing up when you search for “Studebaker” on your favorite Web search engine. You can improve your Web site’s chances of appearing in search results through the use of __________. A. HTML tags B. JavaScript C. Meta tags D. Search forms 31. A merchant system will allow _______ on your Web site. A. Secure access B. FTP access C. Credit card transactions D. The use of usernames and passwords 32. Push technology allows users to ________ . A. Subscribe to information and automatically receive updates of that information B. Send information to other users without knowing their addresses C. Allow other users to access their computer’s hard disk D. Share their files via FTP and e-mail Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  10. 558 Appendix A Practice Exam 33. The DIR attribute in HTML 4 indicates what? A. Forms order B. List formatting C. Picture formatting D. Arrow direction 34. Which graphics format requires a plug-in to be viewed by a Web browser? A. GIF B. JPEG C. GIF87a D. TIFF 35. Which scripting language is compiled before execution? A. XML B. Java C. VBScript D. VRML 36. What is the use of the “NAME=” attribute in the tag within an HTML page? A. To assign a frame horizontal position B. To assign a frame vertical position C. To name an image frame D. To identify a target frame Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  11. Practice Exam 559 37. Of those listed, which Web graphics format allows an image to be transparent (i.e., you can see part of the Web page through it)? A. JPEG B. GIF89a C. GIF87a D. PNG 38. If you want to use 3-D effects within a Web-based presentation, what is the best technology for the task? A. RealPlayer B. Shockwave C. QuickTime VR D. VRML 39. What should you change in the following HTML Web page code to make sure it displays properly? David’s web page Welcome to my web page. Enjoy your visit Click me A. Change all tags to lowercase. B. Change all tags to lowercase and correct the tag. C. Correct the tag. D. Nothing. Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  12. 560 Appendix A Practice Exam 40. In an Internet context, what does CSS stand for? A. Commercially Secured Server B. Controlled Server Side C. Can’t Stand Stuff D. Controlled State Server 41. If you want to play streaming video on your Web site, which technol- ogy would you implement? A. RealPlayer B. Flash C. Acrobat D. QuickTime VR 42. METHOD, ACTION, ENCTYPE, TARGET are all attributes of which HTML tag? A. B. C. D. 43. You want music to play in the background when a user views a par- ticular Web page. Which is the best format for the music? A. AVI B. BGSound C. RealPlayer D. Embed Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  13. Practice Exam 561 44. You want to distribute the video recording of a shareholder meeting via your company’s intranet. What technology would be best suited for the task? A. QuickTime VR B. RealPlayer C. AVI D. MP3 45. What is the most efficient data store for a training calendar? A. ASCII text file B. ISAM C. Object-oriented D. ODBC 46. What HTML component dictates to a browser exactly how text will appear? A. Font B. Tag C. Image D. Script 47. What does CGI stand for? A. Common Group Interchange B. Commercial Gateway Interplex C. Common Gateway Interface D. Commercial Group Interface Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  14. 562 Appendix A Practice Exam 48. What is the proper HTML tag to use to format a numbered list? A. B. C. D. 49. A client-side script is not working correctly. What is the most likely cause? A. The server can’t parse the script. B. The Web client doesn’t support the scripting. C. The HTTP connection has been lost. D. The OS doesn’t support scripting. 50. A Web client is experiencing time-out errors when opening a socket to a Web server. You are able to use other Internet services (FTP, e-mail, and so on), but you cannot browse to any Internet Web sites. What is the most likely cause? A. The Web browser is not functioning correctly. B. The proxy server is blocking the socket. C. The proxy server is down. D. TCP/IP is not installed on the client. 51. Which technology provides an interactive 3-D environment? A. Java B. XML C. VRML D. HTML Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  15. 564 Appendix A Practice Exam Answers to Practice Exam 1. A. Site maps help people who don’t know what is on a site learn what they can do there. 2. C. Full-text searches help people narrow the list of documents to only those that meet the search criteria. 3. B. Search engines should respect exclusions in the ROBOTS.TXT file. 4. C. Network speed, browser version, and operating system all affect the ability of a client to use the Internet. 5. C. When you send your credit card number to an online shopping site, the transmission is made secure by SSL in most cases. 6. B. A log file might show lots of unsuccessful login attempts, which indicates a brute force attack on a password. 7. A. Public-key encryption doesn’t require a private, secure exchange of keys the way private-key encryption does. 8. A. You can test the browser version with JavaScript. Alternately, you can use an older, more widely supported HTML specification. 9. D. A community of users that will really benefit from seeing plug-in- enabled content will be happy to download the needed plug-in. 10. B. The emerging replacement standard is called Portable Network Graphics (PNG). 11. C. Audio Visual Interleaved (AVI) files were developed for Windows. 12. A. RealPlayer and Windows Media Player are fighting it out in the streaming media market. 13. B. Tape archive files (with a .TAR extension) are usually compressed with Gzip. 14. A. Copyleft prohibits for-profit sale of the software it protects. 15. B. The clickthrough rate is the percentage of people who view an ad and click through to its underlying Web site. 16. B. Because VPNs use the Internet for their long-distance communica- tions, the need for expensive dedicated lines disappears. Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  16. Answers to Practice Exam 565 17. D. None of the other answers will cause the symbol to display correctly. 18. A. EDI is best suited for distributing orders and invoices among com- panies. Memos and reports are best suited for e-mail. 19. D. Bulk e-mail is irresponsible and tends to irritate customers. Place- ment of a Web site address in a search engine and indiscriminate use of banner ads can be just as ineffective. Banner ads placed in the cor- rect category of a search engine can be very effective in increasing Web traffic. 20. B. Intranets are networks designed for use by a single company’s employees. The other items listed will not serve in this capacity. 21. C. A Web page is considered to be protected by copyright as soon as it is available for viewing by the public even though a federal copyright may be pending. The symbol must be displayed properly, indicating the year of publication and owner of the work. 22. A. You must choose a language or languages that can be read throughout the world. 23. B. The Internet is used for public access to information. E-commerce Web sites are used to sell items, and intranets are used for distributing information within an organization. 24. B. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a method of making encrypted trans- actions over the Internet. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) is, in fact, a method of encryption, but it is too slow for use in online sales trans- actions. The other two (HTML and HTTP) are not methods of pro- tecting transactions. 25. B. Because you are using a portion of a copyrighted work, you are, in effect, making a derivative work and thus must have permission from the original copyright holder. 26. D. Colloquialisms are localized language derivatives. You would have to live in a specific area to understand a colloquialism. Thus, they may not make any sense to someone who doesn’t live in the area from which they originated, much less in a completely different country. 27. A. Both extranet and intranet sites have a limited audience by defini- tion. Outernet is not a viable answer. Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  17. 566 Appendix A Practice Exam 28. B. Of the items listed, the best answer is VPN because PPTP is a pro- tocol most often used to provide VPN functions between a corporate office and a branch office. 29. A. To comply with U.S. encryption export regulations, the highest level of encryption that can be exported is 40-bit encryption. 30. C. With meta tags, your site will be indexed in a search engine cor- rectly. Although the other items are used in Web sites, they will not improve your site’s chances of appearing in search engine results. 31. C. Merchant systems are collections of server software for Web sites that allow credit card transactions. 32. A. Push technology allows users to subscribe to a content provider and receive regular updates of the content. 33. B. The DIR attribute in HTML 4 is used for formatting a list as a directory listing. 34. D. TIFF is the only file format listed that cannot be displayed in a Web browser without a plug-in. 35. B. Of all the languages listed, Java is the only true programming lan- guage, and thus, it must be compiled before execution. 36. D. The “NAME=” attribute is used to identify a target frame for a hyperlink within a frame. 37. B. Of the image file formats listed, the GIF89a format is the only one that allows an image to be transparent. 38. B. Although QuickTime VR and VRML can be used for 3-D model- ing, Shockwave is the most efficient technology for providing 3-D effects within a presentation. 39. C. The majority of HTML tag sets (including ) must have a beginning tag () and an ending () tag. In the example given, the / was missing from the ending tag. 40. A. Although all answers would technically expand the abbreviation, Commercially Secured Server is the correct answer. 41. A. Of the formats listed, RealPlayer is the only streaming video format. Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
  18. Answers to Practice Exam 567 42. C. The attributes only correspond to the tag. 43. D. Although each of the formats can be used for playing sound, some require plug-ins. Thus, the most efficient (and thus the best) format for playing background music would be to embed it in the HTML code. 44. B. Of all the technologies listed, RealPlayer would be the most effi- cient. QuickTime VR and AVI are non-streaming formats and would take too long to download. MP3 is an audio-only format. 45. A. Although all these data stores would work, an ASCII file would be the most practical and efficient because the training calendar doesn’t change often. 46. B. HTML tags are used for various purposes, but the most common is to format text for display in a Web browser. 47. C. Common Gateway Interface is the proper expansion of the abbre- viation CGI. The others are not valid. 48. D. stands for ordered list, the HTML tag used for a numbered list. stands for unordered list and is the HTML tag used for a list of items without numbers. 49. B. When client-side scripting doesn’t work, it’s usually the fault of the client (i.e., the Web browser). 50. B. Because other Internet services are functional, it’s not C or D. Because a specific Internet service is not functional, the most likely cause is B. 51. C. Of those listed, the only technology that provides a fully interactive 3-D environment is the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). Copyright © 2000 SYBEX Inc., Alameda, CA.
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