Abuse and alternatives

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  • For more than two decades, Bank of America has aspired to environmental leadership in the financial services sector. In 2007, we announced a 10-year, $20 billion business initiative to address climate change through our lending, investing, products and services, and our own operations. This initiative is far more than doing good for its own sake — it has proven to be a long-term, compelling business opportunity for our clients, our company and our shareholders.

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  • In resolution WHA63.14, the World Health Assembly urges Member States to identify the most suitable policy approach given national circumstances, and to develop new policies or strengthen those existing that aim to reduce the impact on children of marketing of foods high in saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, free sugars, or salt. This section proposes steps that may facilitate the policy development process. Firstly, it is advisable for Member States to seek consensus across government on the need for policy development.

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  • Because enteroviruses, including those causing HFMD, are very common, pregnant women are frequently exposed to the virus as well. As for any other adults, the risk of infection is higher for pregnant women who do not have antibodies from earlier exposures to these viruses, and who are exposed to young children - the primary spreaders of enteroviruses. Most enterovirus infections during pregnancy cause mild or no illness in the mother.

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  • Mobilizing the resources to reach the ICPD and MDG target of universal access to reproductive health by 2015 is essential if international development goals are to be realized. The challenge before the international community – donors and developing countries alike – is to move from declarations of good intentions to active partnerships and investments in a healthier future. This book provides an abundance of easy-to-access information that can be helpful in building the case for increased resources.

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  • Thinking about the zero bound this way suggests that variable interest on reserves could be utilized routinely and productively as an instrument of monetary policy. The Fed could replace its current operating procedures with a new interest-on-reserves regime. For heuristic purposes, I describe the implementation of the new regime in two steps, although the steps would take place simultaneously in practice. First, the Fed would purchase additional securities in the open market, adding enough reserves to satiate the market and drive the federal funds rate to zero.

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  • A key consideration for policymakers, then, is whether the trade-off between efficiency and financial stability argues for policies that reflect a preference for certain cross-border banking structures. This paper examines the relative advantages and disadvantages of different organizational structures for cross-border banking groups both from the point of view of the financial groups and of the home/host authorities.

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  • The second set of assumptions is contained in the firm’s marketing model. This contains managers’ analysis of which customers the firm can most profitably target and knowledge about what their wants are. It also contains the analysis of the competition: what strategies competitors are likely to follow, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and what capabilities are needed to create a competitive advantage. Next is the operations model, which contains the analysis of the best way to structure the firm’s value chain to produce and deliver products and service to customers.

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  • By keeping the curriculum and testing regimes unchanged from previous years, the author was able to use a quasi-experimental method to compare progress during the pilot study with that of previous cohorts, factoring out differences in prior attainment. Evidence for improved attainment through the introduction of the VLE was inconclusive, with only a small, statistically insignificant gain. Data mining techniques suggested that pupils using the VLE in a more strategic manner received the greatest benefit. ...

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  • Reducing poverty thus implies tackling the underlying causes, recognising that the poor are active part in the solution of both developmental and environmental problems....Too often, inappropriate policy and regulatory frameworks prevent the poor- most notably women- from developing their capabilities and productive potential, and protecting the natural resource base on which they depend.

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  • Much attention has increasingly been paid on safety, health and environmental issues, not only in industry but also in the university. Small scale experiments are safer in lowering the risk of chemical contact, more environmentally friendly, produce less waste and gain many other benefits. Although several universities are familiar with small scale chemistry and some universities have operated small scale chemistry laboratories successfully, several other universities have not yet adopted these practices, particularly for organic chemistry laboratory.

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  • We find that the process measures of the quality of the prenatal and child care processes are positively and significantly associated with child growth. Structural quality and access variables, however, are not associated with child growth. These findings suggest that investments in improving prenatal and child care process quality in existing facilities in Indonesia may be an effective way to address conditions that result in a child’s inability to reach full physical potential. This paper is organized in four sections.

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  • Roofs were made from red clay tiles, much like our roofs today. First create the sloping roofs out of card. To make the card the right shape, cut strips that are just a little longer than each box and twice as wide. Either paint each roof a red, rusty colour to represent tiles, or stick on small squares of red painted paper in layers to create a tile effect. Fold the strips of card in half and place on top of each box to create a sloping roof. Secure in place with sticky tape on the inside of the roof. Fill in the triangular gap at either end of the roof with...

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  • As the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has pointed out, it has become increasingly important to look beyond the traditional earnings and economic value effects and assess indirect interest rate effects as well. Taking a broader view of the potential earnings impact of changing interest rates, banks also need to take into consideration the growing share of (interest-sensitive) fee- based fi nancial services (loan servicing, asset securitization programs, pay- ments etc.).

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  • European society and the European economy do not yet exploit the full potential for resource efficiency. Much recyclable waste is either exported or sent to landfill. A lack of long-term frameworks holds back planning and investment, most obviously on a climate and energy framework beyond 2020, but also on long term sustainable use of key resources such as air, soil, energy, water, fish and biomass. At the same time, such frameworks can help to galvanise the innovation needed to exploit the potential of the transition to a low-carbon economy in areas like transport, energy and agriculture....

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  • Regarding identification, we need to differentiate between Business Angels and the wider informal investment market. Informal investment describes non-institutional risk capital investments in unquoted businesses, including Business Angel investments, investments by family offices, and also the category of investments made by family and friends. The latter two categories are often not commercially oriented. However, matters are complicated by the definition of ‘friends’ – social, as well as business networks are sources used to identify potential investment opportunities. ...

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  • We ¯nd that when the hypothetical benchmarks are recognized as being unavailable for investment, there need not exist close substitutes for them in the universe of mutual funds. For an investor who believes completely in the accuracy of the Fama-French model and precludes managerial skill, the perceived maximum Sharpe ratio is only 66 percent of what could be achieved by direct investment in that model's benchmarks. For a believer in the Carhart four-factor model, the corresponding value is 54 percent.

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  • The best practice today is to read data into the SAS environment for processing. For highly repeatable processes, this might not be efficient because it takes time to transfer the data and resources are used to temporarily store in the SAS environment. In some cases, the results of the SAS processing must be transferred back to the DBMS for final storage, which further increases the cost. Addressing this challenge can result in improved resource utilization and enable companies to answer business questions more quickly. ...

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  • When it is necessary to add refrigerant to a system after a loss it indicates that there is a leak in the system. The leak must be located, repaired and the system leak tested. If the leak is found to be on the low side of the system the repair can be made after the system has been ‘pumped down’ to a balance in pressure. Do not draw in any air which contains moisture, especially where hygroscopic ester oils are concerned, (for example R134a). Some oils are not affected and accept the ingress of air and moisture, recovering after a vacuum is drawn with a recovery unit....

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  • It is, of course, after the stock market has had a large rise that the magnitude of unrealized capital gains in mutual fund portfolios becomes an important consideration. It is presumably because the stock market has performed so well over the past seventeen years that mutual funds have had to employ such high turnover rates to keep their unrealized gain problems under control. The continuing severity of this problem, in spite of these high turnover rates, however, is illustrated by the following survey of the...

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  • When you buy a policy, insurance companies let you choose a benefit amount (usually $50 to $350 a day, $350 to $2,450 a week, or $1,500 to $10,500 a month) for care in a nursing home. If a policy covers home care, the benefit is usually a portion of the benefit for nursing home care (e.g., 50% or 75%), although a growing number of policies pay the same benefit amounts for care at home as in a facility. Often, you can select the home care benefit amount that you prefer. It is important to know how much skilled nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home health care agencies...

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