Activated carbons

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  • The synthesis and characterization of activated carbons (ACs) obtained from lignocellulosic precursors is a topic widely studied by a number of researchers worldwide. In the last decades, an increase has been observed in the number of publications related to the synthesis, modification, characterization and application of ACs obtained from lignocellulosic materials. Particularly, the applications of these carbons are primarily focused in the removal of several inorganic and organic pollutants from water and wastewaters....

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  • Activated carbon (AC) from coconut shells is used as support for platinum catalysts. A series of catalysts based on platinum and Pt doped Sn were prepared by impregnation on different supports like AC and SiO2. It was shown that the nature of the support has a significant influence on the activity and selectivity to alkenes of the catalysts in the dehydrogenation of nhexane to alkenes. The higher activity and selectivity of the carbon supported platinum catalyst can be explained by higher dispersion of platinum particles of the catalysts.

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  • Than hoạt tính (Activated Carbon): Là loại than được xử lý từ nhiều nguồn vật liệu như tro của vỏ lạc (đậu phộng), gáo dừa hoặc than đá. Những nguyên liệu này được nung nóng từ từ trong môi trường chân không, sau đó được hoạt tính hóa bằng các khí có tính ô xi hóa ở nhiệt độ cực cao. Quá trình này tạo nên những lỗ nhỏ li ti có tác dụng hấp thụ và giữ các tạp chất. Than hoạt tính lọc nước qua hai quá trình song song: 1. Lọc cơ học, giữ lại các hạt...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học trên tạp chí khoa học vật lý quốc tế đề tài: Decolourisation of Reactive Orange 16 by Activated Carbon and Copper Oxide Catalysts Supported by Activated Carbon

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học trên tạp chí khoa học vật lý quốc tế đề tài: PREPARATION OF SELENIUM-DOPED ACTIVATED CARBON AND ITS UTILIZATION FOR IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF USED COCONUT OIL

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học trên tạp chí khoa học vật lý quốc tế đề tài: Textural Characteristics of Activated Carbons Prepared from Oil Palm Shells Activated with ZnCl2 and Pyrolysis Under Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide

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  • The extraordinary mechanical properties and unique electrical properties of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have stimulated extensive research activities across the world since their discovery by Sumio Iijima of the NEC Corporation in the early 1990s. Although early research focused on growth and characterization, these interesting properties have led to an increase in the number of investigations focused on application development in the past 5 years.

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  • Carbon dioxide is produced in several anthropogenic activities at a rate of ca. 35 Gt/y. The main sources are: (1) the combustion of fossil carbon (production of electric energy, transport, heating, industry), (2) the utilization of biomass (combustion to obtain energy, fermentation), and (3) the decomposition of natural carbonates (mainly in the steel and cement industry).

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  • In this part, you will know how rubisco is activated in the light and inactivated in the dark. Know how Mg 2+, pH and light are related to it activation; know how Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate acts as a substrate and an inhibitor of rubisco; understand the oxygenase/carboxylase activities of rubisco. Know what are the products of the two reactions;...

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  • An efficient bacterial expression system of cyanobacterium Synechocystissp. PCC 6803 heme oxygenase gene, ho-1, has been constructed, using a synthetic gene. A soluble protein was expressedat high levels and was highly purified, for the first time. The protein binds equimolar free hemin to catabolize the boundhemin to ferric-bili-verdin IXa in the presence of oxygen andreducing equivalents, showing the heme oxygenase activity. During the reaction, verdoheme intermediate is formed with the evolution of carbon monoxide. ...

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  • In recent years, rice straw open burning (RSOB) activity has commonly occurred after the harvest in the countryside of Hanoi. This activity has caused negative impacts on air quality, especially it emits a large amount of black carbon (BC), a short lived climate pollutant (SLCP). As the other SLCPs , BC directly affects human health and ecosystem. This paper presents the results of measured BC concentrations in RSOB season in Lai Yen commune, Hoai Duc district in Hanoi.

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  • Than hoạt tính Than hoạt tính (Activated Carbon) là loại than được xử lý từ nhiều nguồn vật liệu như tro của vỏ lạc (đậu phộng), gáo dừa hoặc than đá. Những nguyên liệu này được nung nóng từ từ trong môi trường chân không, sau đó được hoạt tính hóa bằng các khí có tính ô xi hóa ở nhiệt độ cực cao. Quá trình này tạo nên những lỗ nhỏ li ti có tác dụng hấp thụ và giữ các tạp chất....

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  • Organic carbon concentrations can be reduced by enhanced coagulation, granular activated carbon or membrane filtration, but this fact can also lead to increased in brominated THMs (Black et al, 1996.). A combination of coagulation, ozonation, and biofiltration can effectively reduce trihalomethane and haloacetic acid formation potential (Chaiket et al, 2002.). Natural organic matter (NOM), the main precursor of DBPs, can also be removed by media filters coated with iron oxide

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  • In contrast to our previous study (Barth & Marx, 2008) dealing with a currently decreasing research field (high-temperature superconductors) we analyzed here a topic which has raised a strongly increasing interest among researchers: research activities around carbon nanotubes (CNTs or NTs). Carbon nanotubes (often named only nanotubes) are graphite sheets rolled up into cylinders with diameters of the order of a few nanometers and up to some millimeters in length with at least one end capped with a hemisphere of the fullerene structure....

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  • I was delighted to respond to an invitation from Ventus Publishing to write a book on atmospheric pollution. It is a topic well enough served by books in the past, but has become increasingly important during these early years of the 21st Century. I believe therefore that there is a place for a review like this one and that notwithstanding the immense activity in the area the book will have a reasonable shelf life. This is because it continually relates the discussion to the principles of physics and chemistry, and these do not change....

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  • Sodium concentration in irrigation water replaces calcium by the process of Base Exchange, therefore reduces soil permeability. Furthermore, excess salinity in groundwater used for irrigation decreased plants osmotic activity and interfere water absorption and nutrients from the soil. Nearly 5% of groundwater from the study site exceeds the desirable limit (1000 mg L-1) of chloride. The natural source of chloride is due to the weathering of phosphate mineral apatite present in granites.

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  • High hardness and strength of the nanocomposite coatings are due to the fact that the movement of dislocations is suppressed at small grains and in the spaces between them, which causes the appearance of incoherent deformations. When the grain size is reduced to that of nanometres, the activity of dislocations as the source of the material ductility is restricted.

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  • Bài viết mô tả kết quả điều tra trong việc áp dụng tràm tràm than hoạt tính trong xử lý nước thải cho các ngành công nghiệp dệt may. Tràm tràm than hoạt tính bằng hơi nước là diện tích bề mặt cụ thể của khoảng 1000m2 / g.

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  • industry spending, analysis of the economic impacts of this activity, and projections of future drilling, natural gas production, and related economic impacts (Considine, et al., 2009, 2010). Unlike the previous studies, however, this report estimates the impact Marcellus production has on prices for natural gas and expenditures for natural gas and electricity in Pennsylvania. This report also presents an analysis of labor market and sales tax data that affirms the economic stimulus provided by the Marcellus industry.

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  • Damage are reviewed for design solutions at 400 gal or more, which was originally Construction costs have become minimal. In the design solution from 400 to 800 girls and girls, increase the objective function, the collapse in the direction perpendicular occur with a crane seismic forces 50 to 150 girls stronger than seismic forces used for design, while the fall in the direction of bridge axis with an earthquake occurs 100 to 200 girls forced stronger.

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