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  • Lecture "Reinforced concrete beams with prestressed Construction OVM anchorage" give you the parts, structure, installation of various types of anchors such as dynamic Anchor, anchor type flat die early, dying early anchor type P, the first anchor death H,...

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: The first hydrophobic region of the HPV16 E5 protein determines protein cellular location and facilitates anchorage-independent growth

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  • Cells offer different types of cytoskeletal anchorages: transitory structures such as focal contacts and perennial ones such as the sarcomeric cytoskele-ton of muscle cells. The turnover of these structures is controlled with dif-ferent timing by a family of cysteine proteases activated by calcium, the calpains.

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  • Abraham’s cones : Khuôn hình chóp cụt để đo độ sụt bê tông Accelerator, Earlystrength admixture : Phụ gia tăng nhanh hóa cứng bê tông Anchorage length : Chiều dài đoạn neo giữ của cốt thép Arrangement of longitudinales renforcement cut-out: Bố trí các điểm cắt đứt cốt thép dọc của dầm Arrangement of reinforcement : Bố trí cốt thép Bag Beam of constant depth Bedding Bonded tendon Bursting concrete stress : Bao tải (để dưỡng hộ bê tông) : Dầm có chiều cao không đổi : Móng cống : Cốt thép dự ứng l...

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  • To be taken aback: Ngạc nhiên • To be taken aback: Ngạc nhiên • To be taken captive: Bị bắt • To be taken in: Bị lừa gạt • To be tantamount to sth: Bằng với vật gì • To be tardy for school: Đi học trễ giờ • To be ten meters deep: Mời thớc bề sâu, sâu mời thớc • To be ten years old: Mời tuổi • To be thankful to sb for sth: Biết ơn, cám ơn ngời nào về việc gì • To be the anchorage of sb's hope: Là nguồn hy vọng của ai •...

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  • Do Alaska Native People Get Free Medical Care?* (and other frequently asked questions about Alaska Native issues and cultures) has been prepared by UAA/APU faculty and Anchorage community members as a companion to the Books of the Year. It provides responses to common questions about Alaska Native issues (the answer to the title question is “no; they paid in advance”) and includes recommended readings on a wide variety of topics including identity, language and culture; subsistence; ANCSA; the effects of colonialism; education and health care; and the future....

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  • Accepted worldwide as one of the most important new areas in clinical dentistry, esthetic dentistry is undergoing constant expansion and advancement. Here is the first complete practitioner's guide to the field, with key techniques for improving, restoring, or rebuilding single teeth with a wide range of ceramic systems. Written by a renowned international team who has pioneered several of the techniques in use today, the book covers both basic principles and clinical and laboratory procedures, with dozens of case examples and before-and-after photographs....

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  • Numerous surveys have been conducted to investigate the prevalen• ce of malocclusion. It should be remembered that the figures for a particular occlusal feature or dental anomaly will depend upon the size and composition of the group studied (for example age and racial characteristics), the cnteda used for assessment and the methods used by the examiners (for example whether radiographs were employed).

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  • I acknowledge that the formal education provided by most dental schools as well as existing textbooks and journals equip the contemporary orthodontist with an excellent foundation in the science and art of orthodontics. However, I believe there is a pool of knowledge and information that is not provided by formal education and only becomes available and acquired with time and experience in clinical practice.

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  • The role of the orthodontic surgery assistant/nurse in the delivery of orthodontic care is crucial. Every orthodontist relies on his assistant to help with the delivery of orthodontic care. The chairside is the coal-face of orthodontic delivery and the more effective and efficient this aspect of care, the better the orthodontic experience and outcome for the patient. This book is an ‘all you need to know’ about assisting in orthodontic care delivery and is an invaluable learning tool and reference for all the orthodontic team.

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  • Door frames should be solidly anchored to the rough opening. There are often spaces left between the rough opening stud at a point midway up the door jamb. These spaces create a poor anchorage for hardware making the door easy to kick open. If possible, the door molding should be removed and these spaces should be filled or “shimmed” prior to mounting any new lock strikes. If the entry door opens inward, the stop strip should actually be part of the wood frame, not applied. The stop strip is a wood strip installed on or milled into the door jamb (it’s the part of the jamb that...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'basic guide to orthodontic dental nursing_1', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Implant dentistry today focuses more on the patient’s overall appearance than ever before, contributing not only to enhanced social interaction but also to selfconfidence and self-esteem. As a result, esthetic implantology procedures are expected to become a more integral part of modern dentistry, encompassing quality of life along with routine functional establishment.

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  • The type of soil strength characteristic (i.e. the variation of soil strength with soil water content) favourable to crop growth depends on both the amount and the distribution of the annual rainfall, and on the nature of the crop. The soil must have sufficient mechanical strength to provide adequate anchorage for the plant throughout its development, and to prevent the collapse of soil water and air pathways by soil overburden pressure and the weight of vehicle and animal traffic. Dense regions of high strength may limit root growth and crop...

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  • The old adage that it is better to go upstream to find out why people are falling into the river, rather than continuing to rescue them as they float by, has not been the focus of counseling with the Inupiat people of northern Alaska despite the increasing rates of suicide, alcoholism, and depression among Alaska Natives. In 1994, the Anchorage Daily News referred to a new study relating to accidents, homicides, and suicides in Alaska.

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  • Plasmin(ogen) kringles 1 and 4 are involved in anchorage of plasmin(ogen) to fibrin and cells, an essential step in fibrinolysis and pericellular proteo-lysis. Their contribution to these processes was investigated by selective neutralization of their lysine-binding function. Blocking the kringle 1 lysine-binding site with monoclonal antibody 34D3 fully abolished binding and activation of Glu-plasminogen and prevented both fibrinolysis and plasmin-induced cell detachment-induced apoptosis.

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  • HR12 is anovel farnesyltransferase inhibitor (FTI).Wehave shown previously that HR12 induces phenotypic reversion of H-ras V12 -transformed Rat1 (Rat1/ras) fibroblasts. This reversion was characterized by formation of cell–cell con-tacts, focal adhesions and stress fibers. Here we show that HR12 inhibits anchorage independent and dependent growth of Rat1/ras cells. HR12 also suppresses motility and proliferation of Rat1/ras cells, in a wound healing assay. Rat1 fibroblasts transformed with myristoylated H-ras V12 (Rat1/myr-ras) were resistant to HR12....

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  • TheST2gene, which is specifically induced by growth sti-mulation in fibroblasts, encodes interleukin-1 receptor-rela-tedproteins and iswidely expressed in hematopoietic, helper T, and various cancer cells. However, the physiological as well as pathological functions of the ST2 gene products are not yet fully understood. In this study, we analyzed the expression of theST2gene in human glioma cell lines and human brain tumor samples with real-time polymerase chain reactionmethod,

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