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  • Gregarine từ giống Nematopsis thường lây nhiễm trong ruột tôm chân trắng Litopenaeus vannamei nuôi ven bờ Thái bình dương ở Mexico. Sinh trưởng chậm và tử vong của tôm trắng thường đồng thời với lây nhiễm gregarine Kiểm soát sự lây nhiễm bằng những phương pháp

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  • Virtually every organism serves as the host for a complement of parasites. Parasitism is so common that it is rare to find classes of animals without members that have adopted a parasitic mode of living. Evidence gained from various archeological studies indicates that parasitic diseases existed in prehistoric human populations. Since there is no evidence to suggest that our long and intimate association with parasites will ever end, it seems reasonable to propose that the study of human parasites warrants some consideration.

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  • Reports on schistosomiasis epidemiology and clinical features in Africa and Brazil, and development of novel drugs that affect the worm tegument, and vaccine based on excretory-secretory products and Type 2 cytokines.

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