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  • Forge a connection to a host running chargen and have it send useless chargen data to the echo server on another makes the 2 services so busy that the host may crash or be too busy to respond to normal traffic Defense: configure only services that are absolutely necessary (chargen and echo have no business running on a production server)

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  • Check Point IPS is an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Whereas the Security Gateway firewall lets you block traffic based on source, destination and port information, IPS adds another line of defense by analyzing traffic contents to check if it is a risk to your network. IPS protects both clients and servers, and lets you control the network usage of certain applications. The new, hybrid IPS detection engine provides multiple defense layers which allows it excellent detection and prevention capabilities of known threats, and in many cases future attacks as well.

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  • The matrices that follow are designed as guidelines to assist readers in setting their own bench- mark requirements for SIEM system testing. While this is a benchmark checklist, readers must remember that benchmarking, itself, is governed by variables specific to each organization. For a real-life example, consider an article in eSecurity Planet, in which Aurora Health in Michigan estimated that they produced 5,000–10,000 EPS, depending upon the time of day. 4 We assume that means during the normal ebb and flow of network traffic.

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  • Typically, vulnerabilities are exploited repeatedly by attackers to attack weaknesses that organizations have not patched or corrected. A report in a SANS Security Alert, dated May 2000, provides a discussion of this issue: “A small number of flaws in software programs are responsible for the vast majority of successful Internet attacks…. A few software vulnerabilities account for the majority of successful attacks because attackers don't like to do extra work. They exploit the best-known flaws with the most effective and widely available attack tools.

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  • While the secret questions are steadily becoming harder for an attacker to guess, not to mention more of a burden on the users, the COB often doesn’t scale internationally. For example in Mexico, home to 106 million people, 30% of the population is from one of five urban areas (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla and Toluca) 8. Suddenly, what was a hard to guess secret question for a U.S. citizen has been greatly reduced to 1 in 5 for roughly 1/3 of Mexican users. Next, the business owner decides that instead of fighting the cat and mouse game of secret questions,...

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  • Internetworking security has become a very big issue in recent months. Companies who went through corporate life thinking, “it will never happen to me” suddenly found themselves the victim of some sort of attack on their network. High profile companies are most certainly a bigger target for several reasons, including the notoriety the hacker receives for damaging their network or Web site, and the amount of financial damage that can be done by bringing down a successful e-commerce site. Recent attacks easily racked up 100 million dollars in damage....

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  • The systematic footprinting of an organization enables attackers to create a complete profile of an organization’s security posture. By using a combination of tools and techniques, attackers can take an unknown quantity (Widget Company’s Internet connection) and reduce it to a specific range of domain names, network blocks, and individual IP addresses of systems directly connected to the Internet.

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  • Security has become a major concern for every network administrator. Nearly every day we are bombarded with news articles describing yet another high-profile company that has fallen prey to a network-based attack. To fill in the occasional gap, we hear about new viruses that have been found “in the wild” or about additional software vulnerabilities that someone has figured out how to exploit for personal gain. The network security field has not always been this crazy. Most of us can remember a time when securing a network environment was a far easier task.

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  • The scale and horror of recent terror attacks and the panic which ensued throughout the world has forced policy-makers and international lawyers to re-examine international legal tools available to enforce norms against terrorism. The magnitude of the attacks, the modalities of the operations, the profiles of the terrorists and the transnational structure of some terrorist organisations all cast doubt on the adequacy of the existing political and legal framework to fight terrorism.

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