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  • With many 'flexible' structures such as large span bridges, tall buildings, towers, cable roofs, etc., being built, the need to understand the dynamics behavior of structures has become a necessity for many engineers. The recent problems with the millinium bridge is simply another reminder. The many devastating earthquakes in many parts of the world leading to severe loss of life in densely inhabited urban areas alos has underlined the need for a fundamental understanding of structural behavior.

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  • The Basics of Social Marketing is one of several social marketing resources available for public health professionals from Turning Point, and the Turning Point Social Marketing National Excellence Collaborative, funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It is intended as a stand-alone tool to help you apply effective social marketing to your public health programs and practices. It may be integrated with other social marketing resources, many of which are available free of charge. Visit www.turningpointprogram.

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  • Research suggests that non-expert individuals are typically overconfident; they overestimate the quality of their own abilities or knowledge (Svenson 1981, Weinstein 1980) and state extreme probabilities more often than they should. Work in economic theory, particularly with business-related forecasting, has provided further support for this behavioral phenomenon (Camerer and Lovallo, 1999). The reasons for overconfidence when answering trivia questions are a subject of intense debate among decision theorists (Ayton and McClelland 1997). Three prominent explanations have emerged.

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  • powerful and widely-used method for analyzing the performance behavior of parallel programs is event tracing. When an application is traced, performancerelevant events, such as entering functions or sending messages, are recorded at runtime and analyzed post-mortem to identify and potentially remove performance problems. While event tracing enables the detection of performance problems at a high level of detail, growing trace-file size often constrains its scalability on large-scale systems and complicates management, analysis, and visualization of trace data.

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  • In this example, the intruder gains access to username/password information and sensitive routing protocol data using an Ethernet packet decoder such as EtherPeek. The data packets being sent are captured by the laptop running EtherPeek; the program decodes the hex data into human-readable form. After obtaining access to information, the intruder can use this information to gain access to a machine and then possibly copy-restricted, private infor- mation and programs.

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  • Symbolic execution builds predicates that characterize the conditions under which execution paths can be taken and the effect of the execution on program state. Extracting predicates through symbolic execution is the essential bridge from the complexity of program behavior to the simpler and more orderly world of logic. This chapter presents the symbolic execution and proof of properties.

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  • Models are often used to express requirements, and embed both structure and fault information that can help generate test case specifications. Control flow and data flow testing are based on models extracted from program code. Models can also be extracted from specifications and design, allowing us to make use of additional information about intended behavior.

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  • This chapter only covers the basics. There is an entire science, Numerical Analysis, devoted to studying the behavior of numeric calculations and devising methods to minimize the impact of floating point errors. This chapter does serve as a brief introduction to the subject.

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  • 3.

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  • The current structure of the chapters reflects the key aspects discussed in the papers but the papers themselves contain more additional interesting information: examples of a practical application and results obtained for existing networks as well as results of experiments confirming efficacy of a synergistic analysis of anomaly detection and signature detection, and application of interesting solutions, such as an analysis of the anomalies of user behaviors and many others.

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  • Security Awareness Trainers (Security/Subject Matter Professionals). The organization’s personnel are the users of the IT systems. Use of the IT systems and data according to an organization’s policies, guidelines, and rules of behavior is critical to mitigating risk and protecting the organization’s IT resources. To minimize risk to the IT systems, it is essential that system and application users be provided with security awareness training.

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  • An intensive weight loss program in Slovenia including behavioral, psychological, cognitive and physical ele- ments has shown promising long-term results on 48 sub- jects [21]. Median weight loss of completers when they left the program was 11.5 kg. At least 5 years later, 13 of them still maintained the reduced weight. It is important to note that only participants who had successfully completed at least 4 months of treatment were included in the analysis.

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  • DNA testing is performed by mutational analysis or linkage studies in individuals at risk for a genetic disorder known to be present in a family. Mass screening programs require tests of high sensitivity and specificity to be costeffective. Prerequisites for the success of genetic screening programs include the following: that the disorder is potentially serious; that it can be influenced at a presymptomatic stage by changes in behavior, diet, and/or pharmaceutical manipulations; and that the screening does not result in any harm or discrimination.

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