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  • Working on this book has not been easy. I’ve had to plunge deep into the memories of my years of addiction, and into the troubling emotions that I felt back then. If you’re reading this book right now, chances are you already have some notion of the uncomfortable feelings that substance abuse can cause. I believe that this book can be helpful to you and to others who have faced the incredible challenge of addiction, so I’ve traveled back in time in order to relate to you my experiences with drugs—mostly heroin—and how I nearly lost my life to this devastating substance....

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  • There were so many incredibly talented and giving people who helped to make this book possible. First and foremost among them is Terry Golway. Without Terry’s help and assistance from the very beginning, I could not have maintained the stamina and discipline necessary to complete this book. Like so many of the great teachers and coaches I have had in my life, Terry guided me with care and kindness throughout the writing process and enabled me to convey my thoughts and experiences with clear purpose and meaningful direction. More than anyone else, Terry made this book a reality....

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  • It’s hard to believe that just two weeks ago I set out on this mission, and here I am with a completed 173-page eCookbook with 125 recipes and over 100 photos from dozens of incredible health bloggers and cookbook authors (thank you to every single one of you!). We also had a special time donation from a wonderful graphic designer; Emily of The Blog Fairy designed the cover image (she also designed this blog!) …

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  • This campaign would then be expanded upon by celebrity advocacy. Roberts had seen the power of celebrities – from musicians to actors – in her corporate work. They had the ability to generate passion amongst their followers, generate buzz in the media and attract donors. She believed she could work with diverse celebrities across the celebrity structure and harness this incredibly powerful marketing tool to promote YouthAIDS to a broad audience.

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