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  • Advanced Topics in Biomineralization is a compendium of current topics focusing on processes of formation, organization, as well as mineralization of novel structural materials. From enchondral ossification to the application of biomineralized cement, the subject of biomineralization encompasses a range of diverse disciplines including molecular biology, supramolecular chemistry, materials science and engineering. A common theme in all these areas of research in biomineralization is the ability to utilize strategies from Nature to create functional materials.

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  • Crystal growth is an important process, which forms the basis for a wide variety of natural phenomena and engineering developments. This book provides a unique opportunity for a reader to gain knowledge about various aspects of crystal growth from advanced inorganic materials to inorganic/organic composites, it unravels some problems of molecular crystallizations and shows advances in growth of pharmaceutical crystals, it tells about biomineralization of mollusks and cryoprotection of living cells, it gives a chance to learn about statistics of chiral asymmetry in crystal structure....

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  • Biomimetics is the science of emulating nature’s design. In nature, living organisms synthesize mineralized tissues and this process of biomineralization is under strict biological control. It involves the interactions of several biological macromolecules among themselves and with the mineral components. Generally, natures design principles are based on a “Bott om-Up” strategy. Such processes lead to the formation of hierarchically structured organic-inorganic composites with mechanical properties optimized for a given function.

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  • Geobiology is a highly cross-disciplinary field that explores the present and past relationships that life has with non-living matter. “Biosphere meets Geosphere” per- haps most parsimoniously describes the fundamental con- cept of Geobiology. In 1991, Peter Westbroek, a Dutch paleontologist and influential protagonist of Geobiology defined the field in a book entitled “Life as a Geological Force: Dynamics of the Earth”, thus motivating a new way of thinking in the geosciences.

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  • In molluscs, and more generally in metazoan organisms, the production of a calcified skeleton is a complex molecular process that is regulated by the secretion of an extracellular organic matrix. This matrix constitutes a cohe-sive and functional macromolecular assemblage, containing mainly pro-teins, glycoproteins and polysaccharides that, together, control the biomineral formation.

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  • In the biomineralization processes, proteins are thought to control the polymorphism and morphology of the crystals by forming complexes of structural and mineral-associated proteins. To identify such proteins, we have searched for proteins that may form high-molecular-weight (HMW) aggregates in the matrix of fish otoliths that have aragonite and vaterite as their crystal polymorphs.

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  • Among molluscs, the shell biomineralization process is controlled by a set of extracellular macromolecular components secreted by the calcifying mantle. In spite of several studies, these components are mainly known in bivalves from only few members of pteriomorph groups.

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  • Nacre organic matrix has been conventionally classified as both water-soluble and water-insoluble,basedonits solubility in aqueous solutions after decalcificationwith acid or EDTA. Some characteristics (aspartic acid-rich, silk-fibroin-like content) were specifically attributed to either one or the other. The comparative study on the technique of extraction (extraction with water alone vs. demineralization with EDTA) presented here, seems to reveal that this gen-erally accepted classification may need to be reconsidered....

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