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  • "Ebook payShield 9000: Host command reference manual" present host commands, PIN block formats, error codes, multiple LMKs, support for thales key blocks, list of host commands, pin translation commands, pin solicitation data processing commands, clear pin commands...

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  • UNIX command cheat sheets presnet: Sorts the contents of the input file in alphabetical order, Clears the window and the line buffer, Shows the three files in consecutive order as one document (can be used to combine files), prints the first 10 lines of the file to the screen, Number of lines can be modified here, too...

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  • Lesson Working with Oracle present the content: using oracle documentation, database concepts, ACID — Atomicity, ACID — Consistency, ACID — Isolation, ACID — Durability, locking and blocking, oracle environment variables, introducing SQL, types of SQL commands...

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  • The studies were carried out on farmer’s field in few villages of Ganjbasoda block in Vidisha district to evaluate different irrigation technologies (surface border, sprinkler pressurized method) for their effect on yield attributes and water productivity of wheat in vertisol of Vidisha district of Betwa river command. Results revealed that water saving of about 12.5% higher in case of pressurized sprinkler irrigation method as compare with the surface border method.

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  • A field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Station, kampasagar, Nalgonda, Telangana during kharif 2011 and kharif 2012 to study the response of transplanted rice to four levels of Nitrogen (0, 120,160 and 200 kg N ha-1 ) and four levels of Phosphorous (0,30,60 and 90 kg ha-1 ). The experiment was designed in Randomized Block Design and replicated thrice.

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  • The present investigation was conducted to evaluate the various parameters of genetic variability and nature of associations among traits affecting grain yield in 50 inbred lines of maize (Zea mays L.) at Command Area Development Authority Experimental Block, Agricultural Research Station, Bheemarayanagudi (Karnataka) during Rabi 2018. The analysis of variance revealed that highly significant differences exist among the inbred lines for all the characters except for anthesis silking interval.

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  • The present investigation entitled “Collection and evaluation of coriander genotypes for seed purpose” was carried out during rabi season of the year 2018 at the College of Agriculture, Bheemarayanagudi. The study consisted of sixteen coriander varieties using randomized block design and each treatment was replicated thrice. The varieties viz., Suguna, Sindhu, Supha, AD-1, Sadana, Swathi, Susthira, GDLC 1, DWDC-1, Sudha, Co 1, Co 2, Gcr-1, Gcr-2, Rcr436, Chamnal Local were studied under investigation. The results revealed that variety DWDC-1 was found superior in seed yield (13.

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  • Chapter 10 - Building an organization capable of good strategy execution. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Gain command of what managers must do to promote successful strategy execution, understand why good strategy execution requires astute managerial actions to build core competencies and competitive capabilities, learn what issues to consider in organizing the work effort and why strategy-critical activities should be the main building blocks of the organizational structure,...

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  • Most of the RP technologies are additive; that is, the model is made automatically by building up contoured laminations sequentially from materials such as photopolymers, extruded or beaded plastic, and even paper until they reach the desired height. These processes can be used to form internal cavities, overhangs, and complex convoluted geometries as well as simple planar or curved shapes.

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  • Holographic Storage. Stores data on a holographic (3-dimensional) image by passing light through light-sensitive crystals that retain the light patterns. It will have multiple thousands of times more memory capacity and no mechanical movements. Large blocks of data can be written or read with a single read or write command as opposed to today’s 2-dimensional storages devices that read and write data one bit at a time.

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  • Remote Control Transmitter: (refer to the schematics and block diagram on p.31 as needed) When the levers in the Remote Control Unit are pushed electrical contacts are made connecting the 9V battery power to the transmitter and indicating which commands the user wants sent to the car. Forwards/Backwards and Left/Right commands are controlled by different levers and use different sets of electrical contacts that are used to encode a sequence of electrical pulses; the number of pulses depends on which command is being sent.

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  • The car antenna collects radio energy and converts it back into electrical energy; the energy here will always be much less than the energy originally applied to the transmitting antenna. If the car is turned on then the radio receiver in the car is continuously monitoring the electrical energy from its antenna. The first stage of the receiver is basically a filter which is tuned to amplify any energy around 27.9MHz and block energy the antenna picks up outside this region.

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  • Variables, Naming Rules, Arrays (numbers, scalars, vectors, matrices), Arithmetical Operations, Defining and manipulating arrays Variables What are variables? You name the variables (as the programmer) and assign them numerical values.

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  • Recovery Manager Features Recovery Manager (RMAN) is an Oracle utility that you use to manage the backup, restore, and recovery operations on Oracle databases. RMAN has a powerful command language that is independent of the operating system. Recovery Manager has a command-line interface. Oracle Enterprise Manager also provides a graphical user interface for the Recovery Manager. Recovery Manager can be used on databases of Oracle8 or later releases. RMAN provides several features not available when you make user-managed backups with operating system commands.

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  • During installation, the Outpost Network Security Client installation package will be copied to the folder C:\Program Files\Agnitum\Outpost Network Security\Command Center\oofclnt, which is automatically shared, so the installer is available to all clients on the network. Note: Outpost Network Security itself does not install Outpost Network Security Client on the console. Client firewall cannot be installed on the same computer where Agnitum Command Center is installed.

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  • Impersonation can come about from packet spoofing and replay attacks. Spoofing attacks involve providing false information about a principal’s identity to obtain unauthorized access to systems and their services. A replay attack can be a kind of spoofing attack because messages are recorded and later sent again, usually to exploit flaws in authenti- cation schemes. Both spoofing and replay attacks are usually a result of information gained from eavesdropping.

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  • Debugging is a very important task in the software development process, because an incorrect program can have significant consequences for its users. Some languages are more prone to some kinds of faults because their specification does not require compilers to perform as much checking as other languages. Use of a static code analysis tool can help detect some possible problems. Debugging is often done with IDEs like Eclipse, Kdevelop, NetBeans, Code::Blocks, and Visual Studio.

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  • The for loop is a MATLAB construct that allows a sequence of MATLAB statements to be executed more than once. The for loop repeats a block of commands for a specified number of times; the specified number is established before the loop is executed.

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  • Lecture series based on the text: Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists By Hahn & Valentine The Command Window on the right is the main panel where you interact with MATLAB. You key (or type) and commands after the prompt ; MATLAB executes the commands and displays results (if requested). Some commonly used tools and commands: (up arrow) returns last command input, can be repeated clc – clears the screen whos – shows list of variables clear – clears variables

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  • In the next block processing features to detect a particular event in the case external devices, or to identify, study, and signal the brain to recognize patterns, will be used as input for the following blocks that translate to control command of the external device. Last but not least important, is the block set effects supervision Operative mode of BCI devices under the supervision of users, this is if the device is active in on-line / Off linemode, or if it ismodifying its internal parameters in the learning phase in order to regulate the activity of users....

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