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  • Lecture Strategic management - Chapter 4: Internal analysis. This lecture will cover the following: resources, capabilities, and core competencies; building blocks of competitive advantages; internal factor analysis summary (IFAS);... Please refer to content of this lecture!

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Managing facilitated processes: A guide for consultants, facilitators, managers, trainers, event planners, and educators" presents the following content: from contact to contract; initial contact; building agreements that work; work plans and cost estimates;...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Building information modelling, building performance, design and smart construction" presents the following content: concepts in sustainability; building information modelling; using agile project management and BIM for improved building performance; building performance and design; energy efficiency in residential buildings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Management across cultures: Challenges and strategies" presents the following content: communication across cultures; leadership and global teams; culture, work, and motivation; negotiation and global partnerships; managing in an imperfect world; epilogue: the journey continues;...

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  • Ebook The marketing book: Part 1 includes the following chapters: Chapter 11 managing the marketing mix; chapter 12 new product development; chapter 13 pricing; chapter 14 selling and sales management; chapter 15 brand building; chapter 16 the integration of marketing communications; chapter 17 promotion; chapter 18 sales promotion; chapter 19 integrating customer relationship management and supply chain management; chapter 20 controlling marketing and the measurement of marketing effectiveness; chapter 21 marketing implementation, organizational change and internal marketing strategy; chap...

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  • Ebook Building the E-Service Society: E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government – Part 2 presents the following content: 15. VM-FLOW; 16. Evolution of Service Processes by Rule Based Transformation; 17. Service Composition Applied to E-Government; 18. Identity-Enriched Session Management; 19. Virtual Communities for SMEs; 20. Analysis of a Yield Managementmodel for on Demand Computing Centers;...

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  • Ebook Business research method (8th edition): Part 1 includes the following content: Chapter 1 the role of business research; chapter 2 information systems and knowledge management; chapter 3 theory building; chapter 4 the business research process: an overview; chapter 5 the human side of business research: organizational and ethical issues; chapter 6 problem definition: the foundation of business research; chapter 7 qualitative research tools; chapter 8 secondary data research in a digital age;...

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  • Ebook Fundamentals of sales management for the newly appointed sales manager - Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 5 recruiting, interviewing, and hiring the very best; chapter 6 building the environment for motivation: compensation plans, recognition, and rewards; chapter 7 training, coaching, and counseling: when and how to apply each; chapter 8 stepping up to be a true leader.

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  • Ebook HR strategy for the high performing business: Inspiring success through effective human resource management: Part 2 includes contents: Section 1: Energizing leadership to mobilize people; Section 2: Build the team; Section 3: Shared vision and values; Section 4: Strategic framework; Section 5: Aligned and lean organization; Section 6: High-performing empowered teams; Section 7: Coaching: develop yourself and others to win; Section 8: Create a winning organizational climate; Section 9: Deliver results and reward; Future contexts and considerations for business HR.

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  • Ebook small business management: Launching and growing entrepreneurial ventures - Part 2 include of the following content: Focusing on the customer: marketing growth strategies; managing growth in the small business; understanding what the numbers mean.

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  • Ebook Security engineering: A guide to building dependable distributed systems (Second Edition) – Part 1 include of the following content: Chapter 16 physical tamper resistance, chapter 17 emission security, chapter 18 API attacks, chapter 19 electronic and information warfare, chapter 20 telecom system security, chapter 21 network attack and defense, chapter 22 copyright and DRM, chapter 23 the bleeding edge, chapter 24 terror, justice and freedom, chapter 25 managing the development of secure systems, chapter 26 system evaluation and assurance, chapter 27 conclusions.

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  • Ebook Strategic supply chain management: The five disciplines for top performance - Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 4 Core Discipline 4: Build the right collaborative model; Chapter 5 Core Discipline 5: use metrics to drive business success; Chapter 6 A Roadmap to Change; Appendix A: Source and methodology for benchmarking data; Appendix B: The supply chain maturity model; Appendix C: Comparison of characteristics for levels 2 and level 3 SCOR metrics.

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  • The article presents the method of building a dormitory management information system for the University of Science and Technology, University of Danang by using the modern web technology. It is a website manager that is built on the Model-ViewController model (MVC model) using ASP.NET MVC technology. In this paper, the authors have clearly identified functions of the MVC model in the current website management systems.

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  • This study proposes the integration of BIM and VISSIM simulation for improving construction management. To achieve the objective, firstly, we suggest the design idea for the traffic project. Secondly, the author builds models and simulates traffic using VISSIM software. The goal of this step is to evaluate the effectiveness of the project in the future.

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  • Chapter 5 - Menus, recipes, and cost management. This chapter discusses menus and recipes as they are used in commercial kitchens. How do we construct a menu that builds sales by offering the best choices to the customer and that also promotes efficiency and productivity? How do we read and understand recipes? How do we measure ingredients and portions, convert recipes to different yields, and calculate food cost with the aid of written recipes?

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  • Lecture Operations management - Chapter 14s covers maintenance aspects in operations management. Maintaining the productivity capability of an organization is an important function. Maintenance includes all of the activities related to keeping facilities and equipment in good operating order and maintaining the appearance of building and grounds.

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  • In ebook Green infrastructure: Linking landscapes and communities - Part 2, you find clear explanations of: The implementation quilt: matching available resources to network needs; Management and stewardship; Building support for green infrastructure; Making it happen.

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  • Part 2 of the book "Software Architecture in Practice (Third Edition)" provide students with knowledge about: architecture in the life cycle; architecture in agile projects; architecture and requirements; documenting software architectures; architecture, implementation, and testing; architecture reconstruction and conformance; architecture evaluation; management and governance; economic analysis of architectures;...

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  • Part 2 of book "Cloud application architectures: Building applications and Infrastructure in the Cloud" provide students with knowledge about: data security; network security; host security; disaster recovery planning; disasters in the cloud; disaster management; scaling a cloud infrastructure; capacity planning; amazon web services reference;...

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  • A probabilistic model is proposed to predict the risk effects on time and cost of public building projects. The research goal is to utilize a real history data in estimating project cost and duration. The model results can be used to adjust floats and budgets of the planning schedule before project commencement. Statistical regression models and sample tests are developed using real data of 113 public projects. The model outputs can be used by project managers in the planning phase to validate the schedule critical path time and project budget.

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