Certain groups of patients

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  • The own- price elas tici ties in Table 8 meas ure the change in con sump tion of vari ous ani mal prod- ucts in re sponse to rela tive price changes within the group of ani mal prod ucts. As ex pected, price rises for a given com mod ity are as so ci ated with de- creased con sump tion of that com mod ity, other things being equal. The es ti mated price re spon sive- ness for both beef and poul try is rather mod est. The price re spon sive ness of pork and mut ton is higher, but still ine las...

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  • Information about the localization of cancer from biopsy specimens is very helpful to plan the manner of resection. Although an experienced resectionist can remove almost all prostate tissues transurethrally, aggressive resection can be applied where the cancer was detected by biopsy to achieve the radicality of the operation. Erectile function was preserved in about 60% of the patients in the present study. Preservation of the cavernous nerve can be achieved by leaving some prostate tissue not to be resected around the 4 or 8 o’clock position not to injure the nerve.

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  • We are pleased to present the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This document is intended to be a primary source of dietary health information for policymakers, nutrition educators, and health providers. Based on the latest scientific evidence, the 2005 Dietary Guidelines provides information and advice for choosing a nutritious diet, maintaining a healthy weight, achieving adequate exercise, and “keeping foods safe” to avoid foodborne illness. This document is based on the recommendations put forward by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

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  • Some larger businesses and industrial establishments have medical practitioners, advisors or physicians on site or on payroll. Smaller businesses may not currently staff medical advisors. In preparing your business continuity plan, it is advisable that you ensure access to a medical practitioner or advisor for assistance and advice in the event of a pandemic. If your company already has medical staff on site, they should be made aware of the nature of the disease, how it is transmitted, its symptoms and health care precautions available and appropriate.

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  • Insects are associated with a broad diversity of microorganisms in a variety of symbiotic relationships including: commensalism, mutualism, and parasitism. Internal mutualistic organisms are critical to the survival of the host, such as symbionts, which are found in mycetocytes and mycetomes of many invertebrate species. Although mutualistic organisms such as the protists associated with termites may be abundant in their insect hosts, they are not by definition pathogenic to the host insect.

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  • Aboriginal Women’s Health Research shall maintain open public access to final reports of research activities. Reports may be circulated in draft form, Aboriginal community response at this stage is deemed useful for purposes of revision. Results of community research shall be distributed as widely as possible within participating communities, and reasonable efforts shall be made to present results in non technical language and Aboriginal languages where appropriate.

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  • These courses stress the importance of animation and modeling principles while using high-end industry standard software. The curriculum is under close advisement from industry contacts to ensure students are equipped with skills and practices that are current. Opportunities include transfer to a four-year college, transfer to private animation schools, employment in animation studios, 3D visualization and modeling, special effects houses, video game industry, the motion picture industry, and independent animator / filmmaker....

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  •  Identifying the Best Public Land Sites for Development: Domestic oil and gas development, both onshore and offshore, should take place in the right places to minimize harm to the environment as well as to public health and safety. Onshore, the Administration has implemented important reforms that require adequate planning and analysis to identify potential areas where development is most appropriate. These reforms have taken place while millions of acres of public land are offered for exploration and production.

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  • Both groups of subjects display overconfidence at some levels, and neither group shows underconfidence at any level. Older subjects’ assessments are significantly more accurate at 60 percent (P

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  • Controlled Cooking Test: This lab-based test involves local cooks preparing a local dish. Adding these variables limits comparability of results to a given setting but provides important feedback as to the likely acceptability of a stove by local users. The results relate to specific consumption, speed of cooking and user satisfaction. Kitchen Performance Test: This is the most difficult and resource-intensive test. It consists of a survey and a fuel consumption test with families using both the traditional and the improved cook stove.

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  • Discipline- or Demographic-Specific Groups Focus on how your organization can connect its artistic product with an audience most likely to appreciate and value the work. Identify a group/groups of people that would particularly enjoy or appreciate your organization's artistic product. For example, a group may be looking for a specific artistic experience, seeking out "innovative presentations of cultural dramas" or "modern dance from around the world.

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  • Starting in the 1980s, Nobel economist Milton Friedman played an important role, along with many other economists and public pol- icy experts, in the development of an index of economic freedom that would allow researchers to be able to measure the degree to which a country had a free market economy. Those efforts culminated in the Fraser Institute’s publication in 1996 of the first edition of Economic Freedom of the World. There have been 14 more editions published since then in what is now an annual series.

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  • The legal framework regulating the activities of the savings banks had previously remained almost unchanged for 160 years.At the end of the twenti- eth century, however, the reforms of the years 1983, 1991 and 1999 changed it radically within a period of only 16 years and gave the savings bank group a fundamentally new character. Since the reform of 1999, 34 regional savings banks and a national bank of the savings banks have been responsible for running the banking business.

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  • The W3 project merges networked information retrieval and hypertext to make an easy but powerful global information system. It aims to allow information sharing within internationally dispersed groups of users, and the creation and dissemination of information by support groups. W3’s ability to provide implementation-independent access to data and documentation is ideal for a large HEP collaboration. W3 now defines the state of the art in networked information retrieval, for user support, resource discovery and collaborative work.

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  • This paper considers the potentially negative impacts of an increasing deployment of non-congestion-controlled best-effort traffic on the Internet.1 These negative impacts range from extreme unfairness against competing TCP traffic to the potential for congestion collapse. To promote the inclusion of end-to-end congestion control in the design of future protocols using best-effort traffic, we argue that router mechanisms are needed to identify and restrict the bandwidth of selected highbandwidth best-effort flows in times of congestion.

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  • A total of nine individuals participated in either a focus group or individual interview. Both settings utilized the same questions. All participants are involved in work that aims to improve access to care for underserved communities, such as interpreter services, training of service providers, community outreach, and culturally and linguistically appropriate health promotion/patient education materials. The following section is not a straight-up report of the focus group and interview data; instead, it integrates ideas and discussion from the author with the data.

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  • CARE has found that VSLAs meet the need for savings and credit at the very bottom rung of the world’s economic ladder. They create a platform from which the poor can advance to receive the more sophisticated financial services that they inevitably need as their resources, skills and confidence grow. The next step, therefore, is the linking of VSLAs to microfinance institutions and banks so that the poorest people in Africa can have access to all of the financial services that can help them improve their lives. To take this next step, in 2008 CARE launched an ambitious...

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  • On World Pneumonia Day this year, the Egyptian Medical Students’ Association (EMSA), an organization comprised of dedicated Egyptian medical students and professionals, began a nationwide “Protect Your Child” awareness and vaccination campaign, which aimed to vaccinate high risk children against pneumonia and inform the Egyptian population about the dangers of pneumonia and the risk it poses to their children.

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  • The im por tance of even small in creases in per cap - ita con sump tion is com pounded by rap idly in creas- ing popu la tions in many de vel op ing re gions. On average, popu la tion in de vel op ing coun tries grew by 2.1 per cent per year be tween 1970 and 1995 (Table 4). The popu la tion in Sub- Saharan Af rica grew the most—al most 3 per cent per year dur ing the pe riod. Rapid popu la tion growth cou pled with in creased per cap ita con sump tion re sulted in dra ...

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  • Second, they review the various ways that social institutions, in- cluding government, can play a role in furthering family mealtimes as a vehicle to enhancing child development and building healthy communities. They offer six recommendations of actions that may be taken to promote regular and healthy family mealtimes. There is considerable concern in this country for what has been described as an obesity epidemic, particularly among children.

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