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  • For a long time the attention given to the hip fracture patient group was minor and without any certain consideration to their frailty. To improve the care for these patients Skane University Hospital in Lund has during the past 19 years worked actively with developing the care.

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  • Germline DNA mutations that increase the susceptibility of a patient to certain cancers have been identified in various genes, and patients can be screened for mutations in these genes to assess their level of risk for developing cancer. Traditional methods using Sanger sequencing focus on small groups of genes and therefore are unable to screen for numerous genes from several patients simultaneously.

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  • Sepsis and cancer are both leading causes of death, and occurrence of any one, increases the likelihood of the other. While cancer patients are susceptible to sepsis, survivors of sepsis are also susceptible to develop certain cancers.

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  • Although there is nowadays wide agreement on bacteria being the main etiologic agents of periodontal disease, their sole presence cannot damage periodontal tissues in all subjects. This suggests that an individual response and an adaptation to a certain quantity of bacterial biofilm can occur without the disease progressing and vice versa.

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  • Traditionally non-wood pulps were produced by alkaline processes. Alkaline processes such as soda (Mohta et al. 1998, Tutus & Eroglu 2003, Feng & Alen 2001, Finell & Nilsson 2004, Okayama & Li 1996) and the NACO process (Recchia et al. 1996, Fiala & Nardi 1985, Paul 2001) have been used to produce non-wood pulp in mills. The main problem with alkaline processes for non- wood fibres is that silicates of non-wood plants dissolve during cooking into the cooking liquor.

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  • A further indication of the diversity of EU dairy farming is given in Table 2 by the number of dairy cows in different herd size categories in the year 2005. In Germany, the EU MS with the highest level of milk production, 64% of the dairy cows are held in herds of 20-99 cows, and 26% in herds with more than 100 cows. In France over 90% of the dairy cows are in herds of 20-99 cows, with only 4.5% of the dairy cows in herds bigger than 100 cows. In contrast to France, in the UK 57% of the...

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  • Overall welfare effects are slightly positive for the EU-27. Whereas total agricultural income would decline due to lower milk prices on average, the EU dairy industry would benefit as prices of dairy products are expected to decline less than raw milk prices (i.e. input costs decreasing more than revenues). Impacts on the FEOGA budget would arise mainly from additional export subsidies for butter and moderate losses of tariff revenues.

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  • xSelecting jobs for board members based on their expertise. The executive director makes suggestions to the board chair about which board member would be appropriate for a specific job because of his/her skills, abilities, knowledge, and interests (for example, who is good at public speaking, who has the historical perspective, who is good at looking to the future). The executive director respects what each board member brings to the table, and each board member respects the executive director’s ability to capitalize on those strengths.

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  • Discussions are non-confrontational and productive. As one executive director put it “do we fight constructively?” The ability to discuss the “hard” issues respectfully creates trust that people can express opinions without being attacked. It also leads both parties to believe that, no matter how hard the issues, “we can tackle it together and resolve it together.” The executive director must encourage discussions about items that have values associated with them.

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  • These courses stress the importance of animation and modeling principles while using high-end industry standard software. The curriculum is under close advisement from industry contacts to ensure students are equipped with skills and practices that are current. Opportunities include transfer to a four-year college, transfer to private animation schools, employment in animation studios, 3D visualization and modeling, special effects houses, video game industry, the motion picture industry, and independent animator / filmmaker....

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu '2011 national health research summit report', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Kenya has amended the legislation to allow women to take 90 days maternity leave together with annual leave (Kenya Employment Act 2007). There has been collective commitment through KEPSA and the MoH to strengthen workplace support for breastfeeding mothers. Many private (Federation of Kenya Employees and Kenya Private Sestor Association organizations) and public sector partners have committed to “Better Business Practices for Children”.

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  • Tax does not apply to your charges for printed advertising inserts provided to customers for inclusion in newspa pers and periodicals qualifying for exemption under Regulation 1590, Newspapers and Periodicals. This includes handbills, circulars, flyers, order forms, reply envelopes, maps, or the like–when such items are inserted in, or attached to the newspapers or periodicals when distributed. When making an exempt sale of printed advertising inserts, you must obtain an exemption certificate from your customer to document the exempt...

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  • To evaluate the policy effects on world poultry trade, a perfectly competitive, spatial partial-equilibrium model with heterogeneous goods is constructed to simulate the trade flows between six key non-composite exporting or importing regions (five countries and the European Union (EU)) and two rest-of-world region aggregates. The model incorporates several extensions of previous work. First, most previous analysis of the economic effects of technical barriers has examined bans on product shipments across a single border (Calvin and Krissoff; Paarlberg and Lee).

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  • World poultry markets are one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the food industry. Poultry production rose six-fold between 1965 and 2002 to over 70 million tons. Consumption increases have exceeded population growth, with world per capita supplies of poultry meat tripling from 3.3 kg to more than 10 kg. International trade has more than kept pace with this industry growth. World exports of poultry meat rose from 375,000 tons in 1965 to over 6.5 million tons in 2002. Thus, trade now accounts for about 10% of world consumption. The objective of this paper is...

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  • Starting in the 1980s, Nobel economist Milton Friedman played an important role, along with many other economists and public pol- icy experts, in the development of an index of economic freedom that would allow researchers to be able to measure the degree to which a country had a free market economy. Those efforts culminated in the Fraser Institute’s publication in 1996 of the first edition of Economic Freedom of the World. There have been 14 more editions published since then in what is now an annual series.

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  • The contrasting experiences of Austin and Syracuse occurred in countless other areas as well. This article provides 14 additional examples of pairs of metro areas that had similar tax and growth patterns. 1 The experiences of all 15 pairs of metropolitan areas provide valuable lessons for distressed areas everywhere. Keeping tax burdens low appears to be an important ingredient in the recipe for economic prosperity.

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  • GDP, as a volume output measure, does not tell whether house prices are too high as compared to incomes. It also does not tell how homes are financed and what risks such financing methods represent. It does not tell whether incomes keep pace with inflation levels. It also does not tell whether the production capacity is too high for the demand levels -an output gap- or that demand levels are too low -an income gap. It does not show the labour force participation rate, when sometimes job seekers are so disappointed in finding jobs that they...

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  • Using market mechanisms for resource allocation in dis- tributed systems is not a new idea, nor is it one that has caught on in practice or with a large body of com- puter science research. Yet, projects that use mar- kets for distributed resource allocation recur every few years [1, 2, 3], and a new generation of research is exploring market-based resource allocation mechanisms [4, 5, 6, 7, 8] for distributed environments such as Planet- lab, Netbed, and computational grids. This paper has three goals.

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  • Most fundamentally, the term Hollywood refers to three interrelated aspects of American cinema: the industrial, the institutional, and the formal-aesthetic. As an industry, Hollywood is a vast, integrated com- mercial enterprise with specific business practices and standard operat- ing procedures geared primarily to producing and distributing feature-length films (“Hollywood movies”).

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