Cognitively plausible models

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  • We pose the development of cognitively plausible models of human language processing as a challenge for computational linguistics. Existing models can only deal with isolated phenomena (e.g., garden paths) on small, specifically selected data sets. The challenge is to build models that integrate multiple aspects of human language processing at the syntactic, semantic, and discourse level. Like human language processing, these models should be incremental, predictive, broad coverage, and robust to noise. ...

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  • The purpose of this paper is to suggest that quantifiers in natural languages do not have a fixed truth functional meaning as has long been held in logical semantics. Instead we suggest that quantifiers can best be modeled as complex inference procedures that are highly dynamic and sensitive to the linguistic context, as well as time and memory constraints 1.

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  • We propose CMSMs, a novel type of generic compositional models for syntactic and semantic aspects of natural language, based on matrix multiplication. We argue for the structural and cognitive plausibility of this model and show that it is able to cover and combine various common compositional NLP approaches ranging from statistical word space models to symbolic grammar formalisms.

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  • In this paper we introduce the notion of “frame relatedness”, i.e. relatedness among prototypical situations as represented in the FrameNet database. We first demonstrate the cognitive plausibility of that notion through an annotation experiment, and then propose different types of computational measures to automatically assess relatedness. Results show that our measures provide good performance on the task of ranking pairs of frames.

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