Combining shallow methods

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  • We present a novel approach for finding discontinuities that outperforms previously published results on this task. Rather than using a deeper grammar formalism, our system combines a simple unlexicalized PCFG parser with a shallow pre-processor. This pre-processor, which we call a trace tagger, does surprisingly well on detecting where discontinuities can occur without using phase structure information.

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  • Kernel based methods dominate the current trend for various relation extraction tasks including protein-protein interaction (PPI) extraction. PPI information is critical in understanding biological processes. Despite considerable efforts, previously reported PPI extraction results show that none of the approaches already known in the literature is consistently better than other approaches when evaluated on different benchmark PPI corpora.

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  • This paper presents three methods that can be used to recognize paraphrases. They all employ string similarity measures applied to shallow abstractions of the input sentences, and a Maximum Entropy classifier to learn how to combine the resulting features. Two of the methods also exploit WordNet to detect synonyms and one of them also exploits a dependency parser. We experiment on two datasets, the MSR paraphrasing corpus and a dataset that we automatically created from the MTC corpus. Our system achieves state of the art or better results. ...

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  • We propose an approach for extracting relations between entities from biomedical literature based solely on shallow linguistic information. We use a combination of kernel functions to integrate two different information sources: (i) the whole sentence where the relation appears, and (ii) the local contexts around the interacting entities. We performed experiments on extracting gene and protein interactions from two different data sets. The results show that our approach outperforms most of the previous methods based on syntactic and semantic information. ...

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  • The paper presents some results of the first experiment carried out by using a combination of geological, geochemical, geophysical methods, and temperature measurements in shallow drilling hole (depth 250 m) were applied for investigation in the Bang hot water spring area, Quang Binh province, during the period from 2012 to 2015.

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