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  • Information and communication technologies based on the Internet have enabled the emergence of new sorts of communities and communicative practices—phenomena worthy of the attention of anthropological researchers. Despite early assessments of the revolutionary nature of the Internet and the enormous transformations it would bring about, the changes have been less dramatic and more embedded in existing practices and power relations of everyday life.

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  • The main objective of the Private Cloud Hosting platforms is to optimize IT resources involved in the cycle of corporate provisioning, delivery, monitoring and control of business-critical applications: the elasticity of supply storage, processing and networking, on-demand access to systems, self-provisioning by the user or workgroup, through a centralized management dashboard unified system administrators, workgroup managers and end users.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'urban transportation systems: choices for communicaties', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kiến trúc - xây dựng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Distribution, posting, or copying of this PDF is strictly prohibited without written permission of the National Academies Press. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials in this PDF are copyrighted by the National Academy of Sciences.

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  • Lord NELSON sailed from St. Helen's in the Victory, with the Euryalus frigate, on the morning of the 15th of September 1805, to take the command of the British Fleet cruizing before Cadiz. On the 18th he appeared off Plymouth; where he was joined by his Majesty's ships Thunderer and Ajax, with which he proceeded for his destined station.

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  • Frame Relay has become the most widely used WAN technology in the world. Large enterprises, governments, ISPs, and small businesses use Frame Relay, primarily because of its price and flexibility. •Moreover, Frame Relay provides greater bandwidth, reliability, and resiliency than private or leased lines. •Frame Relay reduces network costs by using less equipment, less complexity, and an easier implementation.

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  • ADC delivers advanced solutions for public and private networks. Our mission is to enable our global customers to deploy high performance, cost effective networks by understanding their demands, transforming these demands into innovative products and services, and delivering these solutions reliably with market leading quality.

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  • PUBLIC GOODS, PRIVATE INCENTIVES, AND AGRICULTURAL R&D: PRODUCTIVITY AND POVERTY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRY AGRICULTURE Like Baker, McMillan, and Reuben (2002), I identify parental valuations by the location of clusters of high income families: If parental preferences over communities depend exclusively on the effectiveness of the local schools, the most desirable—and therefore wealthiest—communities are necessarily those with the most effective schools.

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  • The dehesa is an ancient agrosilvopastoral system created by farmers to raise livestock, mainly on private lands. This system is highly appreciated by society and enjoys legal protection of the authorities because it is rich in biodiversity, a home to critically endangered species (Iberian lynx, imperial eagle and black vulture); a significant carbon sink; ethnologically and anthropologically valuable (culture and traditions); and is known for its scenic value.

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  • Neither source of performance is particularly correlated with the four Fama-French benchmarks, indicating that the private skills identified by these predictability-based strategies are based on characteristics of funds that are heretofore undocumented by the mutual fund literature. The remainder of this paper proceeds as follows. Section 2 sets forth an econometric framework for studying investments in mutual funds when business cycle variables may predict future returns. Section 3 describes the data used in the empirical analysis, and Section 4 presents the findings.

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  • Independent, private-sector organization whose trustees appoint the members, provide funds, and exercise general oversight of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), and their respective advisory councils. Official promulgations by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and, if not superseded, part of generally accepted accounting principles.

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  • Thus problems can occur if faulty performance is partly due to conditions arising which are not covered by the promoter’s specification. Where a DBO contract is let on the basis that the contractor also finances the project, associating with a bank for the provision of the necessary funds, the operating period may then be long term, for 15–20 years or more. This is typically a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project, described in Section 1.7. The risks on the contractor are then increased since they include a substantial dependency on the terms of the income he is to receive.

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  • In May 2010, the World Health Assembly (WHA), through resolution WHA63.14, endorsed a set of recommendations on the marketing of foods and non-alcoholic beverages to children. The main purpose of the recommendations was to guide efforts by Member States in designing new policies, or strengthening existing policies, on food marketing communications to children in order to reduce the impact of marketing foods high in saturated fats, trans-fatty acids, free sugars, or salt. Resolution WHA63.

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  • Long-term care providers are supported either locally, by the federal states, or by non-profit or private organisations. A supply contract (Versorgungsvertrag) is concluded between these institutions and the insurance funds. This contract is essential for ongoing home care or nursing home care in that it qualifies this form of support for the recognised LTC market. The supply contract regulates the type, contents, and extent of the general nursing benefits which a care institution must provide. It also defines the so-called care package (Leistungskomplexe).

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  • Author does not make any warranty or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or any third party’s use of any information, product, procedure, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Any electronic website link in this book is provided for user convenience and its publication does not constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by the author.

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  • A layer communicates with the equivalent layer in a different node. In order to get data to a peer layer, though, the layer at the transmitting node gives the data to the layer below it (on the same node), which adds a header containing additional information if necessary, and that layer in turn gives it to the layer below. As the packet is received by the destination node, each layer reads and strips off its own header, so that the packet received by layer n looks to that layer just like it did when it was sent down to layer n−1 for transmission. This seven-layer model...

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  • Non-state providers including commercial firms, not-for-profit organisations and faith-based organisations often provide services when governments are unable to meet people’s SRH needs. Social franchising, or networks of private providers who offer a standard set of services and share training, referral systems, quality standards and brands is one such example. The high volume of patients that these networks can provide for enables them to reduce costs of treatment for poor people.

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  • The people of the United States are engaged in the solution of the railroad problem. The main question to be determined is: Shall the railroads be owned and operated as public or as private property? Shall these great arteries of commerce be owned and controlled by a few persons for their own private use and gain, or shall they be made highways to be kept under strict government control and to be open for the use of all for a fixed, equal and reasonable compensation? In a new and sparsely settled country which is rich in natural resources there...

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  • The Wharton Financial Institutions Center provides a multi-disciplinary research approach to the problems and opportunities facing the financial services industry in its search for competitive excellence. The Center's research focuses on the issues related to managing risk at the firm level as well as ways to improve productivity and performance. The Center fosters the development of a community of faculty, visiting scholars and Ph.D. candidates whose research interests complement and support the mission of the Center.

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  • The hardness result for selecting an optimal index configuration was shown by Shapiro [60]. Therefore, the challenge was similar to that in the area of query optimization – identifying the right set of heuristics to guide the selection of physical design. One set of papers advocated an approach based on rule-based expert systems. The rules took into account query structures as well as statistical profiles and were “stand-alone” applications that recommended indexes. A tool such as DEC RdbExpert falls in this category.

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