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  • This study was designed to describe the radiological findings of extensively drug-resistant (XDR) pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) and to compare the observed findings with findings of drug-sensitive (DS) and non-XDR multidrug- resistant (MDR) TB in non-AIDS patients. Materials and Methods: From September 1994 to December 2007, 53 MDR TB patients (M:F = 32:21; mean age, 38 years) and 15 XDR TB non-AIDS patients (M:F = 8:7; mean age, 36 years) were enrolled in the study. All of the MDR TB patients had received no treatment or less than one month of anti-TB treatment.

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  • While this new era dramatically increased the importance of the physical database design problem, it also exposed the severe limitations of the past techniques. The “expert system” based approach was no longer viable as building an external accurate model of index usage was no longer feasible. Therefore, the approach taken in [40] to use the optimizer’s cost model and statistics was the natural choice. However, even there we faced several key gaps in what [40] offered.

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  • While the evidence documents significant use of accounting numbers in determining cash compensation, both the determinants of cash compensation and the importance of cash compensation in the overall incentive package exhibit significant time trends. Bushman, Engel, Milliron, and Smith (1998) document that over the 1971-95 period, firms have substituted away from accounting earnings toward other information in determining top executives’ cash compensation.

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  • Business models used in emerging Asia and traditional western markets were at odds. In the west, transparency was the keystone, providing clear rules and disclosures for how business should be conducted, and shareholder value maximisation became the universal mantra. With few exceptions, the largest and best corporations were privately held and usually the bulk of their stock was traded on stock exchanges.

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  • The Guidelines Review Group of the Yale Center for Medical Informatics used GEM-COGS, 28 the guideline implementability appraisal and extractor software, to ap- praise adherence of the draft guideline to methodologic standards, to improve clarity of recommendations, and to predict potential obstacles to implementation. Panel mem- bers received summary appraisals in March 2007 and mod- ified an advanced draft of the guideline. The final draft practice guideline underwent extensive external peer review. Comments were compiled and re- viewed by the group chairperson.

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  • Hence, in order for us to understand not just this encounter but also Villa-Lobos’s stay in Paris, we need to explore carefully the sociohistorical configuration in which both occurred. My intention, though, is not to trace a global ‘context’ in which these figures were ‘immersed.’ Such an approach would impoverish the analytic possibilities, since as Bensa argues (1998:46), “context is immanent to practices and makes up part of them.

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  • Targeted supplementary feeding programmes (SFPs) for the management of moderately malnourished under-fives and pregnant and lactating women are being implemented by WFP through around 40 local and international NGOs. The current caseload is around 70,000 beneficiaries, of whom approximately 80% are under-fives and 20% pregnant and lactating women. Map 1 shows the current nutrition situation and interventions based on latest reports.

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  • Marketing and advertising play a significant role in setting norms and encouraging behaviors, especially for children. Annually, children view tens of thousands of television commercials and see hundreds of billboard and poster advertisements; the majority of these commercials promote food products. As a result, children view multiple food advertisements every day, with the heaviest food advertising for the least nutritious foods and beverages.

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  • In the most advanced stage of knowledge-crafting, the writer is able to hold in mind the author’s ideas, the words of the text itself, and the imagined reader’s interpretation of the text. The representations of the author, the text, and the reader must be held in the storage components of working memory and kept active by allocating attention to them (Traxler & Gernsbacher, 1993). Thus, for expert writers, not only are the basic processes of planning, sentence generation, and reviewing juggled successfully, but so are three alternative representations of content.

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  • Private insurance companies sell long-term care insurance policies. You can buy an individual policy from an agent or through the mail. Or, you can buy coverage under a group policy through an employer or through membership in an association. The federal government and several state governments offer long-term care insurance coverage to their employees, retirees and their families. This program is voluntary, and premiums are paid by participants. You can also get long-term care benefits through a life insurance policy. ...

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  • Directive also covers new issues such as the passport for third-country managers that have so far never been in the scope of CESR/ESMA’s work. In this context, the process should be seen as still very much open ended and thus as an opportunity for the alternative investment industry to fully engage with ESMA and the European Commission so as to translate the current framework into sensible and appropriate measures whenever possible. Nearly 40 implementing measures, technical standards and guidelines concern third-country AIFs or AIFMs.

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  • The government is taking the lead by developing a management plan for the northeast region of Alberta. This plan will look beyond oil sands development on a project-by-project basis by addressing the cumulative effects of development. This approach enables responsible resource development that incorporates creative and innovative solutions to secure economic prosperity, while maintaining the province’s commitment to environmental protection and stewardship.

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  • The analysis in this paper suggests that hedge funds play a very positive role in financial markets by providing liquidity to thin markets where mis-priced financial instruments are to be found. This type of activity reduces volatility rather than increasing it. Indeed with the rapid growth of structured products in recent years, particularly in Europe and Asia, hedge funds have been quite critical in containing the volatility that might otherwise have arisen.

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  • the strategies profiled cover and demonstrate a broad spectrum of the overlap between sexual and reproductive health and rights and Hiv. the case studies in chapters 1 and 4 address how gender-based violence, harmful gender norms and taboo issues affect women as causes and consequences of Hiv. the importance of prioritizing women on the margins and engaging young people through comprehensive sexuality education is also investigated in chapters 3 and 7.

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  • Two, security testing is important for understanding, calibrating, and documenting the operational security posture of an organization. Aside from development of these systems, the operational and security demands must be met in a fast changing threat and vulnerability environment. Attempting to learn and repair the state of your security during a major attack is very expensive in cost and reputation, and is largely ineffective. Three, security testing is an essential component of improving the security posture of your organization.

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  • All research should be conducted to the highest levels of integrity, including appropriate research design and frameworks, to ensure that findings are robust and defensible. Researchers should also adhere to the highest level of research ethics, in line with requirements set out by national and international regulatory bodies, professional and regulatory research guidance and research ethics frameworks issued in appropriate areas.

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  • VSP techniques provide information in the vicinity of the borehole. VSP is a class of seismic measurements that can obtain high resolution images near the wellbore (Hardage, 2000). VSP acquisition utilizes sensors deployed within a borehole and sources located at the surface, whereas crosswell tomography uses sources and receivers both deployed in boreholes. The advantage of VSP, crosswell seismic, and other high resolution methods is to obtain more precise estimations of the CO2 induced effects on seismic properties.

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  • Improvement in water quality monitoring systems is an intervention required world-wide, not only in developing countries. There are, however, huge differences from country to country in the shortcomings induced by inadequate, existing monitoring systems. In most developing countries the problem is one of too little monitoring due to a lack of allocated resources for this activity. In several central and eastern European countries the problem is different. Extensive monitoring programmes have been functioning for many years and many raw data have been collected.

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  • While the intentions of over-involved helicopter parents are generally benevolent, such intervention can negatively impact their student’s chances of admission. Graduate school admissions officers are be- coming increasingly sensitive to how well an applicant has defined his or her career goals and reasons for wanting to attend business school separate from those of their parents, and when parents lead their child through the application process, this lack of introspec- tion often emerges in the applicant’s admissions essays or evaluative interview.

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  • From a policy perspective, it is crucial to identify whether the reason people behave as they do is primarily the result of lack of knowledge and mastery of relevant financial management techniques, or whether it reflects fundamental aspects of human nature. Only in the former case is conventional financial education an appropriate remedy. Such education might include topics such as the benefits of diversification, the nature of compound interest, the implications of tax incentives, pension planning, the management of credit cards and so forth.

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