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Computer based measurement

Xem 1-20 trên 51 kết quả Computer based measurement
  • IDC Technologies is internationally acknowledged as the premier provider of practical, technical training for engineers and technicians. We specialize in the fields of electrical systems, industrial data communications, telecommunications, automation and control, mechanical engineering, chemical and civil engineering, and are continually adding to our portfolio of over 60 different workshops. Our instructors are highly respected in their fields of expertise and in the last ten years have trained over 200,000 engineers, scientists and technicians....

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  • What You’ll See Today • Overview of National Instruments • Virtual Instrumentation and Graphical System Design • LabVIEW graphical programming fundamentals • Ease of Data Acqusition (DAQ) with NI • Application Areas • Web-based Remote Monitoring • Next Steps .National Instruments at A Glance • Leaders in computer-based measurement and automation $1,000 $900 • Long-term track record of growth and profitability • $1.02 B USD revenue in 2011 • More than 16% of revenue is invested into R&D • More than 6,000 employees; operations in 40+ countries....

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  • Lichens have been used to study air pollution chemistry in national parks and forests since the 1980s (Figures 1 and 2). There have also been a few lichen studies on national wildlife refuges. Most of the studies have been floristic studies, reports of baseline concentrations of elements in lichen tissues and, occasionally, trends in these concentrations. Figure 1 shows park and refuge locations with tissue chemistry data. USGS Biological Resources Division maintains a web site listing lichens known from each of the national parks shown on the map (http://www.ies.wisc.

    pdf52p saimatkhauroi 01-02-2013 35 7   Download

  • Computing the usual productivity measures requires data on the value of transactions and either prices or quantities. In the final research study of this volume, Erwin Diewert notes that Canada lacks direct price and quantity measures for many important services industries. Other nations also have this problem. As a result, the usual productivity indexes cannot be evaluated properly for those services industries, nor can we get a complete picture of productivity performance for the economy as a whole.

    pdf634p namde02 12-03-2013 34 7   Download

  • The recent wide diffusion of (i) easy-to-use software tools for the implementation of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs); and (ii) communication-oriented instrumentation, often provided with Ethernet interface, in addition to the more traditional GPIB and RS-232 ones, can be particularly exploited in the field of measurement teaching. It is well known, in fact, that for a better understanding of the teaching issues in such a field, the students have to practice with real instrumentation. The computer-based simulations are often inadequate to assure a good experience in that direction.

    pdf364p camchuong_1 04-12-2012 47 6   Download

  • A variety of evidence supports the role of design in enhancing firm performance. New research undertaken for this study also shows that firms with higher design intensity have a greater probability of carrying out product innovation and that design expenditure has a positive association with firm productivity growth. Nonetheless, the multifaceted nature of design makes it difficult to isolate from more traditional factors affecting performance, such as market conditions or investment. Research is also hampered by the lack of commonly agreed statistical measures.

    pdf28p bi_ve_sau 05-02-2013 32 3   Download

  • Measured Progress is a not-for-profit organization that designs and administers customized, largescale student assessments. The Dover, New Hampshire-based company develops assessments that help states and school districts meet federal mandates to evaluate the effectiveness of classroom instruction through assessment, rather than merely ranking students. Of course, the primary goal for both Measured Progress and its clients is improving teaching and learning for children.

    pdf4p halanh 14-08-2009 40 2   Download

  • The Biodiplomacy Initiative at UNU-IAS has been carrying out analysis of the opportunities, challenges and options for international governance of cloning. This study builds upon an earlier working paper on governance options for cloning submitted to parties at one of the UN meetings discussing the Declaration and critically examines the international process for development of measures to regulate cloning, from the perspectives of bioethics and national and international law. It is divided into four sections.

    pdf40p thankinhphanliet 21-12-2012 30 2   Download

  • As more users are connected to the Internet and conduct their daily activities electronically, computer users have become the target of an underground economy that infects hosts with malware or adware for financial gain. Unfortunately, even a single visit to an infected web site enables the attacker to detect vulnerabilities in the user’s applications and force the download a multitude of malware binaries.

    pdf9p doiroimavanchuadc 06-02-2013 33 2   Download

  • In this paper we propose a domainindependent text segmentation method, which consists of three components. Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) is employed to compute words semantic distribution, and we measure semantic similarity by the Fisher kernel. Finally global best segmentation is achieved by dynamic programming. Experiments on Chinese data sets with the technique show it can be effective. Introducing latent semantic information, our algorithm is robust on irregular-sized segments.

    pdf4p hongphan_1 15-04-2013 25 2   Download

  • The API computes semantic relatedness by: 1. taking a pair of words as input; 2. retrieving the Wikipedia articles they refer to (via a disambiguation strategy based on the link structure of the articles); 3. computing paths in the Wikipedia categorization graph between the categories the articles are assigned to; 4. returning as output the set of paths found, scored according to some measure definition. The implementation includes path-length (Rada et al., 1989; Wu & Palmer, 1994; Leacock & Chodorow, 1998), information-content (Resnik, 1995; Seco et al.

    pdf4p hongvang_1 16-04-2013 33 2   Download

  • Better representations of plot structure could greatly improve computational methods for summarizing and generating stories. Current representations lack abstraction, focusing too closely on events. We present a kernel for comparing novelistic plots at a higher level, in terms of the cast of characters they depict and the social relationships between them. Our kernel compares the characters of different novels to one another by measuring their frequency of occurrence over time and the descriptive and emotional language associated with them.

    pdf11p bunthai_1 06-05-2013 26 2   Download

  • Within specific geographic areas, GHI Kenya will identify existing activities and programmatic gaps and, in the intensified areas, new potential synergies between USG agencies/programs and the GOK towards maternal, neonatal and child mortality and NTD morbidity and mortality reduction. Illustrative activities described in Appendix 1 are part of standard care and management practices.

    pdf151p nhamnhiqa 01-03-2013 27 1   Download

  • Research objectives: Building a method of granulating partitions of domain of interpretation in DLs. This method is base on bisimulation and using suitable selectors as well as information gain measure; proposing bisimulation-based concept learning algorithms for knowledge bases in DLs using Setting.

    pdf31p change03 06-05-2016 19 1   Download

  • In this paper an approach to Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) is examined that uses Kmeans clustering for segmenting an image and then extracts global and local features using color and shape information over the extracted regions to compute a similarity measure between images.

    pdf8p cumeo2005 02-07-2018 11 1   Download

  • The paper proposes a new chromatic-aberration-measuring method for geometric optics of a single converging lens based on the Foucault knife-edge test. An opto-mechatronics measurement system aided by a computer vision was built to automatically determine displaced positions of the knife-edge for discovering chromatic aberration components in the measured lenses.

    pdf6p trangcham1896 10-12-2018 7 0   Download

  • This approach is based on text snippets and page counts. These two measures are taken from the results of a search engine like Google. To achieve the aim of this paper, lexical patterns are extracted from text snippets and word co-occurrence measures are defined using page counts. The results of these two are combined.

    pdf6p byphasse043256 24-03-2019 4 0   Download

  • In this paper, we propose an architecture of enforcing security services on the layer of HDFS, including Data Isolation Service, Secure IntraCloud Data Migration Service, and Secure Inter-Cloud Data Migration Service. Finally, a prototype has been implemented based on HDFS by our three custom security policies, and the time cost is given and evaluated.

    pdf6p byphasse043256 24-03-2019 3 0   Download

  • In shape feature extraction, the extracted feature vector is magnitude of five types edges (horizontal, vertical, 45, 135 degree and isotropic). Also Hough Transform is used to extract the edge features. Using different types of masks, the feature vector is obtained from the original image. Similarity measurement is performed by Euclidean Distance measure.

    pdf10p byphasse043256 24-03-2019 3 0   Download

  • The paper proposes a novel optimized model for transition from IPv4 to IPv6 networks. The aim of this paper is to design the Original IPv6 Transition Controller Application and compare its performance with 6to4 tunneling using OPNET 17.5 with identical traffic and network loads. The analysis is based on an experimental design with simulation for better, faster and a more optimized solution through empirical measure of the process.

    pdf14p blossom162 31-03-2019 8 0   Download


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