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  • (BQ) Tài liệu Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook is an easy-to-understand guide to the most puzzling programming problems. This book will guide you through practical examples dedicated to various aspects of multithreading in C# on Windows and will give you a good basis of practical knowledge which you can then use to program your own scalable and reliable multithreaded applications.

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  • IN 1995, WHEN I WAS IN MY SECOND YEAR IN COLLEGE, I was introduced to UNIX network programming. In C, you could create sockets to open TCP connections to servers and code the servers that accepted these connections. I remember the excitement I felt the fi rst time I created a TCP server: I could accept connections and receive and send messages on them. If I wanted my server to accept many concurrent connections, the common solution was to use threads, and soon I had created my fi rst multi-threaded TCP server.

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  • Learn the Coding Secrets of Master iPhone Designers and Developers iPhone Cool Projects Gary Bennett | Wolfgang Ante Neil Mix | Steven Peterson | Mike Ash | Benjamin Jackson | Matthew “Canis” Rosenfeld ..iPhone Cool Projects DAVE MARK, SERIES EDITOR GARY BENNETT WOLFGANG ANTE MIKE ASH BENJAMIN JACKSON NEIL MIX STEVEN PETERSON MATTHEW “CANIS” ROSENFELD .iPhone Cool Projects Copyright © 2009 by Gary Bennett, Wolfgang Ante, Mike Ash, Benjamin Jackson, Neil Mix, Steven Peterson, Matthew “Canis” Rosenfeld All rights reserved.

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  • In this chapter, we examine several Java mechanisms for creating, scheduling, managing, and running threads. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Develop programs with multiple, concurrent flows of control using threads; create threads that run at a time relative to the current time; create threads that run repeatedly;...

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  • A program executes as a single, sequential flow of control. A program can also be designed to execute multiple tasks. To execute multiple tasks in your program, you can use threads. This chapter discusses implementation of threads and their life cycle. The chapter also discusses implementing multiple threads and prioritizing threads. In addition, this chapter discusses thread synchronization and communication between processes.

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  • In this chapter, we’ll explain the data structures and algorithms that deal with processes, threads, and jobs in the Windows operating system. The first section focuses on the internal structures that make up a process. The second section outlines the steps involved in creating a process (and its initial thread). The internals of threads and thread scheduling are then described. The chapter concludes with a description of the job object. Where relevant performance counters or kernel variables exist, they are mentioned.

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  • Threads are essential to Java programming, but learning to use them effectively is a nontrivial task. This new edition of the classic Java Threads shows you how to take full advantage of Java's threading facilities and brings you up-to-date with the watershed changes in Java 2 Standard Edition version 5.0 (J2SE 5.0). It provides a thorough, step-by-step approach to threads programming. .This document was created by an unregistered ChmMagic, please go to to register it. Thanks.

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  • requested became available—this example waits for all of the tasks to complete before obtaining the results. using System; using System.Threading; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace Recipe15_03 { class Recipe15_03 { static void Main(string[] args) { Console.WriteLine("Press enter to start"); Console.ReadLine(); // Create Task Task Task the tasks. task1 = Task.Factory.StartNew(() = writeDays()); task2 = Task.Factory.StartNew(() = writeMonths()); task3 = Task.Factory.StartNew(() = writeCities()); // Wait for all of the tasks to complete. Task.

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  • Introduction Database Management Performing Routine DBA Procedures Preparing a Database for Production Performing Backup and Recovery Installation and Configuration Installing Oracle on Unix Installing Oracle on Windows NT Installing Oracle on VMS Creating a Parallel Oracle Database Network Management Confirming Network Availability Confirming Net8 Connectivity Verifying Net8 Name Resolution Configuring Net8 Clients Configuring Net8 Clients to Use LDAP Configuring Net8 Clients to Use Oracle Names Configuring Net8 on the Server Configuring Multi-Threaded Server Tracing Client Connections Tra...

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  • Chapter 3 - Processes and threads. This chapter begins by discussing how an application creates processes through system calls and how the presence of many processes achieves concurrency and parallelism within the application. It then describes how the operating system manages a process - how it uses the notion of process state to keep track of what a process is doing and how it reflects the effect of an event on states of affected processes. The chapter also introduces the notion of threads, describes their benefits, and illustrates their features.

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  • Parallel programming has been revolutionised in .NET 4, providing, for the first time, a standardised and simplified method for creating robust, scalable and reliable multi-threaded applications. The Parallel programming features of .NET 4 allow the programmer to create applications that harness the power of multi-core and multi-processor machines. Simpler to use and more powerful than “classic” .NET thread

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  • A lathe is a machine tool which spins a block of material to perform various operations such as cutting, Turning, Facing, Threading, sanding, knurling, drilling, or deformation such as metal spinning with tools that are applied to the work piece to create an object which has symmetry about an axis of rotation .Lathe Machine: • The term Centre Lathe is derived from the fact that in its operation the lathe holds a piece of material between two rigid supports called centres, or by some other device such as a chuck or faceplate which revolves about the centre line of the lathe. .Lathe...

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  • With the release of Java 7, numerous new features have been added that significantly improve the developer's ability to create and maintain Java applications. These include language improvements, such as better exception handling techniques, and additions to the Java core libraries, such as new threading mechanisms. This cookbook covers these new features using a series of recipes. Each recipe addresses one or more new features and provides a template for using these features. This should make it easier to understand the features along with when and how they can be used.

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