Dak Lak province

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  • The research on “Types of Agro-Forestry in Dak Lak Province and the Economic Effects of Coffee-Based Agro-Forestry Systems” is meant to provide an overview of agro- forestry as practiced in Dak Lak province and a scientific framework for evaluating and suggesting effective agro-forestry types for dominant farming systems.

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  • Protestants account for the majority of the Mong (or H’mong) people migrating from Northern Vietnamese provinces to Dak Lak province in the Central Highlands. Attention has been paid by the State management agencies and researchers to the studies on the religion of Protestantism in general and its practice among the Mong people in particular. Many Mong people have followed the religion because they consider it to be more positive than the ethnic group’s traditional one, which includes many costly rituals and backward customs that are not appropriate to the modern life.

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  • Vườn quốc gia Chu Yang Sin cách trung tâm thành phố buôn Ma Thuột khoảng 60 km. Đây là khu vực có giá trị bảo tồn mang tầm quốc tế về các loài và sinh cảnh rừng. Vườn quốc gia có diện tích 58.947ha, phần lớn là rừng lá rộng thường xanh trên núi cao và núi trung bình.

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  • This Implementation Manual has been developed to guide provinces who wish to use Participatory Action Oriented Training (PAOT) as an IEC and community development tool to improve water and sanitation and environment at the household level. The Implementation Manual has been developed from experiences in pilots under the National Target Program (NTPII) in Ninh Thuan and Dak Lak provinces as well as other applications of PAOT in Vietnam.

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  • In the early years of the 20th century, Buon Ma Thuot people chose a flat place to settle. The six-road junction constitutes a convergence point of many intermingled roads connecting the residential areas of the Kinh with the villages of the E De and the road to the midland region. These red-soil roads used to be muddy in the rainy season and dusty in the dry season

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  • In 10 tests done on men, some of the fermentation parameters vary. These include: shell stored over fresh fruit, spread the beans before fermentation, soaking beans after fermentation and the length of fermentation time. In Dak Lak province, because lower ambient temperature, a "hot" fermentation procedure was trialed in an effort to bring the air temperature to those encountered in the Mekong region. These tests are usually carried out in parallel with the performance testing of solar dryers. A summary of the performance of solar dryers of Can Tho and Dak Lak also included....

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