Data retrieval

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  • Current research directions are looking at Data Mining (DM) and Knowledge Management (KM) as complementary and interrelated felds, aimed at supporting, with algorithms and tools, the lifecycle of knowledge, including its discovery, formalization, retrieval, reuse, and update. While DM focuses on the extraction of patterns, information, and ultimately knowledge from data (Giudici, 2003; Fayyad et al.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 2.5 Using a Web Service as a Data Source Problem You want to use a web service as the data source for a client application. Solution Create a web service that returns a DataSet to a client, and then invoke the web service from the client to retrieve the DataSet.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 2.22 Querying Data Asynchronously with Message Queuing Problem You want to asynchronously retrieve data from a system that is not always connected. Solution You must

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  • Fully updated for Xcode 4.2, Pro Core Data for iOS explains how to use the Core Data framework for iOS SDK 5 using Xcode 4.2. The book explains both how and why to use Core Data, from simple to advanced techniques. Covering common and advanced persistence patterns, this book prepares any iOS developer to store and retrieve data accurately and efficiently.

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  • Managing Time in Relational Databases shows how to make the rich information content of bi-temporal data available to business users, while simplifying the design, maintenance and retrieval of that data. Metadata declarations eliminate the need to directly model temporal data. Temporal data maintenance is isolated in code that can be invoked to update bi-temporal data in any database and from any application program, across the enterprise. Anyone who can write queries against conventional data will be able to write queries against the bi-temporal data structures described in this book....

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  • Getting SQL Server Column Metadata Without Returning Data Problem You need to retrieve the column metadata from a SQL Server command or stored procedure without returning any data.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 3.14 Using the Shape Language to Retrieve Hierarchical Data Problem You want to use the Shape language with ADO.NET to retrieve hierarchical data from a SQL Server.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 9.10 Retrieving a Single Value from a Query Problem Given a stored procedure that returns a single value, you need the fastest way to get this data. Solution Use the ExecuteScalar( )

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  • After completing this lesson, you should be able to do the following: Interpret the concept of a hierarchical query Create a tree-structured report Format hierarchical data Exclude branches from the tree structure

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  • Mining bilingual data (including bilingual sentences and terms1) from the Web can benefit many NLP applications, such as machine translation and cross language information retrieval. In this paper, based on the observation that bilingual data in many web pages appear collectively following similar patterns, an adaptive pattern-based bilingual data mining method is proposed.

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  • With the availability of large treebanks, retrieval techniques for highly structured data now become essential. In this contribution, we investigate the efficient retrieval of MT structures at the cost of a complex index--the Treegram Index. We illustrate our approach with the VENONA retrieval system, which handles the BH t (Biblia Hebraica transeripta) treebank comprising 508,650 phrase structure trees with maximum degree eight and maximum height 17, containing altogether 3.3 million Old-Hebrew words.

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  • Astronomers are the oldest data collectors. The first catalogue of stars is due to Hipparchus, in the second century B.C. Since that time, and more precisely since the end of the last century, there has been an important increase in astronomical data. EHie to the development of space astronomy during recent decades, we have witnessed a veritable inflation. Confronted with this flood of data, astronomers have to change their methodology. It is necessary not only to manage large databases, but also to take into account recent developments in information retrieval....

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  • In this paper, we introduce a multilingual access and retrieval system with enhanced query translation and multilingual document retrieval, by mining bilingual terminologies and aligned document directly from the set of comparable corpora which are to be searched upon by users. By extracting bilingual terminologies and aligning bilingual documents with similar content prior to the search process provide more accurate translated terms for the in-domain data and support multilingual retrieval even without the use of translation tool during retrieval time....

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  • Previous comparisons of document and query translation suffered difficulty due to differing quality of machine translation in these two opposite directions. We avoid this difficulty by training identical statistical translation models for both translation directions using the same training data. We investigate information retrieval between English and French, incorporating both translations directions into both document translation and query translation-based information retrieval, as well as into hybrid systems. ...

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  • This paper presents Archivus, a multimodal language-enabled meeting browsing and retrieval system. The prototype is in an early stage of development, and we are currently exploring the role of natural language for interacting in this relatively unfamiliar and complex domain. We briefly describe the design and implementation status of the system, and then focus on how this system is used to elicit useful data for supporting hypotheses about multimodal interaction in the domain of meeting retrieval and for developing NLP modules for this specific domain. ...

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  • We present an API developed to access GermaNet, a lexical semantic database for German represented in XML. The API provides a set of software functions for parsing and retrieving information from GermaNet. Then, we present a case study which builds upon the GermaNet API and implements an application for computing semantic relatedness according to five different metrics. The package can, again, serve as a software library to be deployed in natural language processing applications. A graphical user interface allows to interactively experiment with the system. ...

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  • This paper investigates an application of the ranked region algebra to information retrieval from large scale but unannotated documents. We automatically annotated documents with document structure and semantic tags by using taggers, and retrieve information by specifying structure represented by tags and words using ranked region algebra. We report in detail what kind of data can be retrieved in the experiments by this approach.

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  • In this paper, we compare the relative effects of segment order, segmentation and segment contiguity on the retrieval performance of a translation memory system. We take a selection of both bag-of-words and segment order-sensitive string comparison methods, and run each over both characterand word-segmented data, in combination with a range of local segment contiguity models (in the form of N-grams).

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  • Chapter 15: Content-based retrieval. This chapter presents the following content: Motivation, traditional techniques, how do humans compare images? Content-based image retrieval, image retrieval, CBIR framework example, image/audio fingerprints,...

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: Retrieving data from MySQL using PHP, connections: login functionality, connection with database, selecting data, display structure, writing data.

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