Days of decline

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  • Visual inspection reveals that around the time of the EC recommendation of the early warning to Portugal and Germany (rumours on 17 January, recommendation on 30 January), there was an increase in Portuguese 10-year government bond yields. The cumulative increase in the Portuguese 10-year government bond yields reached 23 bp to decline thereafter to 10 bp in the beginning of February. This movement of the long-term yields implied a decline of the swap spread became negative in some days of the period between 17 January and 30 January (see Figure 5).

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  • Down to the middle of the present century the story of Rembrandt, as generally accepted, was nothing but a mass of more or less ill-natured fiction. His drunkenness, his luxury, his immorality, his avarice, were heaped together into a somewhat inconsistent midden-heap of infamy.

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  • The study revealed that guava bar blended with peanut had increased protein content as much as 0.46 to 3.25. The evaluation for other parameters, like Moisture, Total soluble solids, Titratable acidity, pH, Ascorbic acid, Reducing sugar, Total sugar, β -carotene, protein were done up to 90 days at monthly intervals. The Moisture, TSS, Titratable acidity and total sugars increased from storage period of 90days, where as there is a slight decline in the parameters like pH, ascorbic acid, β-carotene, Protein, Reducing sugar from 60 days to 90 days of storage.

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  • These and all subsequent regressions include our full array of demographic and time controls, but we only report the distance coefficients for the sake of brevity.12 All regressions report robust standard errors, which are adjusted for possible correlation between the error terms of observations drawn from the same household. The first column of Table 2 summarizes the relationship between distance and diary week spending. Diary week spending declines significantly over the pay period at a rate of 0.8 percent per day. Over the entire pay period this implies a substantial decline. E.g.

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  • Composting is carried out under aerobic thermogenesis to prepare a selective substrate for Agaricus bisporus production. Conventionally, wheat straw based synthetic compost is used for its production. Use of paddy straw as such tends to make the composting process anaerobic leading to low quality compost and low yields. In the present study, an alternative high yielding compost formulation based on paddy straw + maize stalks as a substitute to the existing wheat straw based compost has been made.

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  • Harmful cyanobacterial blooms have become a global threat to human health and aquatic biota around the world. While the ecotoxicity of cyanobacterial toxins such as microcystins (MCs) has been studied extensively, the toxicity of non-toxin producing cyanobacteria has not been evaluated to the same extent. In this study, five strains of Microcystis wesenbergii were isolated from the Tri An reservoir and cultured under laboratory conditions. Microscopic observation was used for morphological identification. The MCs concentration was measured by highperformance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

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  • A field experiment was carried out during kharif, 2015 in the Instructional cum Research (ICR) Farm of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam (at a latitude of 260 47' N, longitude of 940 12' E and altitude of 87 m above mean sea level) with two cultivars of rice viz. Luit and TTB-404 grown in different micro climatic regimes created by manipulating the sowing as well as transplanting dates. Both the cultivars were sown on four different dates at fifteen days interval starting from 26 June, 2015 upto 10 August, 2015 following field layout factorial RBD. Agroclimatic indices viz.

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  • There has been a growing gap between the demand for maize and its supply. One of the reasons often attributed to decline in maize productivity is poor production practices, awareness and characterized by low use of modern inputs. In order to avoid the lack of all the above to assess the current levels of technical efficiency of maize cultivation like spacing of Maize cultivation with effective management of irrigation practices could be taken as a study.

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  • Incidence of (Grey semilooper) Gesonia gemma and Green semilooper (Chrysodeixis acuta) were also recorded on four dominate varieties (JS-335, JS-95-60, JS-93-05, RVS 2001-4) in soybean. Minimum of maximum temperature also shows declining trend. Rise of minimum temperature was 0.10840C from the 2009 to 2014 kharif season as compared to normal temperature. Minimum of minimum temperature shows (rising) ascending trend indicated the rise of temperature. Mean temperature difference in the period study indicated rise of 0.4620C was observed. Rainfall shows declining trend.

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  • With advances in the management of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) the incidence of mechanical complications continues to decline. Nevertheless, when they occur, unfortunately, despite similar advances and growing experiences in the surgical management of these problems, morbidity and mortality remain high. Post-myocardial infarction ventricular septal defects (PI-VSD) have fascinated and challenged clinicians for years.

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  • It was during the period of about one hundred fifty years, extending from the middle of the twelfth to the close of the thirteenth century, that the features of our modern civilization began to assume a recognizable form. The age was characterized by the decline of feudalism, and by the growth of all the new influences which combined to create a new state of society. With the decay of the great lords came the rise of the great cities, the increased power and importance of the middle classes, the burghers or "citizens," who dominate the world to-day.

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  • Pigeons are scavengers (not fed any supplementary feed) in most countries, living on the roofs of houses and treated as “pets” that do not need to be fed. They appear to prefer homestead compounds to fields. In some countries, they are eaten only for ritual purposes. They normally lay two eggs in a clutch, and the young birds (squabs) hatch after 16 to 17 days. The growing squabs are fed by their mothers on crop milk, produced in the mother’s crop (first stomach). This enables young squabs to grow very rapidly. They reach maturity in three to five...

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  • began writing my very first book in September 1972. It dealt with computer concepts and was meant as a high school math textbook to teach programming. It used APL, which stands for A Programming Language, a highly scientific language for the computer. At the time, a few publishing companies expressed interest in the book but as the days passed, they declined in getting the book on the market. I wasn’t completely discouraged. Their excuse was that there were enough of these types of books out there and I accepted that.

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  • The present study aimed to determine the effects of gradual drought stress on Prunus mongolica seedlings. The growth and chlorophyll fluorescence of the seedlings were investigated under drought and control conditions. The short-term (21 day) decline in soil water content from 30.46% to 15.55% did not significantly influence the growth of P. mongolica seedlings but increased the height, sal diameter, crown, leaf number, stem mass, leaf mass, and root mass of the seedlings.

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  • A field experiment was conducted during Kharif 2015-16 in central research farm of Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences, Allahabad to evaluate the field efficacy of certain chemicals against shoot and fruit borer on Brinjal. The occurrence of Shoot and Fruit Borer commenced from 34th standard week (August fourth week) with an average population of 0.90 larvae/plant. The shoot and fruit borer population increased and gradually reached its peak level of 6.56 larvae/plant at 40th standard week (October first week).

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  • Anthropogenic activities such as industrial production, mining, agriculture and transportation are among the main causes for the increase of trace metal concentrations in the environment, especially in water bodies. In this study, we evaluated the chronic impacts of lead (Pb) and arsenic (As) on Daphnia magna, a crucial organism to aquatic ecosystems, at several concentrations (0, 5, 25, 50, 150 and 250 µgl-1 of Pb and 0, 5, 25, 50 µgl-1 of As) for 21 days. The organism’s life history traits, including survivorship, maturation, and reproduction, were recorded daily.

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  • Pouteria campechiana, a fruit cultivated in many provinces of the Mekong Delta, is typically eaten fresh and has many benefits to human health. Therefore, quality control during storage of this fruit is very important for fresh consumption and food processing. This study was conducted to investigate the effects of postharvest maturity on the quality of the fruit stored at room temperature, mainly on its chemical composition and bioactive compounds content.

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  • The present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of oxytetracycline (OTC)- dosing at five different concentrations, viz., 0 mg (0X), 80 mg (1X), 240 mg (3X), 400 mg (5X) and 800 mg (10X) kg-1 biomass day-1 for 30 consecutive days on the growth, safety and intestinal histology of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.) juveniles. The OTC-residues in the edible muscle were detected at scheduled intervals by LCMS/MS. A dose-dependent decline in feed intake, biomass and survival were recorded in OTC-dosed fish. The OTC-residue levels were 0, 204.75±45.75, 318.00±0.00, 778.50±145.

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  • The present study was carried out in twenty-four dogs irrespective of age, breed, sex affected with canine transmissible venereal tumour (TVT). Affected dogs were divided equally into three groups viz. vincristine therapy (Group I) with 7 day cycle and doxorubicin therapy consisting two groups i.e. Group II with 14 day cycle and group III with 21 day cycle. Pre treatment blood sample collection was done before administration of drug i.e. Day 0, 7, 14 in Group I, Day 0, 14, 28 in Group II and Day 0, 21, 42 in Group III. Hematological parameters viz.

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  • The present study was carried out in TVCC, Hisar on twenty-four dogs affected with venereal granuloma. Affected dogs were divided equally into three groups viz. vincristine therapy (Group I) with 7 day cycle and doxorubicin therapy consisting two groups i.e. Group IIwith 14 day cycleand group III with 21 day cycle. Blood sample collection was doneat weekly interval and before administration of drug i.e. Day 0,7,14 in Group I, Day 0,7,14,21,28 in Group II and Day 0,7,14,21,28,35,42 in Group III. Kidney Function Tests viz.

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