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  • The Fourier transform and its extensions have historically been the prime vehi- cle for signal analysis and representation. Since the early 1970s, block transforms with real basis functions, particularly the discrete cosine transform (DCT), have been studied extensively for transform coding applications. The availability of simple fast transform algorithms and good signal coding performance made the DCT the standard signal decomposition technique, particularly for image and video. The international standard image-video coding algorithms, i.e., CCITT...

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  • An algorithm based on the Generalized Hebbian Algorithm is described that allows the singular value decomposition of a dataset to be learned based on single observation pairs presented serially. The algorithm has minimal memory requirements, and is therefore interesting in the natural language domain, where very large datasets are often used, and datasets quickly become intractable. The technique is demonstrated on the task of learning word and letter bigram pairs from text.

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  • Coordination disambiguation remains a difficult sub-problem in parsing despite the frequency and importance of coordination structures. We propose a method for disambiguating coordination structures. In this method, dual decomposition is used as a framework to take advantage of both HPSG parsing and coordinate structure analysis with alignment-based local features. We evaluate the performance of the proposed method on the Genia corpus and the Wall Street Journal portion of the Penn Treebank.

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  • This paper demonstrates that the use of ensemble methods and carefully calibrating the decision threshold can significantly improve the performance of machine learning methods for morphological word decomposition. We employ two algorithms which come from a family of generative probabilistic models. The models consider segment boundaries as hidden variables and include probabilities for letter transitions within segments. The advantage of this model family is that it can learn from small datasets and easily generalises to larger datasets. ...

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  • Speech recognition in many morphologically rich languages suffers from a very high out-of-vocabulary (OOV) ratio. Earlier work has shown that vocabulary decomposition methods can practically solve this problem for a subset of these languages. This paper compares various vocabulary decomposition approaches to open vocabulary speech recognition, using Estonian speech recognition as a benchmark. Comparisons are performed utilizing large models of 60000 lexical items and smaller vocabularies of 5000 items. ...

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  • This paper describes a method of analysing words through morphological decomposition when the lexicon is incomplete. The method is used within a text-to-speech system to help generate pronunciations of unknown words. The method is achieved within a general morphological analyser system using Koskenniemi twolevel rules.

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  • Bài viết trình bày phương pháp Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) để giải quyết bài toán tấm mỏng chịu uốn trong không gian hai chiều. Phương pháp PGD được áp dụng để đưa bài toán hai chiều thành chuỗi các bài toán một chiều.

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  • Non- hydrostatic numerical model namely SWASH has been used to simulate wave propagations over a submerged bar in a wave flume. Wave characteristics obtained from the model have been compared with experimental results conducted by Ohyama et al (1995). The agreement between model results and the experiments was quite good. The decomposition phenomena of waves were simulated quite the same with the experimental results. Although there are some small discrepancies between computation and experiment, the applicability of SWASH in simulating wave over submerged bars is considerable.

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  • A tensor is a multi-dimensional array and often considered as a generalization of a matrix. As a result, tensor representation gives a natural description of multi-dimensional data and hence tensor decomposition becomes a useful tool to analyze high-dimensional data. Moreover, tensor decomposition brings new opportunities for uncovering hidden and new values in the data.

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  • Uniqueness properties of coprimary decompositions of modules over non-commutative rings are presented. In this paper, by making use of the technique employed, we shall prove uniqueness properties of coprimary decompositions.

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  • In this study, a decomposition method for approximating the solutions of unsteady convection-diffusion problems is implemented. The approximate solution is calculated in the form of a convergent series with easily computable components.

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  • We demonstrate how to combinatorially calculate the EH-class of a compatible contact structure in the sutured Floer homology group of a balanced sutured three manifold which is associated to an abstract partial open book decomposition. As an application we show that every contact three manifold (closed or with convex boundary) can be obtained by gluing tight contact handlebodies whose EH-classes are nontrivial.

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  • In this research, recognition of heart sounds using a stethoscope sound signal based on wavelet decomposition. Heart sound signal is decomposed up to level 8 using Daubechies3 wavelet (db3). Energy of each subband is calculated spectogram. Analysis of cardiac auscultation signals with wavelet daubachies, system can calculate the value of heartrate with 78% for heart sound pattern of early and late systolic murmur, 63% Diastolic heart sound patterns Rumble and 85% for normal heart sound patterns.

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  • In this paper, we present a new approach for PPG based heart rate monitoring. We first perform the variational mode decomposition to decompose the PPG signal into multiple modes then eliminate the modes whose frequencies coincides with those from accelerator signals. Finally, the spectral analysis step is applied to estimate the spectrum of the signal and selects the spectral peaks corresponding to heart rate. Experimental results on a public available dataset recorded from 12 subjects during fast running validate the performance of the proposed algorithm.

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  • The operating characteristics of hydrogen iodide (HI) decomposition for hydrogen production were investigated using the commercial computational fluid dynamics code, and various factors, such as hydrogen production, heat of reaction, and temperature distribution, were studied to compare device performance with that expected for device development. Hydrogen production increased with an increase of the surface-to-volume (STV) ratio.

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  • This paper studies the effects of cerezin and mixture of cerezin with stearin as a phlegmatizer whit total content varies from 5% to 8%, to thermal decomposition of TΓAΦ in comparision with TΓA and pure explosives. The results show that melting point of TNT in both TΓA and TΓAΦ changed insignificantly.

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  • The paper uses the copula-based decomposition method to study the incomeinequality in rural-urban areas in Vietnam, using 2016 Vietnam Household Living Standard Survey data. Empirical results show that level of education plays the most important role in explaining income disparities in the two populations.

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  • A field experiment was conducted in 2015-16 at Akola (MS) to find out the impacts of insitu enhanced straw decomposition on soybean yield and economics. It was laid into the Randomized Block design with 4 replications where 5 treatment combinations made for nutrient management through combining the inorganic fertilizer, straw application with and without Trichoderma viride application. The study revealed that Yield attributes, grain yield, straw yield, GMR and B:C ratio was significantly improved with application of RDF through chemical fertilizers.

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  • To study surface denoising of lithium battery film to extract feature effectively. The best atomic function by sparse decomposition is acquired by iteration under added noise, gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, additive and multiplicative noise.

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  • Pulses are the smart foods provide high quality proteins are important in achieving sustainable development goals. India ranks first with respect to pulse area (35.81 %) and production (28.21 %). Present study has taken up to analyse instability in area, production and productivity of pulses over different time periods and find out contribution of area, productivity and there interaction effects to total pulse production. Growth rates of area, production and productivity are highly significant in the period 2003-2017.

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