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Designing an electrode

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  • Ebook "Nanoscale technology for advanced lithium batteries" surveys the new materials and approaches needed to use nanotechnology to introduce the next generation of advanced lithium batteries, currently the most promising energy storage devices available. It provides an overview of nanotechnology for lithium batteries from basic to applied research in selected high technology areas. The book especially focuses on near-term and future advances in these fields.

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  • This paper presents a proposed CP system for pipelines, utilizing an intelligent IoT system. The sensor nodes of the system designed based on the STM32 microcontroller perform the measurement of voltages from the reference electrodes, process the signal as well as perform wireless communication about the control stations via LoRa (Long Range Radio) communication.

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  • The high capacity electrode material design with rapid charging/discharging and long life capability has become a critical issue and main concern in recent years. Nickel oxide (NiO) has received much attention in the field of energy storage as a cathode electrode material owing to its layered structure with large spacing, crystal structure, and high specific surface area.

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  • In this work, pyrolytic carbon electrodes were prepared through pyrolysis of wellpatterned AZ 1505 positive photoresist films. The designed electrodes firstly were prepared via photolithography technique, then the polymer was thermally broken-down into carbon skeletons in an oxygen-free environment using pyrolysis technique.

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  • In this work, an enzymatic liquid-gated field-effect-transistor sensor based on chemically reduced graphene oxide film was developed for determination of acetylthiocholine in aqueous conditions. The device was designed with interdigitated electrode configuration and then manufactured by combining lithography and chemical vapor deposition techniques in clean room.

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  • Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is a polypeptide containing 84 amino acids secreted by cells of the parathyroid glands. Imbalances of parathyroid levels cause medical problems such as osteoporosis, mental disorders, pancreatitis, kidney stones, cancer, and other symptoms. In this study, we aimed to design an ultrasensitive electrochemical immunosensor for PTH detection. Indium tin oxide (ITO) was used as an electrode for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) measurements.

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  • The aim of this research was to design an electrochemical immunosensor for determination of tumour necrosis factor receptor-associated protein-1(TRAP1) antigen, a heat shock protein linked to tumour necrosis factor. The indium-tin oxide covered polyethylene terephthalate (ITO-PET) electrode surface was cleaned and was prepared for the introduction of hydroxyl groups on its surface by using NH4 OH/H2 O2 /H2 O. As a silanization agent for covalent attachment of anti-TRAP1 on the surface of the ITO working electrode, 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (3-GOPS) was used.

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  • Microswitches have been used for many different applications in building, automation, and security due to requiring little force. A novel design of a triple-stepped beam structure for a mechanical bistable microswitch is presented, and it was found that the bistability of the beam can be achieved by applying an electrostatic force which allows a high deflection with small electrode separation. A finite element method analysis has been used to design the bistable microswitch in a certain range of geometries based on the standard of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

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  • This paper describes design and calculation of an electrothermal V-shaped actuator (EVA) and an amplification mechanism integrated into a force measuring microsystem (FMMS), aims to apply for characterization of a micro beam. Displacement and driving force are generated by thermal expansion of the V-shaped silicon beams while applying a voltage to the electrodes of the EVA. ANSYS simulation helps to find out the relations between thermal force and displacement corresponding to driving voltage and determine the temperature of V-shaped beam at various applying voltages.

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  • Based on the number of previous studies, this study aims to investigate the effects of process parameters of an Electrochemical Machining process which are electrolyte concentration, voltage applied to the machine, feed rate of the electrode and Inter-Electrode Gap between tool and work - piece. Aluminum samples of 25 mm diameter x 25 mm height and 30mm diameter x 25mm height of the tool is made up of copper with a circular cross section with 2 mm internal hole. The design of the system is based on the Taguchi method.

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  • Miscible displacement can be understood as a physical process in a porous medium whereby two or more fluids fully dissolve into each other when a fluid mixes and goes into the pore space occupied by other fluids without the existence of an interface. A physical model was made in Can Tho University, which included an electrical current system connecting nine groups of four-electrode probes for measuring the electrical conductivity of a potassium chloride solution flowing through a horizontal sand column placed in a firm frame.

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  • This paper presents the design, fabrication and operation of a highly symmetrical twoaxis capacitive sensor. The proposed sensor consists of five electrodes, including of an excitation electrode and two pairs of sensing electrodes with exactly the same dimensions, arranged at identified symmetrically locations on a 3D printed hollow sphere, which containing dielectric medium formed by the partly filled oil and the remaining air.

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  • (BQ) In this research work two different materials have been used as work pieces. These EN8 and D3 steel materials have been machined in an Electrical discharge machine which has wide application in Industry fields. The important process parameters that have been selected are peak current, pulse on time, die electric pressure and tool diameter. The outputs responses are material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR) and surface roughness (SR).

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  • In recent years, the awareness of water needs and processing requirement has become an increasingly important topic. As the earth's population increases the demand for "clean" water has become an even larger factor in residential as well as industrial and commercial costs. There are now almost no natural water sources that do not require some purific

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  • In today’s practical and cost-conscious world, sheet-metal parts have already replaced many expensive cast, forged, and machined products. The reason is obviously the relative cheapness of stamped, or otherwise mass-produced parts, as well as greater control of their technical and aesthetic parameters. That the world slowly turned away from heavy, ornate, and complicated shapes, and replaced them with functional, simple, and logical forms only enhanced this tendency. Remember old bathtubs? They used to be cast and had ornamental legs.

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  • Welcome to Mastercam Solids Version 9. Mastercam Solids brings solid modeling to NC programmers with tools designed to make the line seamless between solids and machining. Mastercam Solids is an add-on to Mastercam Design, Mill Levels 1-3, Lathe Level 1, Wire Level 1, Router, and Router Pro. It is not included with any product. To help you learn Mastercam Solids, this tutorial and extensive online help accompany the product.

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  • Designing an Electrode Trong chương này, bạn sẽ tạo ra một điện cực với hình dạng của các bế tắc từ lõi mốc mà bạn đã tạo ở chương trước. Điện cực sẽ được sử dụng trong một sụt giảm, hoặc chết chìm, EDM (Điện Discharge Machining) ứng dụng để tạo thành một khoang trong phôi. Lưu ý: Một tập tin sao lưu có chứa cốt lõi khuôn mẫu đã được cung cấp với các phần hướng dẫn khác trong trường hợp bạn đã không hoàn thành Chương 8. ...

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  • cesses that require less skill and are less costly, it is still preferred in some manual operations where close control of heat input is required. In the atomic-hydrogen process, an arc is established between two tungsten electrodes in a stream of hydrogen gas using alternating current. As the gas passes through the arc, molecular hydrogen is dissociated into atomic hydrogen under the intense heat. When the stream of hydrogen atoms strikes the workpiece, the environmental temperature is then at a level where recombining into molecules is possible.

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  • . In the atomic-hydrogen process, an arc is established between two tungsten electrodes in a stream of hydrogen gas using alternating current. As the gas passes through the arc, molecular hydrogen is dissociated into atomic hydrogen under the intense heat. When the stream of hydrogen atoms strikes the workpiece, the environmental temperature is then at a level where recombining into molecules is possible. As a result of the recombining, the heat of dissociation absorbed in the arc is liberated, supplying the heat needed for fusing the base metal and any filler metal that may be introduced.

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