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  • Black tiger shrimps (Penaeus monodon) were harvested and stored at 0 °C for study. A quality index method (QIM) developed to evaluate the freshness of black tiger shrimp is presented in this study. The terms used to describe all the changes related to the texture, color, and odor are carefully chosen.

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  • Blended guava ‘Allahabad Safeda’ and papaya ‘Taiwan Red Lady’ fruit leathers were prepared by blending their pulp at different ratio of 100:0, 80:20, 60:40, 50:50, 40:60, 20:80 and 0:100 respectively. Acidity at 0.3 % using citric acid and KMS (potassium metabisulphite) at 600 ppm was added to blended pulp and TSS adjusted to 20oB then dried in a cabinet drier at 55 ± 5oC till the desired moisture content (15 % approx.) is achieved. Blended guava-papaya (40:60) leather was found best among other treatments in terms of quality and acceptability. It had a good yield of 26.78 % with 15.

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  • Quinoa (Chenopodium wild) belongs to goosefoot family of “Chenopodiaceae”. Quinoa is mostly useable and consumable grain in all over the world now a day because of their excellent nutritional composition. Present study aims to develop fermented quinoa incorporated snack items. Fermented quinoa flour was incorporated at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% in snack items like namakpara and chekkalu. Incorporated snack items were organoleptically evaluated by semi trained panel members.

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  • The study is aimed to investigate the effect of honey and different levels of coconut flour on muffins. Four types of muffins such as, T1 -0%, T2-5%, T3-15% and T4 25% of coconut flour incorporation were investigated and T4 is found more acceptable in terms of physicochemical properties of muffins. T4muffins secured the highest score in color, texture and overall acceptability.

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  • A study was conducted to process pearl millet and develops ready to eat healthy extruded snacks. For that purpose, designed experiments were conducted to prepare pearl millet-starch based RTE extrudates by using three independent variables (feed composition, moisture content and cutter speed) and nine dependent variables (bulk density, expansion ratio, hardness, texture and overall acceptability) using response surface methodology (RSM).

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  • Still life drawings offer a great opportunity to learn and practice a variety of drawing skills, including developing form, applying shading, and using perspective. Still life compositions traditionally depict a carefully arranged grouping of a number of household objects, such as fruit, vegetables, glassware, or pottery—all of which offer a wide range of textures, sizes, and shapes.

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  • Recrystallization and related phenomena that occur during thermomechanical processing of all types of crystalline materials are areas of intensive research. However, particular subject matters of research differ depending on scientific discipline. In geology, recrystallization is a process that occurs during natural deformation of rocks and minerals subjected to high temperature and pressure. Grains, atoms or molecules can be packed closer together. Under the influence of these metamorphic processes, new mineral grains can be created in crystalline form.

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  • Influence of heat treatment on structure and Giant Magnetoimpedance (GMI) effect of permalloy thin films (80Ni20Fe) electrodeposited on insulating substrates was investigated using electron scanning microscope (SEM), X-ray Diffraction and GMI ratio measurement. Results showed that annealing reduced lattice defects of electrodeposited films and facilitated the development of texture, thereby enhanced magnetic properties of the obtained films. The increasing temperature resulted to the increase of maximum GMI ratio (GMIRmax) due to the higher defect reduction.

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  • Plants play an important role in mitigating air pollution. In such a scenario where problems due to air pollution are faced worldwide screening of sensitive and tolerant plants which acts as a bio indicator and sinks for air pollution is extremely significant.

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  • The DIC technology was defined, patented and developed by Allaf et al. The application of this technology for extraction is one of the new extraction techniques which take short extracting time and reduce the consumption of solvent. The DIC was successfully applied for extraction volatile compounds and essential oils. It also has been effectively used for improving the yields of rapeseed oil extraction through the texturing impact. This paper presents a study of jatropha oil hexane extraction with DIC technology treatment as a pre-treatment process.

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  • A detailed soil survey was undertaken in central state farm Jetsar, Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India representing the arid climate with the aim of to assess the status and potential of land resources for the suitability and production potential of soils for chickpea. The area of the farm has been divided into three major landforms viz., sand dunes, reclaimed sand dunes and aeofluvial flood plain. Based on the variation in physiography and landforms, eight soil pedons were identified in the farm.

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  • The traditional milling processing practices used in rice and pulses milling, yields significant amounts in the form of brokens from rice and dal mill industries. That brokens do not find appropriate market and are listed as losses of the milling industries, generally disposed off cheaply, whereas they are equally rich in the nutrition as comparable to whole grain.

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  • The present study was aimed to study texture and instrumental colour of khoa prepared by using milk solids. Skim milk powder (SMP), cream (50% fat), ghee and whey protein concentrate were used for khoa preparation. To meet legal requirement of fat standardization was done by Pearson’s square method. SMP and ghee khoa was pretreated with 0.4% whey protein concentrate (WPC) to improve texture. Khoa samples were prepared using double stage homogenized and gas cooked method.

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  • The results of the experiment carried out on the development of silkworm pupal tamarind ball (SPTB) with incorporation of silkworm pupal residue powder (SPRP) revealed that, 5 per cent SPRP incorporated SPTB was found to be best accepted with scores for appearance (7.5), colour (7.6), texture (7.8), aroma (7.8), taste (7.0) and overall acceptability (7.7).

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  • Fruit leathers are made by drying a very thin layer of fruit puree to produce a product with a texture similar to soft leather. Fruit leather is the product prepared by blending fruit purees or pulp extracted from ripe pulpy fruit, sugar or other nutritive sweeteners and other ingredients and additives desired for product and dehydrated to form sheet which can be cut to desired shape and size. The preservation of fruit leathers depends on their low moisture content, the natural acidity of the fruit used and high sugar contents.

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  • The objective of this study was to optimize the process of manufacturing instant porridge mix based on kodo millet. The Response Surface Methodology experiment was studied with two variables viz., Kodomillet, skim milk powder and constant stevia @ 8%. The optimized levels of Kodo millet and skim milk powder for the manufacture.

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  • The present study was taken up to evaluate the physico-functional, cooking and textural quality characteristics of foxtail millet (Setariaitalica) based vermicelli for development of functional value added novel product.

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  • Postharvest rots of papaya reduce quality as well as quantity of papaya (Carica papaya L.). Due to firm texture, various microorganisms attack the fruit during ripening stages and cause losses. During the present investigation, effect of various weather factors on the progress of different rots was studied during the year 2019-20.

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  • Learn the structure of a 3D world and how to implement a variety of 3D techniques including terrain generation and 3D model rendering. Build three different types of 3D games step-by-step, including a first-person maze game, a battlefield tank game, and a 3D sidescrolling action game on the surface of Mars. Learn to utilize High Level Shader Language (HLSL) to add lighting and multi-texturing effects to your 3D scenes.

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  • Recrystallization is a phenomenon moderately well documented in the geological and metallurgical literature. This book provides a timely overview of the latest research and methods in a variety of fields where recrystallization is studied and is an important factor. The main advantage of a new look at these fields is the rapid increase in modern techniques, such as TEM, spectrometers and modeling capabilities, all of which are providing us with far better images and analysis than ever previously possible....

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