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  • Black tiger shrimps (Penaeus monodon) were harvested and stored at 0 °C for study. A quality index method (QIM) developed to evaluate the freshness of black tiger shrimp is presented in this study. The terms used to describe all the changes related to the texture, color, and odor are carefully chosen.

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  • Still life drawings offer a great opportunity to learn and practice a variety of drawing skills, including developing form, applying shading, and using perspective. Still life compositions traditionally depict a carefully arranged grouping of a number of household objects, such as fruit, vegetables, glassware, or pottery—all of which offer a wide range of textures, sizes, and shapes.

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  • Recrystallization and related phenomena that occur during thermomechanical processing of all types of crystalline materials are areas of intensive research. However, particular subject matters of research differ depending on scientific discipline. In geology, recrystallization is a process that occurs during natural deformation of rocks and minerals subjected to high temperature and pressure. Grains, atoms or molecules can be packed closer together. Under the influence of these metamorphic processes, new mineral grains can be created in crystalline form.

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  • Influence of heat treatment on structure and Giant Magnetoimpedance (GMI) effect of permalloy thin films (80Ni20Fe) electrodeposited on insulating substrates was investigated using electron scanning microscope (SEM), X-ray Diffraction and GMI ratio measurement. Results showed that annealing reduced lattice defects of electrodeposited films and facilitated the development of texture, thereby enhanced magnetic properties of the obtained films. The increasing temperature resulted to the increase of maximum GMI ratio (GMIRmax) due to the higher defect reduction.

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  • The DIC technology was defined, patented and developed by Allaf et al. The application of this technology for extraction is one of the new extraction techniques which take short extracting time and reduce the consumption of solvent. The DIC was successfully applied for extraction volatile compounds and essential oils. It also has been effectively used for improving the yields of rapeseed oil extraction through the texturing impact. This paper presents a study of jatropha oil hexane extraction with DIC technology treatment as a pre-treatment process.

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  • Learn the structure of a 3D world and how to implement a variety of 3D techniques including terrain generation and 3D model rendering. Build three different types of 3D games step-by-step, including a first-person maze game, a battlefield tank game, and a 3D sidescrolling action game on the surface of Mars. Learn to utilize High Level Shader Language (HLSL) to add lighting and multi-texturing effects to your 3D scenes.

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  • Recrystallization is a phenomenon moderately well documented in the geological and metallurgical literature. This book provides a timely overview of the latest research and methods in a variety of fields where recrystallization is studied and is an important factor. The main advantage of a new look at these fields is the rapid increase in modern techniques, such as TEM, spectrometers and modeling capabilities, all of which are providing us with far better images and analysis than ever previously possible....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'recrystallization_1', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In the spring of 2001, we finished writing OpenGL Game Programming. Although the book didn’t cover everything we had initially planned, we hoped that it would benefit people learning to program games with OpenGL. The ensuing years have seen that hope realized, as we’ve come into contact with dozens of people in person and many times that number via e-mail and the Web who had used our book as a starting point into 3D game development.

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  • This book focuses on how to create game art properly for a game engine, as well as how to export that art to the engine and make script changes so that the art becomes a viable part of the game. Although many of the processes and techniques will apply to specific modeling, texturing, animation, and game software solutions, this book will use 3ds Max release 8 to generate models and animations, and the Torque Game Engine for the game-side examples.

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  • Includes a chapter on developing games in Flash for the iPhone! Gary Rosenzweig's ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University, Second Edition is the best hands-on tutorial for learning ActionScript 3.0, the programming language behind Flash Professional CS5. You will master all the basics of ActionScript programming by building 16 robust games. One step at a time, you'll learn techniques (and get tested code) that can be adapted to virtually any project, from games to training and advertising....

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  • Due to the widespread use of ceramic coatings, several synthesis techniques have been developed in recent decades. The majority of these techniques, such as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) and their variants, are focused on the synthesis of flat coatings. Recently, the preceramic polymeric synthesis route has offered the possibility to impregnate preceramic materials into porous matrices prior to pyrolysis in order to create coated or composite materials This technique, however, leads to pore filling and alterations of the original substrate texture....

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  • OpenGL is not a single API anymore. OpenGL has involved into a family of APIs, with OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and WebGL being closely related siblings that enable application developers to write and deploy graphics applications on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. OpenGL has become an ecosystem; 3D graphics is truly everywhere now. OpenGL is the cross platform 3D API for desktop machines and work stations. OpenGL ES is the 3D API for mobile devices, like tablets and cell phones, and embedded platforms from settop boxes to cars.

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  • Genetically modified foods and food products derived from genetically engineered organisms are among a number of biotechnological developments intended to improve shelf life, nutritional content, flavor, color, and texture, as well as agronomic and processing characteristics. Although in popular parlance the term genetically modified often is used interchangeably with genetically engineered, in this report genetic modification refers to a range of methods used to alter the genetic composition of a plant or animal, including traditional hybridization and breeding.

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  • Recent progress in multimedia database systems has resulted in solutions for integrating and managing a variety of multimedia formats that include images, video, audio, and text [1]. Advances in automatic feature extraction and image-content analysis have enabled the development of new functionalities for searching, filtering, and accessing images based on perceptual features such as color [2,3], texture [4,5], shape [6], and spatial composition [7].

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  • Tony Smith worked first as a toolmaker and draftsman while studying painting and drawing. After serving as clerk for Frank Lloyd Wright, he managed his own successful independent practice for almost two decades. By 1960, however, he turned to sculpture. Smith preferred mild steel to Cor-Ten steel. Mild steel accommodates itself more readily to welding, resulting in greater unity of the joining planes. Its less wavy texture makes it easier to manipulate into exactly level planes.

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  • The discovery of high temperature superconductors (HTS) in 1986 by two IBM scientists led to an unprecedented explosion of research and development efforts world-wide because of the significant potential for practical applications offered by these materials. However, the early euphoria created by the exciting prospects was dampened by the daunting task of fabricating these materials into useful forms with acceptable superconducting properties. Progress towards this goal has been hindered by many intrinsic materials problems, such as weak-links, flux-creep, and poor mechanical properties.

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  • You've tackled the basics. You can blend textures and manipulate vertex buffers with the best of them. So what now? "Advanced Animation with DirectX" will show you how to move beyond the basics and into the amazing world of advanced animation techniques. Get ready to jump right in, because this book starts off with a bang. There is no time wasted on basic concepts that you've already mastered. Instead, you'll learn the techniques you need to create seamless timing, skeletal animations, and cloth simulations. Don't let the pros have all the fun...

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  • The young alluvial soils show little profile development although they are sometimes stratified. With the exception of about 800 ha of sand to loamy sand soils in one area, textures vary from sandy loam to uniform clay, with the finer textures tending to occur toward the mangrove and in the flood-prone area between the Meme and Mokoko Rivers. Although there is evidence of flooding and seasonal waterlogging from several other rivers that traverse the plain, these soils rarely show evidence of strongly reducing conditions within 1.5 m of the surface.

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  • There is a growing demand of image processing in diverse application areas, such as multimedia computing, secured image data communication, biomedical imaging, biometrics, remote sensing, texture understanding, pattern recognition, content-based image retrieval, compression, and so on. As a result, it has become extremely important to provide a fresh look at the contents of an introductory book on image processing. We attempted to introduce some of these recent developments, while retaining the classical ones....

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