Disjunctive feature descriptions

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  • Unification of disjunctive feature descriptions is important for efficient unification-based parsing. This paper presents constraint projection, a new method for unification of disjunctive feature structures represented by logical constraints. Constraint projection is a generalization of constraint unification, and is more efficient because constraint projection has a mechanism for abandoning information irrelevant to a goal specified by a list of variables. These works are based on graph unification rather than on term unification.

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  • The paper describes a new implementation of feature structures containing disjunctive values, which can be characterized by the following main points: Local representation of embedded disjunctions, avoidance of expansion to disjunctive normal form and of repeated test-unifications for checking consistence. The method is based on a modification of Kasper and Rounds' calculus of feature descriptions and its correctness therefore is easy to see. It can handle cyclic structures and has been incorporated successfully into an environment for grammar development. ...

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  • Although disjunction has been used in several unificationbased grammar formalisms, existing methods of unification have been unsatisfactory for descriptions containing large quantities of disjunction, because they require exponential time. This paper describes a method of unification by successive approximation, resulting in better average performance.

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  • A grammatical description often applies to a linguistic object only when that object has certain features. Such conditional descriptions can be indirectly modeled in Kay's Functional Unification Grammar (FUG) using functional descriptions that are embedded within disjunctive alternatives. An extension to FUG is proposed that allows for a direct representation of conditional descriptions. This extension has been used to model the input conditions on the systems of systemic grammar. Conditional descriptions are formally defined in terms of logical implication and negation.

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