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  • The Review takes an international perspective. Climate change is global in its causes and consequences, and international collective action will be critical in driving an effective, efficient and equitable response on the scale required. This response will require deeper international co-operation in many areas - most notably in creating price signals and markets for carbon, spurring technology research, development and deployment, and promoting adaptation, particularly for developing countries. ...

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  • The general picture is that older people of today are healthier than older people of two decades ago. There have been improvements in most dimensions of health. People live longer and have fewer disabilities, have less functioning loss, and report themselves to be in better health. Over time there has been some reduction in risk from smoking and a lowering of cholesterol and average triglyceride levels. However, weight increase has been notable during this period.

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  • Targeting fuel refiners and importers: influencing fuel supply. Measures to influence fuel supply might involve subsidies and transfers for research, development and deployment, or regulations and standards for fuel quality. Such standards are most effective when they regulate performance criteria, rather than fuel composition per se. Targeting developers and planners: influencing the built environment. Urban form and design can influence how long average trips taken in urban areas need to be, and what modes of transport are viable.

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  • The task force has launched a series of consultations with representatives of the farm and energy sectors, as well as leading environmental organizations, that aims to reach final decisions on the type of biofuels, as well as government funding, by year-end, Raffarin said. At present, fuel tax exonerations on the existing biofuels production cost the government [Euros] 180 million ($221 million) annually, while EU farm subsidies are estimated at nearly double this amount.

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  • The entire format, name, route and length of your event depends solely on what you want to achieve. You’re in charge of how complex or simple you want to make it. There are masses of different types of walking event, ranging from fun walks and sponsored charity walks, to courses with measured distances and long distance challenges. A promoted walking event can be very attractive to people who are unused to walking or to exploring the countryside, since they know they can’t get lost, they can go at their own pace, they may meet new friends, learn more...

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  • This report is intended as a review of the transport sector’s contribution to local and global air pollution, and presents strategic and tactical methods of combating the problem in an environment of sustainable development and economic growth. The report examines the origins of–and damages due to–air pollution from transport, assesses the underlying causes, surveys the principal strategic approaches that are being applied to the problem, and examines the various mechanisms of intervention available.

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  • It asks that the reader become a participant in a process that requires reading and analysing each initiative using different theoretical lenses. Each «experience» is organised around a theme, a learning objective, a description of an actual natural resource management and communication initiative, and one or two theoretical lenses through which to analyse the initiative. As you work through each «experience», you will be asked questions about the theory and change principles and how they relate to the initiative.

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  • According to Coppock (1994) under pastoralist management conditions, age at first calving is about four years of age. At Abernossa ranch in Ethiopia, weight and age at puberty in heifers were found to be about 155 kg and 22 months, respectively. Calving rate under a single-sire mating system was also improved to above 80% (Azage 1989), compared to about 45% under pastoral management conditions (Coppock 1994). These results would therefore indicate the improvement that could be achieved through proper selection scheme and better management....

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  • The ASRM meeting produced evidence that the current oversight of ART could be improved by the addition of insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Such coverage could promote the most medically appropriate procedures and reduce the incidence of multiple births with their accompanying risks and costs. Insurance coverage for infertility could also strengthen existing oversight and quality controls by requiring adherence to ASRM guidelines or performance of ART procedures only at clinics subject to SART standards.

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  • Although the studies differ in population coverage, sample design, method and periodicity of measurement, use of proxies, and treatment of nonresponse and missing data, the authors conclude that most analyses using data from the post- 1980 period show declines in the percentage with moderate disability and IADL disability. These declines have been shown to vary by gender (18, 47) and level of education (18); and they also differ between the young-old and the old-old (19). Generally, there is more improvement in less-severe disability....

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'health supportive design in elderly care homes: ∗ swedish examples and their implication to korean counterparts', y tế - sức khoẻ, sức khỏe người cao tuổi phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Lean Thinking Brings Powerful Financial Incentives to Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention Improvement. Pollution prevention adherents often advocate a “pollution prevention pays” theme to promote more sustainable production behavior. As well, pollution prevention guidance encourages facilities to examine the total costs of polluting behavior to ensure investment decisions are fairly and completely evaluated. This “Total Cost Assessment” approach, according to advocates, can produce a strong business case (e.g.

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  • Daily or thrice-weekly interactions with patients for directly observed treatment offer many opportunities for health education. At every visit, health workers need to show a welcoming and supportive attitude so that patients will be willing to return for the next treatment. Patient education is very important in the intensive phase of treatment. However, it is vital to a successful treatment outcome that patient education be an ongoing process throughout the duration of treatment. ...

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  • The Department of Defense's (DOD) early implementation of its nationwide managed health care program, TRICARE, is progressing consistent with congressional and DOD goals despite initial problems with marketing, beneficiary education, and computer system compatibility. However, the success of DOD's current effirts to implement resource-sharing agreements and utilization management is critical to containing health care costs. DOD also needs to gather certain enrollment and performance data so that it and the Congress can assess TRICARE's success in the future....

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  • DNA mutations that are seen in cancers happen during life rather than having been inherited. These mutations may result from exposure to radiation or carcinogens (cancer- causing chemicals). But most of these mutations happen for no apparent reason. The DNA mutations that cause tumors in people with the genetic syndromes discussed in the previous section have been identified. Overall though, these rarely cause adrenal cortical cancer.

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  • A similar effort may well be in order targeting the gay and bisexual men who are most at risk, particularly those who are living with HIV. Further research is needed to determine the prevalence and incidence of ASIL in the general population of gay and bisexual men outside of major urban centers. Programs are needed to train colposcopists in the skills of identifying and biopsying ASIL; training of colorectal surgeons is needed to optimize identification and treat- ment of ASIL.

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  • The Congress well understood the difficulty of predicting specific outcomes when it passed Truth in Lending. Rather than suggesting that the purpose of the act was to change markets or consumer behavior in some precise manner, the Congress instead stated less specifically that the act's intent was to improve information conditions generally so that consumers could avoid being "uninformed.

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  • Ducks have several advantages over other poultry species, in particular their disease tolerance. They are hardy, excellent foragers and easy to herd, particularly in wetlands where they tend to flock together. In Asia, most duck production is closely associated with wetland rice farming, particularly in the humid and subtropics. An added advantage is that ducks normally lay most of their eggs within the three hours after sunrise (compared with five hours for chickens). This makes it possible for ducks to freely range in the rice fields by day, while being confined by night.

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  • It is thought that between a third and a half of all medicines1 prescribed for long-term conditions are not taken as recommended. If the prescription is appropriate, then this may represent a loss to patients, the healthcare system and society. The costs are both personal and economic. Adherence presumes an agreement between prescriber and patient about the prescriber’s recommendations. Adherence to medicines is defined as the extent to which the patient’s action matches the agreed recommendations.

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  • Indigenous peoples regard all products of the human mind and heart as interrelated within Indigenous knowledge. They assert that all knowledge flows from the same source: the relationships between global flux that needs to be renewed, the people’s kinship with the spirit world. Since the ultimate source of knowledge is the changing ecosystem itself, art and science of a specific people manifest these relationships and can be considered as manifestations of people’s knowledge as a whole (Battiste and Henderson, 2000: 43). ...

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