Dispersive media

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  • In this research monograph, we explain the development of a mechanistic, stochastic theory of nonfickian solute dispersion in porous media. We have included sufficient amount of background material related to stochastic calculus and the scale dependency of diffusivity in this book so that it could be read independently.

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  • This chapter presents the following content: Reflection of uniform plane waves at normal incidence, standing wave ratio, wave reflection from multiple interfaces, plane wave propagation in general directions, plane wave reflection at oblique incidence angles, wave propagation in dispersive media.

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  • Onsite treatment of wastewater and onsite dispersal of treated wastewater is not a new concept. Throughout the history of civilization in this country and other places in the world, onsite wastewater systems have been and will be an integral part of the overall wastewater management infrastructure. Onsite wastewater systems are here to stay and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) views adequately managed onsite systems as a cost-effective and long-term option for meeting public health and water quality goals, particularly in less densely populated areas....

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  • ELEMENTARY ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES A. Plane, Spherical, and Gaussian Electromagnetic Waves B. Relation Between Electromagnetic Optics and Scalar Wave Optics ABSORPTION AND DISPERSION A. Absorption B. Dispersion C. The Resonant Medium PULSE PROPAGATION IN DISPERSIVE MEDIA

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  • Well known and established techniques, which allow obtaining intense laser pulses, have led to the development of advanced laser system used in science and various industries. Often at times, they combine Q-switching and mode-locking techniques in a single device to achieve unprecedented average pulse powers (e.g. HiLASE, HiPER, ELI, NIF, LiFE) for scientific applications, such as secondary sources of EUV, X-ray or particles, or as inertial confinement fusion (ICF) drivers.

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  • Pulse Propagation in Dispersive Media Các hình thức nhân giống của Eq. (3.1.1) cho phép chúng ta nghĩ về lĩnh vực tuyên truyền như đầu ra của một hệ thống tuyến tính, tuyên truyền, các bộ lọc có đáp ứng tần số H (z, ω) = e-jk (ω) z (3.1.

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  • We have attempted to explain the concepts which have been used and developed to model the stochastic dynamics of natural and biological systems. While the theory of stochastic differential equations and stochastic processes provide an attractive framework with an intuitive appeal to many problems with naturally induced variations, the solutions to such models are an active area of research, which is in its infancy. Therefore, this book should provide a large number of areas to research further.

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  • Estimating the transport and fate of chemicals released into the environment is an interesting and challenging task. The global environment is large on the chemical transport and fate scale. This text applies the mathematics of diffusion, turbulent diffusion, and dispersion to the atmosphere, lakes, rivers, groundwater, and oceans, as well as transport between these media. The book follows a new educational paradigm of textbooks, in that it is based on examples and case studies.

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  • THEORY OF FOUR-WAVE MIXING NONLINEAR MEDIA DISPERSIVE NONLINEAR MEDIA OPTICAL SOLITONS Nicolaas Bloembergen (born 1920) has carried out pioneering studies in nonlinbar optics since the early 1960s. He shared the 1981 Nobel Prize with Arthur Schawlow. 737 Throughout the long history of optics, and

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  • Starting from a derivation of the conservation equations for multicomponent multiphase flows in porous media and a discussion of convective vs. diffusive/dispersive transport, the reader is introduced to a mathematical framework, based on the method of characteristics, for solving convection-dominated transport problems.

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  • Li et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:373 http://www.nanoscalereslett.com/content/6/1/373 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Preparation and properties of copper-oil-based nanofluids Dan Li1*, Wenjie Xie2 and Wenjun Fang3* Abstract In this study, the lipophilic Cu nanoparticles were synthesized by surface modification method to improve their dispersion stability in hydrophobic organic media. The oil-based nanofluids were prepared with the lipophilic Cu nanoparticles. The transport properties, viscosity, and thermal conductivity of the nanofluids have been measured.

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  • Bai and Wang Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:240 http://www.nanoscalereslett.com/content/6/1/240 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Constructal blade shape in nanofluids Chao Bai, Liqiu Wang* Abstract Blade configuration of nanofluids has been proven to perform much better than dispersed configuration for some heat conduction systems.

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  • Following an extended period during which the research priorities of the discipline of television studies were oriented around audiences and reception practices, since the 1990s television scholars have “returned” to the television text. 3 In conjunction with this aesthetic (re)turn, scholars have undertaken to map the shifting horizons of the television text, revisiting and revising foundational models of television’s textuality in ways which account for dispersals, extensions, and expansions of the medium’s narratives and storyworlds across media.

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  • Is the role of the government and media policy moot in the age of the Internet? While it is surely true that the social organization of news media and their relations with diverse publics are complicated by the Internet, it is highly debatable whether this has led to a disintegration or dispersal of power, as some philosophers have argued.

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  • Bồi lắng pha rắn trong các phương tiện truyền thông liên tục phụ thuộc vào độ nhớt của phương tiện truyền thông, tính chất vật lý, hình thức, bề mặt gồ ghề, nồng độ của các hạt [1]. Bên cạnh đó, sức căng bề mặt cũng có tác dụng để lắng.

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  • This book is devoted to one of the most interesting and rapidly developing areas of modern nonlinear physics and mathematics – theoretical, analytical and numerical, study of the structure and dynamics of one-dimensional as well as two- and three-dimensional solitons and nonlinear wave packets described by the Korteweg–de Vries (KdV), Kadomtsev–Petviashvili (KP), nonlinear Schr¨odinger (NLS) and derivative nonlinear Schr¨odinger (DNLS) classes of equations.

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