Divorced spouse

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  • If you have been divorced, your former wife or husband who is age 60 or older (50-59 if disabled) can get benefits if your marriage lasted at least 10 years. Your former spouse, however, does not have to meet the age or length- of-marriage rule if he or she is caring for his/her child who is younger than age 16 or who is disabled and also entitled based on your work. The child must be your former spouse’s natural or legally adopted child. Benefits paid to you as a surviving divorced spouse who meets the age or disability requirement as a widow...

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  • If we live, we die. It is that simple and that complex. If we love someone or even like him or her a lot, it hurts when he or she dies, and we feel a sense of loss. Sometimes the hurt is manageable and we are able to regroup, rebound, and move on with our lives, holding on to memories or feelings about the dead person. Sometimes we are not able to move forward, getting immersed in the sadness and pain of our loss. Fortunately, there are people who are trained to help those who get stuck on their journey from loss....

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  • A separation agreement, which is a voluntary contract between the parties. It is a private matter, not needing court sanction or ap­ proval. A marriage contract, entered into before or during marriage, may also contain terms effective on the separation of the spouses.

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  • We used the same methodology to project the share of single-family attached, single-family detached, multi-family, and manufactured units for each age group. We acknowledge that the adjustment factor used to calculate the number of householders is a simplifying one. It does not account for any subsequent changes in tastes and preferences, much less any changes in life choice trends – e.g., living long enough to remarry and have a second spouse after either being widowed or divorced. However, the direction or impact these types of changes will have is uncertain.

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