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  • Breast cancer survivors have a unique risk for negative health outcomes. Engaging in routine physical activity (PA) can reduce these risks. However, PA levels are low among this population. Narrative visualization (NV) is a technique that uses drawings, photographs, and text to contextualize data, which may increase integrated regulation, or motivation related to personal values and identity.

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  • This study focuses on the construction of meaningful work within the social entrepreneurship context. In light of the hidden costs of meaningful work, this study challenges the problematic assumption that work in the social sector is inherently meaningful. Drawing on in-depth interview data with 40 social entrepreneurs in Malaysia (MSEs), findings of the study demonstrates that social entrepreneurs sought after meaningfulness at work that aligns with their values, and the experience of meaningful work is realized when a positive change takes place.

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  • This research investigates the perspectives of the novice lecturers in the Faculty of English Language Teacher Education (FELTE) regarding Teaching Practicum’s impacts on their classroom management skills. Using survey research, data was gathered through questionnaires distributed among the whole population of 29 participants, followed by semi-structured interviews to gain a deeper insight into participants’ experience.

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  • In this framework, low-powered sensor nodes are based on the micro:bit platform, providing a multiple footprints for different sensor connections. The wireless capability on micro:bit provides a complete solution to deploy the system in such places that wire is impractical to draw. The data is wirelessly gathered by a basestation node that is powered by Android Things operating system provided by Google. This operating system is based on the Android platform for smart devices and Internet of Things products.

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  • The present research was conducted in Purabazar block of Faizabad district to assess the impact of MNREGA on women empowerment. The data was collected through personal interview with help of interview schedule. The data finalized and tabulated was done with the use of percentage, mean and standard deviation for drawing the inferences with variables on the basis of data it was observed that the MNREGA job holder belongs to below poverty line.

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  • This study offers voice to young adolescent women with cerebral palsy (CP) in Bangladesh as they describe their menstrual experiences and needs, and their mothers providing menstrual support. Method: Semi-structured focus groups with adolescents with CP, and separately their mother. Data was analysed using a material discursive framework and drawing on feminist disability theory.

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  • Maps have long been identified as a political document aimed at structuring human senses, expectations, desire and notion on the space around. Developments in Geographic information technology which combines GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS has created new avenues in mapping and spatial decision making. Advent of FOSSGIS and Web GIS has further simplified data availability and analytical capability. These new technological advances have helped the use of critical mapping which is a set of new mapping practices and theoretical critique grounded in critical theory.

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  • Present study was conducted in Haryana to find out adoption level of animal husbandry practices in Haryana. The data were collected with the help of well-structured and pretested interview schedule and analyzed through computer software Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) for tabulating results and drawing conclusions and recommendations.

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  • The paper intends to measure the daily Value-at-Risk (VaR) for Rial-Euro exchange rate fluctuations risk. Since in this case we deal with a single risk factor, so we will not use the Monte Carlo simulation method to measure the VaR and we will only use the parametric and historical simulation methods for this purpose. The parametric method using the normal distribution and historical simulation with exponentially weighted data and without weighting is used to calculate VaR.

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  • The state of Meghalaya is blessed with abundant rainfall, fertile soil, diversity in natural resources and having a strong base in traditional knowledge, which have made it favorable for its Agricultural growth but still there is a decline in agricultural output. Land degradation due to loss of fertility and lots of other bio-physical and socio-economic causes paves the way for food insecurity, livelihood and affecting the economy of the state as a whole.

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  • The Hilbert-Huang Transform(HHT) algorithm which proposed in recent years escape itself from the requirement of linear and smooth, and it has a clear physical meaning. The data comes from the Shanghai Composite stock index which is decomposed by HHT. It consists of two parts, the first part is empirical mode decomposition(EMD), the second part is the Hilbert Spectrum.

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  • Globalization has forced many countries to rely on one another for products and services which they are unable to source locally. More so, trade is used as the channel to procure those. South Africa and China share very close relations which are boosted by South Africa’s neo-liberal policy, and its membership of the BRICS bloc. Often, this relationship has been subjected to different interpretations leading to the inability to reach a consensus on South Africa’s intention and exact benefits from neo-liberalization and membership of BRICS bloc.

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  • The present investigation was undertaken in Deoghar block of Deoghar district in Jharkhand. Purposive sampling was followed for the selection of one hundred and twenty respondents, dividing them into two groups beneficiaries who were availing the benefits of the Kisan Credit Card Scheme and non-beneficiaries who were not availing any benefits of KCC Scheme. Pre-structured interview schedule was used to collect the data, collected data were tabulated and analysed with suitable statistics to draw conclusion.

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  • India being the agriculture based country; livestock sector becomes the backbone of the nation’s development in terms of economy and various other sectors as well. Livestock production serves as the main source of employment, income and food for over seventy percent of Indian population and women play the role of the hidden working force behind the establishment of livestock sector.

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  • Self-regulated learning (SRL) has been well-documented in prior studies as a critical factor for academic success. While previous educational researchers have acknowledged the fact that SRL is both domain and context-dependent (Wolter & Pintrich, 1998), research examining learners’ self-regulatory activities in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) context is rather limited.

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  • In the qualitative aspect of work was used structured interview form, face to face interviews which were identified to code-categories and analyzed the data. As a result of the work, students had difficulty in drawing the volume of concept but they had expressed that the volume of concept was clearer. Moreover, it was determined that the rate of preference volume of concept during the exam was low.

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  • Chapter 18 - Measures of association. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: How correlation analysis may be applied to study relationships between two or more variables; the uses, requirements, and interpretation of the product moment correlation coefficient; how predictions are made with regression analysis using the method of least squares to minimize errors in drawing a line of best fit;...

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  • Antecedents and Consequence of international Joint Venture Learning: The Case of Vietnam. This emp irical study addresses factors associated with learning in international joint ventures with data collected in Vietnam. Drawing f rom the p revious literature in learning through alliances, this research p resents and tests a theoretical model linking IJV learning, its antecedents and consequence.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "quantitative methods for business" has contents: managers and numbers, calculations and equations, drawing graphs, collecting data, using numbers to describe data, describing changes with index numbers, finance and performance,...and other contents.

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  • visio 2010 is the most current version of microsoft’s dynamic software program which allows users to create a wide range of visual elements in professional and management presentations--from technical drawings and flowcharts, to office layout diagrams, construction blueprints, and calendars.

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