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  • The bleached pulps were screened prior to sheet preparation. All analyses were performed according to ISO and SCAN standards, except for the carbohydrate analysis of straw which was done by high-performance anion-exchange chromatography (HPAEC). The ashing was conducted at 550°C for 12 h. The mechanically refined pulp after hot water treatment was fractioned with a Bauer McNett apparatus. The paper technical properties were determined from the combined 100 and 200 mesh fractions.

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  • Continued growth in annual fuel cell system shipments was seen worldwide in 2011, increasing 39% compared to 2010 to reach a new high of 24,600 units. So far 2012 has seen that momentum maintained and our expectations are for full-year system shipments to more than triple relative to 2011, reaching 78,200. In megawatt terms, 2011 grew 20% versus the previous year to exceed 100 MW for the fi rst time and we anticipate a further 61% growth in megawatts for 2012, totalling 175.8 MW. A number of high-profi le developments took place, including a surge in large stationary fuel cell...

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  • Banking activities have a relatively large share of GDP in the U.K. compared to other countries. In this paper the focus will be on the domestic activities of the banks and non-banks. The latter can be defined as lenders, which have their funding provided by the wholesale money and capital markets, rather than by their own depositors. Many banks in the U.K., especially in the City of London are involved in cross-border activities, either as currency traders, bond and share traders and/or as risk traders in the derivatives markets.

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  • The HITIDE Subgroup focuses on governance challenges, operational opportunities, and issues relevant to HITIDE projects. Its current interests include interoperability, standards, de-identified test data, and organizational barriers. medical device interoperability (NIH Affiliate, ONC Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects [SHARP] program); and developing substitutable, modular applications for health IT systems (ONC SHARP program).

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  • Through history, expression of Dionysian ideals often seemed inspired as a reaction to the dominant tradition of reason. While the rise and fall of tension between the two traditions may make for a dramatic story and inspire many to choose one side or the other, Dewey and other holists would insist that the complete human experience is always the unity of the two. Thus, it is neither accurate nor sensible to assert that one side is more important than the other or to force an either/or choice. That said,...

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  • The good news is that more and more content is being “born digital” without the need for scanning. We expect that, over time, more and more information will arrive digitally, including bills, correspondence, financial statements, music, and photos. Articles in professional journals, newspapers, and magazines are perhaps the most valuable content that a professional and many of these are available digitally now. RSS feeds from professional organizations will improve this situation.

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  • As the project unfolds, the manager can track tasks that are on schedule, those that are lagging and those that are critical. At the end of the project, the manager can go back over the project plan to see what was close to the mark and what needs improvement in the future. This is but a fraction of what Project Management Software can do for complex management assignments. While many, if not most PR practitioners do not use such software today, it may make sense to look into it and to see if your organization can...

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  • The IRS also faces significant enforcement challenges posed by the complexity and magnitude of the international financial system. As technology continues to advance and cross-border transactions rise, the IRS faces the growing challenge created by economic globalization. Over the past few years, the IRS has taken action to coordinate international tax compliance issues.

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  • The financial statements of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (the ‘Parent Company') are included in the statements of the Philips Group. The unconsolidated statements of income of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. therefore reflect only the net after-tax income from affiliated companies and other income after taxes. The accompanying notes are an integral part of the consolidated financial statements. Presentation balance sheet and income statement In 1997, the Company changed the format of its consolidated balance sheet presentation.

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  • The first important question is “What is a Web application”? Although most people have an intuitive notion of what comprises a Web-enabled application, rarely do we think about its scope and complexity. Web applications are typically multi-layered entities that include code and data residing in many places within the enterprise (see Figure 1) that can be accessed directly or indirectly from the Internet. Some parts of the application are typically developed in house are unique to the enterprise while others are purchased from an external vendor (e.g.

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  • Assuming that (1) new information will correct or improve the firm's prior beliefs and (2) the firm has the technical and regulatory flexibility to alter its decisions, we are ultimately concerned with the economic value of the changed decision. Given that the firm will "re- optimize" based on the new, better information, what is the value of that re-optimization? Assume that Chemical A's cost was found to be grossly underestimated and that the firm was able to identify a substitute input B whose true cost was substantially lower.

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  • The relative peace following the common position among government officials and representatives of EU institutions was suddenly put into question on 17 October. At that date the President of the European Commission Romano Prodi declared that excessively strict rules are not sensible and the rigid implementation of the Pact is “stupid,” as all rigid decisions.

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  • Finally, another issue, which has aroused a considerable amount of interest in the literature, is the role of the bank-customer relationship in credit risk. Non-financial companies can benefit from close relationships with banks through easier access to credit, in terms of both the amount of credit they can obtain and how much it costs them, the protection they have during recession and even an implicit insurance of the cost of finance [Petersen and Rajan (1994)].

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  • Several key terms that are used throughout this report bear mention. The two most significant related terms for subsets of “credit rating agencies” are “nationally recognised statistical rating organisations” (NRSROs), which are regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC), and “external credit assessment institutions” (ECAIs), a term set forth in the Basel II framework. The term “NRSRO” is defined in United States (US) legislation4 and is limited to credit rating agencies that have applied for and been granted registration by the US SEC.

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  • Greek philosopher Empedocles (500 BC) suggested that chemical changes are caused by an emotional likes and dislikes. The love between two substances will make them unite and form a third substance. On the other hand, if the substances start to had each other they will decompose.

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  • Usually, the primary prerequisite for implementing network security, and the driver for the security design process, is the security policy. A security policy is a formal statement, supported by a company’s highest levels of management, regarding the rules by which employees who have access to any corporate resource abide. The security policy should address two main issues: the security requirements as driven by the business needs of the organization, and the implementation guidelines regarding the available technology.

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  • Analysis of differences in content of nutrients and other substances in livestock products (meat, dairy, eggs) was more limited given the smaller evidence base. Analysis was conducted on nutrients or nutrient groups for which numeric data were provided in at least 5 of the 25 livestock product studies identified by the review.

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  • A written lease contains obligations for both the landlord and the tenant. Unless the lease says diff erently, the landlord cannot raise the rent during the term of the lease. But, unlike most oral leases, written leases usually commit a tenant to rent payments for a fi xed amount of time, whether or not the tenant lives in the apartment. In Florida, a landlord does not have to make any special eff orts to re-rent your place if you breach the lease by moving out early. (Fla. Stat. § 83.595 (1)(c)). A written lease also minimizes disputes...

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  • A critiquing system is a tool that analyzes a design at hand and provides feed- back to help a designer improve the solution (Fischer, Lemke, Mastaglio & Morch, 1991; Oh, Gross & Do, 2008). Although the researchers of critiquing systems take the concept of ‘critiquing’ from the field of design, they lack a clear understand- ing of design critiquing. Most critiquing systems have focused on detecting errors, or opportunities for offering corrective feedback.

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  • The approach taken in these studies is largely a-theoretic. More specifically, they implicitly model the demand for assets as being a function of only current demographics. Unless investors are completely myopic, however, the expected rate of return on investments will be a further determinant of how much people want to invest. Thus there will a feedback from the future path of stock prices back to the pattern of investment. And future stock prices will in turn be influenced by future demographics.

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