Dry sliding surfaces

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  • Infrared Thermography (IRT) is commonly as a NDE tool to identify damages and provide remedial action. The fields of application are vast, such as, materials science, life sciences and applied engineering. This book offers a collection of ten chapters with three major sections - relating to application of infrared thermography to study problems in materials science, agriculture, veterinary and sports fields as well as in engineering applications. Both mathematical modeling and experimental aspects of IRT are evenly discussed in this book.

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  • Deproteinated cheese whey was used for biomass production of probiotic strain Lactobacillus helveticus MTCC 5463 in a biofermenter. Optimization of growth parameters such as temperature, pH and time of incubation as well as nutrient supplementation of cheese whey was carried out using response surface methodology (RSM). Cheese whey supplemented with 0.95% yeast extract and 0.95% proteose peptone, inoculated with 6% (v/v) active culture of L. helveticus MTCC 5463 and fermented for 24 h at optimized temperature of 40ºC and pH 6.25 yielded 3.25 g/L dry cell biomass and 14.

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  • The effects of micronization methods, mechanical and jet millings, on the physico-chemical properties of mushroom (Lentinus edodes) powder were investigated in contrast to shear pulverization. The powders of dried mushroom cap and stipe were prepared to obtain six powders. Compared to shear pulverization, mechanical and jet millings effectively reduced particle size and brought about a narrow and uniform particle size distribution.

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  • An ideal aspirate is of creamy consistency with numerous cells suspended in a small amount of tissue fluid without admixture with blood. Such aspirates are smeared immediately using another slide or cover slip or with the needle itself and dropped into the fixative. At the beginning of the smearing process, while the material is still in a drop on the slide, the surface area for evaporation is relatively small and hence a short delay will not cause significant air-drying.

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