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  • part2 book “abc of clinical leadership” has contents: leading and improving clinical services, educational leadership, leading for collaboration and partnership working, understanding yourself as leader, leading in a culturally diverse health service, gender and leadership, leading ethically and with integrity, developing leadership at all levels.

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  • Ethical professional practice is the hallmark of effective educational leadership. To be an exemplary educational leader it is imperative to have a deeply developed and integrated level of ethical knowledge and awareness. This essential form of professional knowledge enables educational leaders to respond to the complex and multi-faceted ethical dimensions inherent in the challenges, tensions, issues and dilemmas that are consistently encountered in professional practice.

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  • Women have made enormous strides in recent decades, as they entered and rose through the ranks of corporations to attain leadership positions. Despite these gains, however, and despite the number of women in business schools, and in lower and middle management positions, the status of women at the top of corporate America has not increased as expected. According to the 2006 Census released by Catalyst, a research and advisory organization that conducts research on women’s career advancement, in 2006 women held just 15.

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  • Projects in the area of Information Technology (IT) can also be added to the three categories cited above. When you compare these project areas with what happens in a conventional education organisation, it will be clear that DE organisations tend to be different in the sense that they are project driven. Now, let’s set another milestone. Let us suppose you work for the Swaziland Emlalatini Centre for Distance Education, the Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre, the Tanzania Institute of Adult Education, or any institution in SADC, respond to this task.

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  • Bob Palestini has been a former dean of graduate studies and a professor of education for twenty years at my alma mater, Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. His expertise and research interest is educational leadership. His twelve books on leadership have been outstanding in their own right but his current three-book series relates his theories on leadership to basketball, football, and baseball coaching and makes for a very interesting and intriguing connection.

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  • Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality makes the case that reform of health professions education is critical to enhancing the quality of health care in the United States. In laying the footings for this bridge, the committee that produced this report wishes to underscore that any such reform effort must encompass all health professionals, recognize each profession’s contribution, and include those outside education who, to more and lesser degrees, shape what health professionals are taught.

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  • The leadership of Qatar has a social and political vision that calls for improving the outcomes of the Qatari K-12 education system. With this vision in mind, the leadership asked RAND to examine Qatar

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  • The research was a qualitative study using a narrative inquiry research design as a means to elicit the lived experience of some respected female education leaders in VNU. However, a higher number of male leaders than female ones still fills senior management roles in Vietnamese higher education.This study explores of perspective the leadership styles of women leaders who want to positions of leadership in higher education.

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  • This papar presents the literature based research into the quality assurance practices in higher education. A framework consisting of five components - leadership and management, stakeholder engagement, internal processes, cooperation and collaboration, and culture of continuous quality improvement - will be presented.

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  • The present study aims to analyze the effect of school culture, motivation and principal leadership through teachers’ performance on education quality. It is specifically intends to identify the dominant variables affecting teacher performance.

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  • The purpose of the present study lies in determining the visionary leadership manifest in the administrative staff of the Guapan Educational Unit, with the research taking the form of a positivist descriptive research study that will deepen the knowledge of the variable that concerns us: visionary leadership.

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  • The Marketing Leadership Audit has educational and team building components. One objective of this session is to assess your place or company’s market orientation. You will see that there are several underlying factors to market orientation and that the extent to which a manager of a company/place is market-oriented –and a leader—is somewhat contingent upon perception.

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  • This book is about mentoring-coaching. It shows how mentoring and coaching are so inseparably linked that they are best viewed as a single process. Hence the hyphen. Research has indicated that there is much for organizations to gain by building mentoring-coaching into the daily practice of leaders and managers at all levels and in all kinds of organization. In work undertaken by Hay McBer and by Daniel Goleman et al.

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  • Marcelo Thalenberg (Sao Paulo, Brazil) has over 30 years experience in the technology business as both an executive and entrepreneur in companies like Texas Instruments and Avnet, among others. Today, Marcelo is the president of MT Criativa, a consulting and entrepreneurial education company. The company provides time, teamwork, marketing and sales management training using Microsoft Outlook. Marcelo writes articles in electronics and computer magazines including Eletronica Saber. He has written a marketing trends column and most recently has written about time management at Voce S.

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  • The pace and scope of change in the world and in organizations during the past 10 years have been unprecedented. In this environment, staying ahead of the curve and being adequately prepared for work, management, and leadership has been challenging—even daunting. At the same time, a massive shift in the balance of economic power is under way, with many of the world’s largest economies slowing down as other economies continue to grow and gain power, bringing prosperity to many and a new world order.

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  • Graduate students enrolled in the three-year, full-time Doctor of Physical Therapy program have unique opportunities to practice specific learning objectives in a variety of clinical settings. The partnership between Alamance Regional Medical Center and Elon’s Department of Physical Therapy offers students a wealth of clinical and research opportunities. The philosophy of the DPT program emphasizes critical thinking, active learning, strong clinical experiences, and inquiry-based approaches to treatment and research.

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  • Management skill and strong team building abilities are often perceived as essential leadership attributes for successful entrepreneurs. Robert B. Reich considers leadership, management ability, and team-building as essential qualities of an entrepreneur. This concept has its origins in the work of Richard Cantillon in his Essai sur la Nature du Commerce en (1755) and Jean-Baptiste Say [5] in his Treatise on Political Economy.

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  • Women's involvement in the formal sector has mainly been urban-based, as civil servants in the health and education sectors, where they had a sizeable presence before the conflict. This was severely disrupted by the strong restrictions on female employment during the Taliban period. Currently, close to one-third of all teachers are female, while an estimated 40% of all basic health facilities lack female staff, a clear constraint to delivering basic services (health, in particular) to women.

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  • This book is dedicated to those quality professionals, past, present, and future, who seek to advance the quality sciences through traditional education and scientific research. This book is also dedicated to my close friends and family members, who gave and did not take, built and did not destroy. Especially to my wife Julie, who believed in me.

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