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Electrical system design

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  • The paper aimed to design supply chain management information system model for electric power management in Thailand and an evaluation of the model. A Samples are ten experts within the field of information system and supply chain. The data is analysed by means and standardized deviations.

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  • Part 1 book "Outside plant engineering handbook" includes content: AT&T outside plant systems; planning; exchange network design; pressurization; transmission; electrical protection; cable entrance facilities; conduit; buried plantl aerial plant.

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  • This article presents a novel algorithm, named BPRU, designed to reduce the complexity of high-order systems while preserving passive (real-positive) properties and stability. Additionally, this technique can also reduce the order of unstable systems.

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  • The integration of Electric Power Steering (EPS) in automobiles is crucial to reduce the steering effort for drivers while ensuring optimal steering performance to aid in vehicle control. The EPS system mandates a minimum 2Nm torque input from the driver to initiate steering wheel movement in all conditions.

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  • This study was carried out to calculate and design the mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical control systems of a CVT test bench. With the initially designed test bench simulated, it is possible to evaluate the characteristic quantities controlling the transmission ratio of the gearbox such as the pressure acting on the pulleys, the force acting on the belt, the torque at axes corresponding to different load modes vary from 2kW to 6 kW.

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  • In this study, the algorithm was applied to a model of an unstable electrical system with a degree of 66 and reduced to degrees 8 and 15. Simulation results using Matlab showed that the HBT method was successful in reducing the order of the system and improved simulation time. The reduced-order system of degrees 8 or 15 can be used in place of the original system in applications in the time or frequency domain during analysis, design, simulation or implementation of electrical networks.

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  • Ebook "Operating systems: Internals and design principles (Ninth edition - Global edition)" provides a comprehensive, unified introduction to operating systems topics aimed at computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering majors. Author William Stallings emphasises both design issues and fundamental principles in contemporary systems, while providing readers with a solid understanding of the key structures and mechanisms of operating systems.

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  • Ebook Mechanical engineers’ handbook - Volume 2: Design, instrumentation, and controls (Fourth Edition) – Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 15 electric circuits; chapter 16 measurements; chapter 17 signal processing; chapter 18 data acquisition and display systems; chapter 19 systems engineering: analysis, design, and information processing for analysis and design; chapter 20 mathematical models of dynamic physical systems; chapter 21 basic control systems design; chapter 22 general-purpose control devices; chapter 23 neural networks in feedback control systems; chapter 24 mechatronics; cha...

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  • Ebook "A design manual: Research and technology buildings" teach designing buildings to accommodate a range of functions, from laboratory experiments through prototype development to presentation and marketing is an architectural field of great potential. Commissioned by universities, public institutes and private companies, the challenge is to reconcile security and accessibility, laboratories equipped with sensitive, state-ofthe-art instruments and facilities for theoretical research.

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  • Thermal cameras are useful devices that are used in many different situations, such as quality control, system maintenance, structural repair, security, medical, monitoring, treatment. and diagnose human health or to research and develop advanced technological components. It provides visual temperature information that cannot be perceived by the human senses.

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  • This study analyzes the quarter car braking model to determine the effect of the wheel slip ratio (λ) on the friction coefficient (µ) during the braking of the car. The results of braking distance, deceleration, and brake pressure are considered and analyzed to select a suitable braking system for the operating conditions of the designed truck.

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  • Emerging Trends in Mechatronics presents the following content: Intelligent Control System of Generated Electrical Pulses at Discharge Machining; Conceptual Design Evaluation of Mechatronic Systems; Mechatronics for the Design of Inspection Robotic Systems;...

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  • This paper proposes a new method for inspecting the order of electrical colored wires in industrial connector cables manufacture. The system is able to check the difference in the color, number of wires, and color sequence cables connector with the self-designing model. The system learns the model cable and then it can automatically inspect each cable assembly by machine.

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  • The aim of this thesis is investigate and design a small antenna which can be embedded onto a Polyethylene substrate (used for making roof tiles). The antenna can be used to harvest ambient energy by connecting it to a rectifier. Due to the dimensional constraints of a roof tile as well as the materials used, there are limitations imposed on the antenna size, and thus the radiation efficiency and bandwidth often become a limiting factor in the overall performance of the system.

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  • Understanding the financial performance of an engineered system is a key step to its commercialization. In this study, the economic performance of the Mk1 PB-FHR using a nuclear air combined cycle to produce base load nuclear power, and highly efficient peaking power with gas co-firing, was estimated for a regulated electricity market structure.

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  • A miniature integrated nuclear reactor design with gravity independent autonomous circulation (ACMIR) was newly proposed. The reactor core, energy transfer system of Stirling and linear electric motors are integrated in the reactor pressure vessel to achieve high power density and autonomous circulation capability.

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  • This paper proposes a method of transmitting data on lines of distribution network. The paper utilizes a proper modulation method as well as proposes designs, especially filters, to minimize impacts of existing harmonics in power system on the accuracy of obtained information.

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  • This paper presents the design of a DC – AC 3 phase 2 stages converter using programmable controllers which is performed on PSIM simulation software. The idea of this strategy is to present a method of controlling a large capacity DC-AC 3-phase AC voltage converter, with 380±20 VAC voltage output and 50Hz frequency, which is used for areas that need 3-phase electricity from the solar power system.

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  • (BQ) Ebook Automotive engineering: Powertrain, chassis system and vehicle body – Part 1 includes the following content: Section 1 introduction to engine design, section 2 engine testing, section 3 engine emissions, section 4 digital engine control, section 5 transmissions, section 6 electric vehicles, section 7 hybrid vehicles, section 8 suspensions, section 9 steering, section 10 tyres, section 11 handling, section 12 brakes.

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  • Magnetodynamic problems are present everywhere in electrical systems in general and electrical equipments in particular. Thus, studying magnetodynamic problems becomes very important in the electromagnetic devices and is always topical subjects for researchers and designers in worldwide.

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