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  • Planning involves selecting a course of action and specifying how the action will be implemented. The first step in planning is to identify the various alternatives. Next, the alternative that does the best job of furthering the organization’s objectives is selected. Management’s plans are usually expressed in budgets. Typically, budgets are prepared annually under the direction of the controller, who is the manager of the accounting department.

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  • Some types of PPE are simply not appropriate for use in certain situations. For instance, let's say you have maintenance employees working in a shop area where they have been assigned to wear ANSI-approved safety glasses with side shields for protection against flying particles generated at various grinding machines. One of these employees is called away to work in a treating area where dip tanks are located. Assigned PPE in the treating area consists of chemical-protective splash goggles.

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  • Training aims to improve employees’ current work skills and behavior, whereas development aims to increase abilities in relation to some future position or job. In this chapter, we examine how the international assignment is a vehicle for both training and development...

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  • State statutes define a position as a "group of duties and responsibilities...which require the services of an employee on a part-time or full-time basis." A position description (PD) is a structured document assigning work to a given position as it is expected to be performed after customary orientation and training. It will tell the reader what the worker is responsible for doing, how it is done, and how it relates to other positions within and outside the work unit.

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  • The manager chose two people from her own department to work on the project. She also asked a programmer from data processing to join her team. They met, discussed the project, and decided upon a schedule and deadlines. Then the manager assigned her two employees specific responsibilities. One was asked to design reports that would meet the treasurer’s criteria. The other was asked to define file requirements and changes in input. The two were to meet periodically with the programmer to discuss program changes.

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