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  • "Trust, Responsibility, and Control: The Ethics of Accounting and Finance," the Tenth National Conference on Business Ethics, was held on the campus of Bentley College on October 17-18, 1994. The conference, which was sponsored by the Center for Business Ethics with the advice and assistance of members of the Bentley Department of Accountancy, covered a variety of issues that are of central importance for contemporary businesses.

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  • Ownership rates across all age groups increased between 1985 and 2003. Again, this is a well- documented and understood change that has been driven by a number of economic factors, including, but not limited to, falling interest rates, rising standards of living, public policies helping low- and middle-income families afford home ownership. Among the elderly population, the ownership rate for population 85 and over exhibited the highest increase – i.e., 16 percentage points. Data show that the ownership rate peaks at the age 62 to 74.

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  • This paper focuses primarily on analysis of the quantitative aspects of the research, although this form of data collection was complemented by a series of consumer focus groups. viii The data was gathered using a postal and web-based questionnaire that contained identical items. Although each sample was analysed individually, in this paper these datasets have been combined and any notable differences highlighted where appropriate.

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  • Selection of chemical markers is crucial for the quality control of herbal medicines, including authentication of genuine species, harvesting the best quality raw materials, evaluation of post- harvesting handling, assessment of intermediates and finished products, and detection of harmful or toxic ingredients. Ideal chemical markers should be the therapeutic components of herbal medicines. However, for most herbal medicines, the therapeutic components have not been fully elucidated or easily monitored.

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  • The effect of HNC on air quality is measured using hourly air pollution records from monitoring stations. Pollution levels are compared before and after the restrictions for five major pollutants with levels in previous years acting as a comparison group to control for seasonal variation. The analysis controls for possible confounding factors by restricting the sample to a relatively narrow time window around the implementation of HNC and by using a regression discontinuity design. Across pollutants and specifications there is no evidence that the program has improved air quality.

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  • In the Christian tradition, the doctrine of ‘just war’ has evolved throughout the last 1,700 years, originating with St. Augustine and later significantly shaped by St Thomas Aquinas, both of whom developed ideas of the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the Roman philosopher Cicero. 15 Saint Augustine (354-430) served as Bishop of Hippo for 34 years. His idea of just war has two foundations. The first, owing much to the Eastern religious traditions, is that in all things a person should not act out of selfish considerations.

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  • A further reason for the lack of green investments by pension funds is that their asset allocation to private equity and particularly infrastructure related assets in general remains limited.

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  • Aboriginal peoples have distinctive perspectives and understandings, deriving from their cultures and histories and embodied in Aboriginal languages. Research that has Aboriginal experience as its subject matter must reflect these perspectives and understandings. In the past, research concerning Aboriginal peoples has usually been initiated outside the Aboriginal community and carried out by non Aboriginal people. Aboriginal people have had almost no opportunity to correct misinformation or to challenge ethnocentric and racist interpretations.

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  • In addition to ovulation, another critical function occurs during the menstrual cycle. The woman’s body must be prepared in case fertilization occurs. Everything must be ready to nurture the developing embryo. Dur- ing the first two weeks of the cycle, estrogen causes the lining of the uterus to thicken. There is also an increase in the amount of blood that flows to this area. During the second half of the cycle, after ovulation has occurred, the follicle (now without the egg cell) develops into a yellow-colored body, the corpus luteum.

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  • The increase in single-family detached housing for those aged 62 and older during the 1985 through 2003 period may be highlighting the “aging in place” choice discussed in the literature. Based on the age groups’ rates in 1985, the group aged 45 to 54 would be expected to move out of single-family detached (72.7 percent to 60.8 percent). The actual change, however, was much lower – i.e., 72.5 percent to 71.8 percent. Other factors may be drivers as well, however – e.g., single-family homes became increasingly affordable as interest rates fell. The shift from apartments, which tend.

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  • In order to maintain the integrity of the community, we report observed or suspected violations of this code of ethics with a spirit of fairness, honesty, and respect for the rights of others. Those who report alleged misconduct and those against whom allegations are reported are afforded all rights provided by University policies as well as all applicable state and federal laws. Those who are found to have violated this code will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, termination of employment, or termination of relationship.

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  •  Maximizing Operational Efficiency and Reducing Air Emissions: The Natural Gas STAR Program, a flexible, voluntary partnership between EPA and oil and natural gas operating companies, encourages companies—both in the United States and internationally—to adopt proven, cost-effective technologies and practices that improve operational efficiency and reduce methane emissions. This very successful voluntary program has 130 domestic partner companies and 8 international partner companies.

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  • Generally speaking, direct assembly coding can outperform the use of intrinsics. Nevertheless, for fairness of comparison with algorithms coded in C,we use the provided intrinsics. Our experimental results use single precision 32-bit float- ing point values as the element data type, unless otherwise mentioned. Since SSE and SSE2 registers are 128 bits, this choice means that S = 4. Our Pentium4 machine runs at 1.8 GHz, has 1GB of Rambus RDRAM, and uses the RedHat Linux 7.1 operating system. We use Intel's C++ compiler with the highest optimization level.

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  • The International Master’s Program in the Economics of Culture: Policy, Government and Management is organized by CEIS- Centre for Economic and International Studies, University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in cooperation with BAICR - Consortium of Cultural Institution. The Master's program offers a training course based on transmission of knowledge and experience targeted at a new social, economic and cultural context. It provides an overview of the "culture system", of management and design of products and cultural activities.

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  • An infrastructure bank could be particularly effective at leveraging additional investment because it would be able to make such investment more attractive to private investors. A federal bank could help inexperienced states and localities develop attractive public-private partnerships and could connect willing private partners with these investment opportunities.

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  • Workshops were conducted as a contribution to the Partnership for Clean Indoor Air, launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002. More than 100 organizations are working together to improve health, livelihood and quality of life by reducing exposure to indoor air pollution, primarily among women and children, from household energy use. For more information, or to join the Partnership, visit The summary for Module 1 Evaluation Basics was prepared by Eva Rehfuess, WHO.

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  • The human development aspects of the ECE industry also have a significant economic impact on California. Studies of the costs and long-term benefits of high-quality ECE programs have consistently found substantial savings derived over the course of years and decades from reduced need for remedial and special education, reduced incarceration rates, lower rates of teen pregnancy, and many other factors. Analyses of the costs and benefits of ECE have found impressive returns on investment to the public, ranging from $2.69 to $7.16 per dollar invested.

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  • In addition to the risk mitigation efforts discussed above, there is also the need for some sort of „rating agency‟ or standard setter to „approve‟ green projects (such as green bonds or green funds) to ensure that funds are used for green investments (and there is a common definition of „green‟) and that insurance and guarantees can therefore be reliably offered.

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  • OPP has reached out with Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on Spanish-language radio stations to educate parents about the hazards of bringing pesticide residues home and is working with migrant and worker advocates, states, and farm groups on ways to encourage parents to send their children to school and not bring them to the fields where the parents work.

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  • Once re-weighted, the MEPS-HC respondents are then assumed to represent the population of California. However, MEPS-HC does not include data on immigration status, and until 2007 did not report whether an individual was born in the United States. We therefore constructed a regression model using CHIS 2009 confidential data to predict the immigration status of MEPS-HC respondents based on a variety of socioeconomic, demographic, and family characteristics.

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