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  • One day, in the not too distant future, I fully expect my grandmother to ask me about Facebook. She’s particularly hip, as grandmothers go, and is already all over email. She even occasionally “surfs” the Web to read up on the latest events in her native South Africa! You might not think she falls into Facebook’s target demographic, but I would hate to be the person standing between her and her Mac if anyone told her that she could learn even more about her beloved Toronto Maple Leafs by registering for a Facebook account. She is, after all, their number-one...

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  • Building Facebook Applications for Dummies serves as your no-nonsense guide to creating and design Facebook applications. You will explore how to do many tasks in this book, such as these: seamlessly integrate with Facebook.com using the Facebook API, make sense of Facebook Platform technologles, including Facebook Markup Language, Facebook Query language and Facebook JavaScript,...

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  • Building Facebook Applications For Dummies serves as your no-nonsense guide to creating and designing Facebook applications. I focus on providing the essentials that you need to know to be successful. You’ll explore how to do many tasks in this book, such as these:

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  • Want to build the next runaway Facebook app like Farmville or Mafia Wars? Interested in leveraging Facebook app development as part of a marketing strategy? Whether you want to build your own Facebook app from scratch, extend an existing Facebook app, or create a game, this book gets you up and running in no time. Master the Facebook toolkit, get acquainted with the Facebook Markup and Query languages, navigate the Facebook AP

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  • Nếu bạn đã từng phát triển trong ColdFusion hoặc JSTL (hoặc thẻ khác dựa trên ngôn ngữ lập trình), bạn sẽ tìm thấy làm việc với nền tảng Facebook Markup Language (FBML) rất tự nhiên. Nếu bạn là người mới lập trình dựa trên thẻ, chỉ cần nghĩ FBML như các thẻ HTML ưa thích,

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  • "OK, bây giờ những gì?" Bộ phim thành công nhất: Độc lậpChúng tôi sẽ bắt đầu xây dựng giao diện người dùng của chúng tôi bằng cách tạo ra một cái nhìn đơn giản:Điều đó có vẻ một chút như HTML, nhưng tôi đặt cược bạn đã bao giờ nhìn thấy những thẻ trước khi. Những gì bạn nhìn thấy là Facebook Markup Language (FBML).

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