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  • This paper compared the efficiency of IPO pricing mechanisms namely Fixed Price (FP) and Book-Building (BB) in China by analyzing IPOs' underpricing level. Findings include the FP regime was more efficient than the BB one because the BB did not reduce the underpricing level in China as expected,... and other contents.

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  • A COMPARATIVE INVESTIGATION OF TRANSFER PRICING PRACTICES IN SELECTED INDUSTRIES Allocative implications and endogenous school effectiveness In the model presented above, Tiebout choice hurts low-income students in two ways. First, it permits increased stratification of students. Because total peer group is in fixed supply, stratification necessarily offers better peers to wealthy students and worse peers to low-income students.

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  • The goal of this edition is the same as that of the first: to present the conceptual framework used for the pricing and hedging of fixed income securities in an intuitive and mathematically simple manner. But, in striving to fulfil this goal, this edition substantially revises and expands the first. Many concepts developed by expert practitioners and academics remain mysterious or only partially understood by many. Examples include convexity, risk-neutral pricing, risk premium, mean reversion, the futuresforward effect, and the financing tail....

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  • Giá cả trong HĐMBHH là giá quốc tế Nguyên tắc xác định giá quốc tế: Giá cố định (fixed price) Giá quy định sau Giá có thể xét lại (rivesable price) Giá di động (sliding scale price)

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  • ESSAYS ON PRICING FIXED INCOME DERIVATIVES AND RISK MANAGEMENT Moreover, voucher programs that encourage the entry of new competitors may produce more options for parents than even the most decentralized of district governance structures, reducing the potential for coordination failures and increasing the probability that even parents who value the peer group highly will choose effective schools.

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  • Investor base: participation by different investors in the government bond market has grown more diversified. Of the various actors in this market, banks tend to invest in relatively shorter term bonds to match their short-term liability. Pension funds and insurance companies prefer hedging long-term inflation risks by investing more in inflation linked bonds. Non-residents concentrate their direct exposure to fixed rate instruments, but with maturity less than 3 years.

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  • Distance-based pricing can help achieve equity objectives. Since annual vehicle mileage tends to increase with income, fixed-price insurance causes lower-income motorists to subsidize the insurance costs of higher-income motorists within their rate class. Distance-based insurance pricing provides overall savings to lower-income motorists, and would allow some low-income households to own a vehicle for basic mobility that they cannot currently afford. Distance-based pricing lets motorists save money by reducing mileage, an option that is currently unavailable.

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  • The price premium charged for competitive-market products depends on several factors including the price of standard offer or default service, the availability of incentives to green power marketers or suppliers, and the cost of renewable energy generation available in the regional market. Some marketers have charged prices close to or even below the default market price in recent years (e.g., in Texas); others have offered fixed-price products, providing customers with protection against increasing prices for a specified period of time, usually one year.

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  • The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems: Using Assembly and C Mazidi, Mazidi and McKinlay LCD is finding widespread use replacing LEDs The declining prices of LCD The ability to display numbers, characters, and graphics

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  • There has been substantial progress in the development of the government bond market. Key steps include a lengthening of the yield curve, reduction in external exposure and diversification of the investor base. This has been supported by improved macroeconomic conditions, foreign investors entering the fixed rate segment of local currency government debt, and well designed microstructure reforms regarding issuance policy and auction process. As shown below, the government bond market has become more resilient to various risk factors. ...

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  • In discussing equilibrium within the IS-LM model, it has been assumed that –prices are fixed –the supply-side of the economy can be ignored. These assumptions must now be relaxed.

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  • Typically, green pricing programs are structured so that customers can either purchase green power for a certain percentage of their electricity use (often called “percent-of-use products”) or in discrete amounts or blocks at a fixed price (“block products”), such as a 100 kWh block. Most utilities offer block products but may also allow customers to buy green power for their entire monthly electricity use.

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  • Better measurement begins with better data. In the era of Big Data, CG companies need to identify which data provide the best insights into consumer behaviours and interactions with their brand or the product categories in which they compete (see sidebar, page 12). Then they need to ensure that the right processes and tools are in place to capture and analyse these data. Strategic partnerships will continue to play an important role as the consumer marketing efforts of CG companies mature.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "international economics" has contents: balance of payments, foreign exchange markets and exchange rates, the price adjustment mechanism with flexible and fixed exchange rates, the income adjustment mechanism and synthesis of automatic adjustments,...and other contents.

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  • The reduction in fixed ICT spending is gradually exploited by the new and exist- ing firms, and the speed of adoption of the new possibility remains an unknown variable for us. It will depend on a number of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors and on policymaking as well. Moreover, it will be characterized by impor- tant strategic complementarities: adoption for a single firm is crucial if many firms are expected to adopt it, but it is not if they are not, which means that multiple equilibria could emerge (with slow or rapid adoption and with limited or deep adoption).

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  • A key factor for the impact of cloud computing is the size of fixed cost savings. The business literature emphasizes large savings. Dubey and Wagle (2007) conjec- ture large reductions in the cost of ownership for typical business services. 19 Carr (2003) suggests that about half of capital expenditure of modern firms is ICT re- lated. While this maybe true in a number of sectors and for advanced companies, we prefer to adopt a more conservative assumption for our macroeconomic investi- gation.

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  • Butler reported that the net returns from organic production in 1999 were more than twice those from conventional production on dairies of a similar size. However, compared to the state average, returns to organic production were less than for conventional production. The author noted that these returns are specific to conditions in 1999. Organic producers are paid a fixed price per hundredweight (cwt) for organic milk determined by organic creameries that does not vary monthly.

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  • In Windows Phone 7.x it was only possible to sell an application at a fixed price through the Windows Phone Marketplace (now the Windows Phone Store) This was the only way you could get paid for the application

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  • XXX. INTERFERENCE WITH THE STRUCTURE OF PRICES 1. The Government and the Autonomy of the Market INTERFERENCE with the structure of the market means that the authority aims at fixing prices for commodities and services and interest rates at a height different from what the unhampered market would have determined.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'english language tests-intermediate level's archivebusiness buzzwords: price fixing', ngoại ngữ, toefl - ielts - toeic phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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