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  • English listening is very helpful to all students to deepen or to improve their language skill although it is usually considered a passive skill. In high school, listening plays a minor role, which leads to big troubles in listening comprehension when students enter universities. To cultivate the students listening skill, the teacher is supposed to be imaginative and creative in developing their teaching methods to create good atmosphere and make English lessons more exiting.

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  • The COPD Assessment Test (CAT™) is a new questionnaire that has been developed recently for measuring the COPD patient’s health status. It is known to have a good correlation with disease specific health status measured by St. George’s Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ).

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  • The data in Vietnamese were equivalent translated sentences taken from three translated novels. Furthermore, the researcher employed the traditional theories stating that English has a system of 12 tenses and aspects, the combination of using adverbials in expressing time in the Vietnamese language, aspectual markers and theories of situation types of verbs and equivalence in translation. The study is expected to obtain useful results serving as a good reference for those who are interested in translation.

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  • For large international research consortia, such as those funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme or the Innovative Medicines Initiative, good data coordination practices and tools are essential for the successful collection, organization and analysis of the resulting data.

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  • Decellularization of tendon tissue plays a pivotal role in current tissue engineering approaches for in vitro research as well as for translation of graft-based tendon restoration into clinics.

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  • The translation from animal research into the clinical environment remains problematic, as animal systems do not adequately replicate the human in vivo environment. Bioreactors have emerged as a good alternative that can reproduce part of the human in vivo processes at an in vitro level.

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  • Morphometric analysis, which refers to the science of quantitative analysis of land surface, has been carried on Kamleshwar watershed of Hiran River in Gujarat using remote sensing and GIS techniques. Digital Elevation Model of 30 m × 30 m resolution was used to prepare the detailed drainage map in ArcGIS software and stream ordering was in which study area has trunk order of 5. Total seventeen morphometric parameters including linear, areal and relief aspects have been estimated. Mean bifurcation ratio of the watershed has been calculated to be 3.

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  • Timber is highly anisotropic. It behaves differently in diverse directions. Tension and compression perpendicular to the grain present a low strength with respect to the ones parallel to the grain. To compensate for the lack, the self-tapping screw is an excellent choice for reinforcing the timber. This paper focuses on the notched timber beam with the experimental and numerical results. In the first part, the experimental results of the unreinforced notched beams and the screw reinforced notched beams under bending load will be presented.

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  • The content of Engineering in music (Second Edition): Part 1 includes: jilted generation science and sensibility, good vibrations the nature of sound, stand by me microphones and their applications, message in a bottle valve technology, roll over Beethoven electric instruments, wild thing electronic effects, pet sounds electronic synthesis. Translated into the ebook, please read the ebook to get the details.

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  • The query language will be in English and documents will be retrieved from Marathi documents collection. English query translation will be done dictionary based approach. To improve performance of the proposed system, query expansion using WordNet and pre-processing techniques will be employed to get good precision and recall.

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  • This thesis was done with a view to find out students‟ difficulties in learning written translation in order to orient students who begin to study this subject in good manner of study. the study also aims at understanding the students‟ expectation in learning the subject and then suggesting some possible solutions to overcome difficulties as well as satisfy their expectations to improve and adjust both learning‟s style and teaching method.

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  • This thesis was done with a view to find out students‟ difficulties in learning written translation in order to orient students who begin to study this subject in good manner of study. The study also aims at understanding the students‟ expectation in learning the subject and then suggesting some possible solutions to overcome difficulties as well as satisfy their expectations to improve and adjust both learning‟s style and teaching method.

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  • Communication is often conceived of in basically the following terms. A person has some idea which he or she wants to communicate to a second person. The first person translates that idea into some symbol system which is transmitted through some medium to the receiver. The receiver receives the transmission and translates it into some internal idea. Communication, in this view, is considered good to the extent that there is an isomorphism between the idea in the head of the sender before sending the message and the idea in the receiver's head after recieving the message. ...

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  • Among the many wrongs done the Filipinos by Spaniards, to be charged against their undeniably large debt to Spain, one of the greatest, if not the most frequently mentioned, was taking from them their good name. Spanish writers have never been noted for modesty or historical accuracy.

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  • The manuscript for this little book, written by me in French, was handed over for translation to Mr Stewart Wallace. The result as here presented is therefore a joint product. Mr Wallace, himself a writer of ability and a student of Canadian history, naturally made a very free translation of my work and introduced some ideas of his own. He insists, however, that the work is mine; and, with this acknowledgment of his part in it, I can do no less than acquiesce, at the same time expressing my pleasure at having had as collaborator a young writer of such good insight. And it is...

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  • The paper describes work on applying a general purpose natural language processing system to transfer-based interactive translation. Transfer takes place at the level of Quasi Logical Form (QLF), a contextually sensitive logical form representation which is deep enough for dealing with cross-linguistic differences. Theoretical arguments and experimental results are presented to support the claim that this framework has good properties in terms of modularity, compositionality, reversibility and monotonicity. ...

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  • A good decoding algorithm is critical to the success of any statistical machine translation system. The decoder’s job is to find the translation that is most likely according to set of previously learned parameters (and a formula for combining them). Since the space of possible translations is extremely large, typical decoding algorithms are only able to examine a portion of it, thus risking to miss good solutions.

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  • Numerous cross-lingual applications, including state-of-the-art machine translation systems, require parallel texts aligned at the sentence level. However, collections of such texts are often polluted by pairs of texts that are comparable but not parallel. Bitext maps can help to discriminate between parallel and comparable texts. Bitext mapping algorithms use a larger set of document features than competing approaches to this task, resulting in higher accuracy. In addition, good bitext mapping algorithms are not limited to documents with structural mark-up such as web pages. ...

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  • Efficient decoding has been a fundamental problem in machine translation, especially with an integrated language model which is essential for achieving good translation quality. We develop faster approaches for this problem based on k-best parsing algorithms and demonstrate their effectiveness on both phrase-based and syntax-based MT systems. In both cases, our methods achieve significant speed improvements, often by more than a factor of ten, over the conventional beam-search method at the same levels of search error and translation accuracy. ...

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  • Words of foreign origin are referred to as borrowed words or loanwords. A loanword is usually imported to Chinese by phonetic transliteration if a translation is not easily available. Semantic transliteration is seen as a good tradition in introducing foreign words to Chinese. Not only does it preserve how a word sounds in the source language, it also carries forward the word’s original semantic attributes. This paper attempts to automate the semantic transliteration process for the first time. ...

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