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  • With the introduction of multicore devices such as the iPad 2 and the quad-core Mac- Book Pro, writing multithreaded apps that take advantage of multiple cores on a device has become one of the biggest headaches for developers. Take, for instance, the introduction of iPad 2. On the launch day, only a few applications, basically those released by Apple, were able to take advantage of its multiple cores. Applications like Safari performed very well on the iPad 2 compared to the original iPad, but some third-party browsers did not perform as well as Safari.

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  • Stanford CS193p Developing Applications for iPhone 4, iPod Touch, & iPad Fall 2010 Stanford CS193p Fall 2010 Today Blocks Language syntax for declaring a function “on the fly.” Grand Central Dispatch C API for leveraging blocks to make writing multithreaded code much easier. Stanford CS193p Fall 2010 Blocks What is a block? A block of code (i.e. a sequence of statements inside {}). Usually included “in-line” with the calling of method that is going to use the block of code. Very smart about local variables, referenced objects, etc.

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