Grid and levels

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  • Scientific research and development has always involved large numbers of people, with different types and levels of expertise, working in a variety of roles, both separately and together, making use of and extending the body of knowledge. In recent years, however, there have been a number of important changes in the nature and the process of research.

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  • The term “ smart grid” defi nes a self - healing network equipped with dynamic optimization techniques that use real - time measurements to minimize network losses, maintain voltage levels, increase reliability, and improve asset management. The operational data collected by the smart grid and its sub - systems will allow system operators to rapidly identify the best strategy to secure against attacks, vulnerability, and so on, caused by various contingencies.

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  • Virtually every computing system today is part of a distributed system. Programmers, developers, and engineers need to understand the underlying principles and paradigms as well as the real-world application of those principles. Now, internationally renowned expert Andrew S. Tanenbaum – with colleague Martin van Steen – presents a complete introduction that identifies the seven key principles of distributed systems, with extensive examples of each. Adds a completely new chapter on architecture to address the principle of organizing distributed systems.

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  • To transcend these limitations, Greenplum assembled a team of the world’s leading database experts and built a shared-nothing massively parallel processing database, designed from the ground up to achieve the highest levels of parallelism and efficiency for complex BI and analytical processing. In this architecture, each unit acts as a self-containe database management system that owns and manages a distinct portion of the overall data. The system automatically distributes data and parallelizes query workloads across all available hardware.

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  • The management of data within Grids is a challenging problem. It requires providing easy access to distributed, heterogeneous data that may reside in different ‘administrative domains’ and may be represented by heterogeneous data formats, and/or have different semantic meaning. Since applications may access data from a variety of storage repositories, for example, file systems, database systems, Web sites, document management systems, scientific databases, and so on, there is a need to define a higher-level abstraction for data organization. This is generally referred to as a data collection.

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  • The metal gates positioned on each side of the Level Crossing are approximately 4.3 m wide and open away from the railway. The surface of the intersection of the road with the track is covered in rubber „Strail‟ units, which gives a level surface over the track. Cattle grids are installed on each side of the roadway, where it crosses the track to prevent cattle straying onto the railway line. There is concrete post and wire fencing running between the gates and the boundary hedges, see Photograph 2. There is a residential house...

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  • Greenplum’s Polymorphic Data Storage performs well when combined with Greenplum’s multi-level table partitioning. With Polymorphic Data Storage, customers can tune the storage types and compression settings of different partitions within the same table. For example, a single partitioned table could have older data stored as “column-oriented with deep/archival compression,” more recent data as “column-oriented with fast/light compression”, and the most recent data as “read/write optimized” to support fast updates and deletes.

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  • The initial survey showed a high level of spatial heterogeneity in the location of industries in Jepara. For subsequent sampling and more detailed analysis of a subset of these enterprises, the area was divided into squares, each of which would be independently surveyed. The theoretical optimal size of the squares was calculated using the standard interpolation method, with weighted distances. Details are given in Annex 1 and the resulting grid is illustrated in Figure 2. The spatial heterogeneity is so extreme that 80% of the workshops are located in only 17% of the squares.

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  • One goal of natural language generation is to produce coherent text that presents information in a logical order. In this paper, we show that topological fields, which model high-level clausal structure, are an important component of local coherence in German. First, we show in a sentence ordering experiment that topological field information improves the entity grid model of Barzilay and Lapata (2008) more than grammatical role and simple clausal order information do, particularly when manual annotations of this information are not available. ...

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  • This paper presents two non-seasonal and two seasonal sliding window-based ARIMA (auto regressive integrated moving average) algorithms. These algorithms are developed for short-term forecasting of hourly electricity load at the district meter level.

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  • The Grid is a highly dynamic environment. The standards governing grid services are currently being defined and software implementations are subject to revision. The resources available are continually being expanded and changing in configuration. The user community is geographically widely distributed and volatile. Managing security in this environment, whilst retaining the desired level of accessibility for users is a challenge for software designers, implementers and site administrators. ...

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  • Apply Configuration Management and automate wherever possible. There are many interdependencies between the configuration of grid services, the operating environment and other peer services. The secure deployment of user-level application software must also be taken into account.

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  • What is the relationship between syntax, prosody and phonetics? This paper argues for a declarative constraint-based theory, in which each step in a derivation adds diverse constraints to a pool. Some of these describe well formed objects in the feature structure domain, in terms of both syntactic and prosodic features. Some characterise the relative prominence of constituents as a partial order over some discrete domain (playing the role of metrical grid). Some are simultaneous equations in the reals, whose solutions represent the pitch level of phonetic objects - high and low tones....

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