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  • Our final set of results addresses heterogeneity in the effects of television on test scores. The effects on verbal, reading, and gen- eral knowledge scores are most positive for children from house- holds where English is not the primary language, for children whose mothers have less than a high school education, and for nonwhite children. When we combine student observables into a single index of parental investment—the time parents spent read- ing to their children in early childhood—we find that the effect of television is significantly more positive the lower is parental investment.

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  • The second edition of the fun and fascinating guide to the main ideas of the Austrian School of economics, written in sparkling prose especially for the non-economist. Gene Callahan shows that good economics isn't about government planning or statistical models. It's about human beings and the choices they make in the real world.

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  • At KidWind, we strongly believe that K–12 education is an important foundation for promoting a more robust understanding of the opportuni- ties and challenges that emerging clean energy technologies present. The Wind for All program seeks to support teachers and students all over the globe who do not have the financial capacity to access our training programs and equipment. We believe that all teachers and students—re- gardless of where they live or what school they attend—must be part of the clean energy future.

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  • Historically, children typically attended the school closest to their home (`neighbor- hood school'). Today, in some US school districts, children can enroll in a school choice program, attending a `magnet school' instead of the closest neighborhood school. We aim to explore interactions between school choice and school commute mode, especially walking and cycling.

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  • Conflict is a part of life that many of us tend to avoid and fear. Traditional schooling gives us little training to handle conflict, and most of us have poor role models from which to learn. Despite the lack of attention we give it, conflict has the power to destroy self-esteem, relationships, and even corporations. Conversely, it also has the power to generate creativity, better solutions, next-level thinking, and passionate results. Conflict when handled poorly is incredibly destructive. Conflict when handled well turns mediocre businesses into stellar corporations...

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  • At the beginning of the guide we saw how the word “project”, which exists in most languages, has very different meanings in different contexts. It’s useful to spend time checking that there really is agreement on basic concepts and what they mean. It’s often worth doing a glossary. The choice of working languages is crucial – if there’s only one there’s a risk of (a) misunderstanding (b) the project being dominated by native speakers. Translation and interpreting are expensive and time consuming, though, so a compromise solution is usually required.

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  • Perfect for anyone from high-school students to career changers, this comprehensive, no-nonsense guide takes the stress out of launching a career that’s both satisfying and financially rewarding. Here you'll find ample expert advice to make an informed, intelligent choice about your career--and your future.

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  • the state of the national economy has a profound effect on career interests and the choices of prospective job seekers. this is reflected in part by the variation in the number of people seeking admission to vocational schools, colleges, universities, and professional schools at different periods in time. the variable economic cycle also influences, to some extent, those considering health-care careers. nevertheless, the aging population has greatly increased the demand for professionals and paraprofessionals in the health-care field.

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  • Demand expression varies by the kind of goods or services being delivered. Water supply and latrines are an example of essentially private goods, goods that are individually used and for which indi- vidual users can express and realize a willingness to pay. Public choices are more complicated with respect to public goods such as schools or rural roads; a differentiated strategy for eliciting demand, depending on the kind of subproject that is being produced, is needed.

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  • Trong những năm gần đây, ngày càng có nhiều sinh viên việt nam sang học tại Mỹ.Tuy nhiên, con số này vẫn còn nhỏ bé so với số sinh viên từ các quốc gia khác ở châu á.Trên thực tế, những khó khăn mà phần lớn sinh viên chíng ta gặp phải , bên cạnh việc không có phương tiện ôn luyện các bài thì cơ bản là thiếu thông tin về các trường đại học ở mỹ và còn ít người biết đến hệ thống giáo dục ở Việt Nam....

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  • As a practical guide to correct grammar and word choice, The Penguin Dictionary of American English Usage and Style makes an excellent addition to the reference shelf of any high school or college student, and those who write professionally will get plenty of use out of it as well. Words are arranged alphabetically, and thorough cross-referencing makes it fairly easy to track down specific answers, from the plural of “rhinoceros” to when “due to” is an acceptable phrase.

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  • Kerio MailServer represents a new generation of mail servers designed for the new corporate network. To deal with security threats are increasing, Kerio MailServer provides a wide range of features to keep email from being intercepted, infected by computer viruses, or sent as spam. Kerio MailServer is a mail server modern safety allows companies to collaborate via email, shared contacts, calendars and task sharing.

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