Holomorphic extensions

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  • Let G be a connected, real, semisimple Lie group contained in its complexification GC , and let K be a maximal compact subgroup of G. We construct a KC -G double coset domain in GC , and we show that the action of G on the K-finite vectors of any irreducible unitary representation of G has a holomorphic extension to this domain. For the resultant holomorphic extension of K-finite matrix coefficients we obtain estimates of the singularities at the boundary, as well as majorant/minorant estimates along the boundary. ...

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  • Trong bài báo này, khái niệm về không gian và không gian Forelli Hartogs được đưa ra. Bất biến của không gian Hartogs và Forelli thông qua các tấm phủ holomorphic được thành lập. Hơn nữa, theo các giả định trên hlerity holomorphically lồi ¨ K, chúng tôi cho thấy ba loại sau đây của các không gian phức tạp: Hartogs mở rộng không gian holomorphic, không gian Hartogs và không gian có tài sản Forelli trùng.

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  • A basic result in the theory of holomorphic functions of several complex variables is the following special case of the work of H. Cartan on the sheaf cohomology on Stein domains ([10], or see [14] or [16] for more modern treatments). Theorem 1.1. If V is an analytic variety in a domain of holomorphy Ω and if f is a holomorphic function on V , then there is a holomorphic function g in Ω such that g = f on V . The subject of this paper concerns an add-on to the structure considered in Theorem 1.1 which...

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