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  • She's looking for a job at the moment. Please don't take that book. Ann is reading it. Andrew is spending a lot of time in the library these days, as he's writing an article. Have you heard about Tom? He's building his own house. situation is temporary or unusual: I'm on holiday in Blackpool and I'm loving every minute of it. I'm slowly remembering all the details of the accident. You're being very silly. Comment on the uses of the Simple Present. 1. Nurses look after patients in hospitals. 2. Why don't you give up smoking? 3.1 am weighing myself. I weigh 65 kilos. 4.

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  • By the end of the lesson students will be able to write an exposition, presenting one side of an argument. III.Teaching aids: IV.Procedure: *.Warm up * Chatting - Ask students some questions about their feeling when wearing different types of clothing. + How often do you wear uniforms? + How do you feel when wearing uniforms? + If you have a choice, what type of clothing do you want to wear when going to school? Why do you choose it? 1.Pre-writing: a. Pre- teach vocabulary - (to) encourage (explanation: to give hope, support or confidence to somebody) : động...

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  • Whether you can accomplish a specific goal or meet a specific deadline depends first on how much time you need to get the job done. What should you do when the demands of the job exceed the time you have available? The best approach is to divide the project into smaller pieces. Different goals will have to be divided in different ways, but one seemingly unrealistic goal can often be accomplished by working on several smaller,more reasonable goals.

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  • Chapter 2 shows you how to identify the topic question that will direct your research and lead directly to your thesis statement. This is the most important, and often the most neglected, feature of essay writing. If you do not have a topic question, you will not be able to formulate a thesis statement.

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  • What do you do for a living? Me? I deal with confused people. Lots of them. All day. Every day. It’s true I also attend football games, conduct interviews, and write stories. But the confused people—they’re the one constant throughout. Their bewildered queries, their pleas for clarity await me nearly every time I check my e-mail, filling my in-box by the hundreds. Their messages often start the same way: “How can you possibly explain . . . ,” “Am I missing something here, or . . . ?,” “Maybe you can help me figure something out . . .

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  • Often you encounter the problems that involve string processing and file input and output. Suppose you need to write a program to replace all occurrences of a word with a new word in a file. How do you solve this problem? This chapter introduces strings and text files, which will enable you to solve this problem.

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