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how to use it in English

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  • Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) is an intervention designed to help the concerned significant others (CSOs) of people with alcohol problems who are reluctant to seek treatment. It aims to improve the well-being of CSOs and teach them how to change their behavior in order to positively influence the “identified patient” (IP) to seek treatment.

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  • In this paper, a survey of recent power managing techniques is presented. It provides an insight into how they can be used and orchestrated so that satisfactory performance can be achieved within a given energy budget. Moreover, the advantages and also drawbacks are analyzed to provide users with a good comprehension of power managers for a better choice.

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  • Due to easy online accessibility of pornography its consumption is popular among adolescents and young adults. Considering recently developed frameworks on the effects of sexual media, we assessed how increased consumption of pornography is associated with the experience of certain aspects of offline and online sexual activity in German medical students.

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  • This paper is the first study to examine the socioeconomic inequality in cervical cancer screening uptake using concentration indices, in Malawi. Furthermore, it decomposes the concentration index to examine how each factor contributes to the level of inequality in the uptake of cervical cancer screening.

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  • Economic news we read everyday is probably our main source of economic knowledge.Thus, it has an important role in shaping our public knowledge, attitudes and behavior. Concerned with significance of critical comprehending of economic news, this research is conducted to investigate how writers in and address economic issues as well as discover similarities and differences of English and Vietnamese economic news.

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  • Dictionary of Marketing (Third edition) provides the user with a comprehensive vocabulary of terms used in marketing. It covers such aspects of the subject as market research, advertising, promotional aids and selling techniques. The main words are explained in simple English, and, where appropriate, examples are given to show how the words are used in context. Quotations are also given from various magazines and journals, which give an idea of how the terms are used in real life.

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  • Chapter 9 - Current liabilities. The goals of this chapter are: Describe current and long-term liabilities and their characteristics, identify and describe known current liabilities, explain how to account for contingent liabilities, compute the times interest earned ratio and use it to analyze liabilities,...

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  • After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: Understand the concept of capacity and how important it is to "manage" capacity, explain the impact of economies of scale on the capacity of a firm, understand how to use decision trees to analyze alternatives when faced with the problem of adding capacity, describe the differences in planning capacity between manufacturing firms and service firms.

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  • After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: Describe what MRP is and where it is best applied, understand the source of the information used by the system, demonstrate how to do an MRP “explosion,” explain how order quantities are calculated in MRP systems.

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  • Chapter 22 - Process cost accounting. In this chapter, the learning objectives are: Discuss the uses of a process cost system and how it compares to a job order system, explain the flow of costs in a process cost system and the journal entries to assign manufacturing costs, Compute equivalent units.

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  • Lecture Managerial Accounting for the hospitality industry: Chapter 6 - Ratio analysis. Ratio analysis is used to analyze profitability and it is also used to examine, in detail, the asset, liability, and owners’ equity positions of a business. In this chapter you will learn how to compute and analyze the ratios used to evaluate each of these three major components of the basic Accounting Formula.

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  • In fact, forecasts are basic inputs for many kinds of decisions in business organizations. Consequently, it is important for all managers to be able to understand and use forecasts. Although forecasts are typically developed by the marketing function, the operations function is often called on to assist in forecast development. More important, though, is the reality that operations is a major user of forecasts. Chapter 3 provides important insights on forecasting as well as information on how to develop and monitor forecasts.

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  • In this chapter you should be able to: Explain what aggregate planning is and how it is useful, identify the variables decision makers have to work with in aggregate planning, describe some of the strategies that can be used for meeting uneven demand.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Open tourism: Open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation challenging the tourism industry" provide readers with content about: crowdsourcing in the tourism industry - from idea generation towards merchandizing user-generated souvenirs; collecting tour plans from potential visitors - a web-based interactive tour planner and a strategic use of its log data; how quebec city crowdsources locals to promote its destination; crowdsourcing as a tool to help generate innovation in small and medium-sized hotels;... Please refer to part 2 of the ebook for details!

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  • This book takes a practical approach. Through fun illustrations and colorful diagrams, you'll learn the essential points of grammar. Just Enough English Grammar Illustrated gives you visual cues to the parts of speech and their usage, so you'll know how to use them correctly when are speaking or writing in English. The eight chapters of this book are organized around the eight parts of speech. It is important to become familiar with the name of each part of speech and to expand your knowledge about each one.

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  • How to Define and Determine Reference Intervals in the Clinical Laboratory; Approved Guideline — Second Edition (NCCLS document C28-A2) is written for users of diagnostic laboratory tests. It offers a protocol for determining reference intervals that meet the minimum requirements for reliability and usefulness.

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  • Lecture Human-computer interaction (3rd) - Chapter 3: The interaction. In this chapter, we consider the communication between user and system: the interaction. We will look at some models of interaction that enable us to identify and evaluate components of the interaction, and at the physical, social and organizational issues that provide the context for it. We will also survey some of the different styles of interaction that are used and consider how well they support the user.

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  • Lecture The economics of Money, Banking and Financial markets: Chapter 23 The Keynesian Framework and the ISLM Model. The ISLM model is valuable not only because it can be used in economic forecasting but also because it provides a deeper understanding of how government policy can affect aggregate economic activity. In Chapter 23 we use it to evaluate the effects of monetary and fiscal policy on the economy and to learn some lessons about how monetary policy might best be conducted.

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  • In this article, the author focuses on the idea of teaching multilevel students how to learn, providing games and activities which she found extremely useful both for the teacher and the students. Using many types of activities makes it possible for the teacher to address not only the multilevel nature of a class but the learning styles of the individual class members.

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  • Over the past three decades, self-regulated learning (SRL) has been considered a powerful new learning theory that enables students to apply knowledge and skills in real-life situations and make them more autonomous and independent in language learning. It is of vital importance to explore how students use SRL strategies in learning language skills.

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